Branded Dropshipping: How To Leverage Branding And Increase Sales

Branded dropshipping is the way to thrive in the ferociously competitive dropshipping industry by allowing us to stand out in our niche and separate ourselves from the competition .
We all know how people measure popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Samsung. That ’ south because the more value a brand provides to its customers, the stronger brands become, increasing its consumer loyalty.
then, if we want to influence the market with our brand, it is fourth dimension that we look into the lucrative prospect of branding our dropshipping store. Building a brand is pretty simple with the proper cognition and tools .
This article will teach us the singular advantages of a branded dropshipping store and ways to create your stigmatize from rub.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where we can sell products without holding inventory and have the products delivered to the customers. The rescue is done via the supplier, who holds the inventory of the product .
In bare terms, we sell products to our customers without holding inventory and have our supplier deliver them directly to our customers. The dispute between our source price and the end customer ’ mho monetary value is our profit as dropshippers .

What Is A Brand?

A post is a party ’ randomness unique identity that differentiates it from its competitors. furthermore, it determines how the customers perceive the company and its products .
While logos, slogans, and stories are alone the parts of a brand ’ sulfur DNA, once they work together, a brand becomes an asset, more valuable than merely the sums of those parts .
To put things into position, let ’ s take Apple as an case. Branding is at the vanguard of their ability to succeed. As a sword, Apple has positioned itself to be one of the most well-known technical school companies globally with incredible innovations in calculator engineering .
That is only possible because Apple combines its technological superiority with robust design and user-friendly interfaces. For that reason, when we see or hear about Apple, we feel a sense of familiarity and association with futuristic technology beyond merely computers and phones .
today, Apple ’ randomness sword is the company ’ s most significant competitive advantage now, and we know how it is panning out for them. Their commercialize measure has grown up, reaching an astonishing 300 trillion dollars.

What Is Branded Dropshipping?

now that we understand the power of a brand, let ’ s understand how it works in the dropshipping clientele exemplar .
As the appoint suggests, branded dropshipping means running a dropshipping business that has its own unique identity that differentiates itself from other stores and products. alternatively, branded dropshipping can besides mean selling products from trusted brands in our dropshipping stores .
While dropshipping brand products, it is necessity to get license from the stigmatize owners. however, many brands are reluctant to cooperate with dropshippers because they do not want to lose control of their quality and alone processes .
consequently, it ’ mho constantly best to create our own dropshipping brand and distinguish ourselves by communicating to our target audience and fulfilling their singular needs .

What Are The Benefits Of Branded Dropshipping?

so what kind of benefits branded dropshipping offer over regular dropshipping ?
here are some of the main benefits :

  • loyal customers
  • Fewer returns
  • edge over competitors
  • Higher profit margins
  • build reputation

According to a study by smallbiztrends in 2020, 71 % of consumers prefer to buy from companies that align with their values. It shows customer ’ randomness values and beliefs play a meaning function in brand perceptions and purchase decisions .
Branded dropshipping, unlike regular dropshipping, gives us a probability to provide our customers with a reason to come back again .
not to mention the competitive advantage it provides over other stores once we successfully build brand awareness. besides, we can sell our merchandise at a lot higher margins than other dropshippers .
We can besides take advantage of this opportunity if branded dropshipping interests us. But before jumping aboard on the bandwagon, remember not to dropship copyright products as it can get us into legal trouble .

How Do I Get Into Branded Dropshipping?

With then many benefits, branded dropshipping is a lucrative dropshipping exemplary, but how do we find our way into it ? The answer is by branding our product or store .
Branding means creating a unique identity that will set us apart from early stores while giving likely customers a good argue to do clientele with us .
thus, here are some steps to take when building our brand :

  • Selling a specific recess
  • private pronounce products/packages
  • Having unique shop visuals
  • Personalized customer service

While many tools are available to help us create our sword, we don ’ t have to use all of them. But of course, using the right tools increases our chances to stand out amongst the crowd and create that unique brand .

How To Create And Run A Branded Dropshipping Store (step by step)

Creating the proper identification can be arduous work. placid, the capital newsworthiness is that there ’ s plenty of work we can do on our own without hiring a pricey designer or running an expensive advertise campaign .
here are 15 steps to create and run a post dropshipping store :
Let ’ s go over these steps one by one :

Step 1: Identify A Niche

The first measure in creating a stigmatize is to find a niche. There are two ways to identify a recess :
Conducting in-depth market research and testing products .
The purpose of conducting in-depth market research is to identify a group of people who share similar characteristics, needs, or interests. Narrowing down these criteria will make it easier to identify a particular need that international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fulfilled however .
Another way is to test products from versatile categories in our regular dropshipping shop. After adding products, we can see which products are selling well and make that category our niche .
consequently, we can conduct product research to find our niche by going to AutoDS’ blog, where we can find articles by plainly clicking on ‘ Product Finding & Best Sellers. ’
second, learn strategies to find the hottest dropshipping products and niches from Auto DS ’ Sell These Now YouTube Playlist .
last, we can learn to use AutoDS ’ new Product Research feature to easily find and import swerve products for our hope recess .

Step 2: Pick Your Products

After identifying a recess, it ’ second time to choose products to sell in our storehouse. While picking, make certain to pick fair one or a curated selection of products from the same niche. That ’ randomness because customers need to feel comfortable that they can easily find the right products in our storehouse without feeling overwhelmed by choices .
For model, it is better to list women ’ s watches and bracelets alternatively of listing a bunch together of random women ’ s accessories .
Before listing those products, always ensure that the seller has stellar reviews and feedback. Anything short of excellent can change things dramatically since bad customer reviews mean a faulty product or an unreliable seller .

Step 3: Craft Your Message

In the third base mistreat, we have to craft our message for customers when they purchase from us. When it comes to positioning ourselves as a stigmatize people identify with, crafting a message that speaks to our customers is one of the most important keys to a successful brand .
For exemplify, if most of our customers are millennials who take caution of their torso and seaworthiness, our message should communicate motivational fitness messages to that specific long time group in our titles, product descriptions, ads, etc .

On the same note, some suppliers like Amazon allow us to add custom gift messages to our buyers when they ship out their products .

Establishing our mark means that we need to have a logo to identify it. Our logo reminds our customers what the sword stands for .
Since the logo is used on our store composition, products and packages, it needs to look professional. This is where Hatchful comes in handy. It is a tool that helps us create and design unique and free logo. Although Shopify powers Hatchful, we can use their logos for multiple deal channels, and not good for Shopify stores .

Step 5: Choose A Supplier 

After creating a logo, it is crucial to find a good supplier to generator our products. Our dropshipping business depends on quality products to uphold our trade name persona .
here are some of the qualities of a capital supplier :

  • Dropshipping friendly
  • individual label/custom packaging
  • Offers product stigmatization
  • fast transportation times
  • High-quality products

Although a estimable supplier doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to possess all of those features, the more features a supplier has, the better it is for our clientele .
Speaking of dependable suppliers, AutoDS supports over 25 dropshipping suppliers with price/stock and quick intersection import automation. To help our commercial enterprise take off, it ’ second substantive not to compromise while choosing and constantly pick the best dropshipping suppliers .

Step 6: Choose A Selling Channel

once we choose a authentic supplier, it ’ sulfur clock time to choose a sell channel. Selling channels are chiefly of two types : Marketplaces and eCommerce platforms .
Marketplaces are buying and selling platforms with an existing audience. In contrast, customizable eCommerce platforms can help us build our business faster and increase sales with more personalized features .
Since we are creating a brand, customizable selling channels like Wix and Shopify are some of our best options because it allows us to design a alone web site and interface to compliment our sword .
besides, Amazon and eBay can do a exchangeable job because brand is not precisely about a antic web site blueprint. Both eBay and Amazon allow us to create a shopfront with alone designs to sell our products .
To learn more about dropshipping sell platforms that we can use for our store, check out The Best Dropshipping Platforms for 2022 .

Step 7: Select An Automation Software

We all know that manually finding products, importing products and fulfilling orders is a time-consuming and arduous job. So the next step is to automate our branded memory with dropshipping automation software and get rid of the boring manual knead .
apart from being a time-saver, automation software helps fulfill our customer ’ south brand expectations by systematically providing quality services .
With this in mind, one of the best automation software on the market is AutoDS. This one-stop solution provides plenty of features like product importing, club fulfillment, stock/price monitoring, and indeed much more .
furthermore, AutoDS has a variety of free templates to use for branding our store while besides allowing us to import or create new templates. Our memory template is necessity to showcase our unique post to our buyers .

With the AutoDS template editor, we can change the overall look of our memory and easily assign different templates to different listings. When holidays arrive, we can bulk-change our listings to holiday templates. All of this, and more, help brand our store with the help oneself of this excellent dropshipping automation software.

Step 8: Import Your Products

The one-eighth step is to import products with optimize titles, descriptions, specifications, and images into our dropshipping stores. We can do this in two ways : manually and mechanically .
manual product importing takes an average of 20 minutes per intersection. At this rate, importing hundreds or thousands products will take up a massive sum of time. Using an automatic method that saves us time solves this trouble by importing products quickly and mechanically .
Importing products with AutoDS saves time and attempt with the follow three features :

  • One-click importer
  • Single Product (quick) importer
  • multiple Product Importer/Bulk upload with aCSV file

If it piques your interest, you can learn how the features work to help us import individual and bulk products to our stores .
Since we are branding, it is besides crucial to edit product descriptions and images accordingly to reflect our stigmatize image. AutoDS ’ Advanced Image Editor enables us to make merchandise images unique and stand out from the rival .

Step 9: Customize Your Store

mistreat 9 is to implement our brand visuals throughout our store. Complimenting themes, attractive product pages, and ideal logo placement are examples of having perfective brand visuals .
Platforms like Wix and Shopify offer full customization options to create our stunning theme and purpose. That is why learning how to set up and design our Shopify memory with AutoDS’ Free Shopify Course is valuable .
similarly, we can flush add brand visuals on marketplaces like eBay. For example, we can create unique designs for product pages with the assistant of eBay Listin g Templates, a well as create a virtual shopfront with our brand design and visuals .

Step 10: Market Your Products And Store

once we launch our storehouse, we can start marketing it right away to generate dealings. Among the diverse commercialize methods, here are some of the useful ones for Shopify stores :

  • Facebook ads 

The Facebook ad platform allows us to pin down a particular audience to target them with ads. furthermore, we get to learn the predilection of our consultation by using this method acting.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer commercialize provides an excellent room for brands to market their store. We can start collaborating with influencers who share values with our hearing .
This is an excellent argue to learn about 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms, to find and partner with the right internet influencers.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the best things about running Shopify stores is acquiring our buyers’ email addresses. We can then use those e-mail addresses to send marketing emails and promotions. It is one of the most effective ways to market your products organically, without paying traffic sources to attract visitors to your memory .
On the other hand, marketing on eBay is slenderly unlike from marketing a Shopify storehouse. These are two methods we can use to marketplace our eBay stores :

  • Promoted Listings – Standard

Promoted listings are a room to boost our items and get more notably featured across eBay. furthermore, we alone have to pay for it after selling the product. If you are struggling with sales on eBay, you can learn about unlike strategies to increase eBay Sales in 2022.

  • eBay PPC (Promoted Listings – Advanced)

eBay Pay Per Click is eBay ’ south new advertising method that allows sellers to increase sales by running ad campaigns on their products. As the identify suggests, eBay charges us a certain fee whenever a customer clicks on the ad. With enough drill, PPC can generate massive sales to the right hearing .

Step 11: Process Your Orders

After marketing our storehouse, orders will inescapably come in, which means we have to fulfill them by going to the supplier ’ s web site and placing orders for our customers .
There are two ways of processing orders : Manual fulfillment and automatic fulfillment .
manual fulfillment means going to the supplier web site for each order, filling in customer details, and placing the order .
conversely, automatic rifle fulfillment saves us fourth dimension and replaces this boring process by processing bulk orders, automating orders, tracking updates, and handling returns .
Talking about automatic fulfillment, Fulfilled by AutoDS processes orders and updates tracking information mechanically to keep our customers felicitous. The whole summons is automated from the placement of the order to the customer receiving it .

Automatic Messages To Buyers

In addition to order automation, this service besides sends automatic customized messages to our buyers according to our stigmatize value, promote enhancing the brand effect .
Your customers will receive these automatic messages after the decree is processed in the system, when tracking information is available, when they receive their package, and after they receive it. All of these messages can be in full customized to showcase your mark .

Step 12: Offer Personalized Customer Service

Personalized customer serve is not precisely about dealing with issues such as manner of speaking and returns but besides about offering tailored and personalized care for each customer .
similarly, any issues that arise should be promptly solved. Communicating with our customers lets them know they are being taken care of .
not to mention, the communication should be done to reflect our brand image and values .
eBay dropshippers can use the ‘Customer Support’ feature on AutoDS that handles all of our customer ’ second requests from a unmarried page .

Step 13: Monitor For Success

The concluding step is to monitor, improve and start scaling our dropshipping business. To clarify, we need to remove products with many returns, badly ratings, and boring movers ( no sales ) .
furthermore, systematically add new products in your niche to increase sales because patriotic customers are constantly looking for new products. When a product sells, add more similar products to multiply your sales while continuing to test out more .
Most importantly, make sure we stay true to our brand in every expression while besides staying committed to our audience at all times .

How To Create A Branded Dropshipping Store On Shopify

The instructions mentioned above works for branding our Shopify stores excessively. In fact, many dropshippers choose Shopify to create their own branded dropshipping store .
To help this lawsuit, AutoDS’ Shopify Dropshipping Course has a complete usher on starting and running a Shopify storehouse. Its comprehensive coverage includes a bit-by-bit scout on setting up, market, and branding your Shopify storehouse. besides, it ’ s completely free to watch .
To make things comfortable, here are some of the steps you can take to build brand awareness for your Shopify memory :

  • Use a custom-makeShopify Theme that compliments your brand style .
  • practiceHatchful to create a free alone logo for your sword .
  • Use mercenary services likeFiverr orUpwork to getcustomized graphics for your sword ( top trope, banners, etc. )
  • Send messages to your buyers with your trade name name and logo with especial promotions ( or good a thank you message ) to help them remember your brand .
  • Send out email marketing campaigns showcasing your brand (and offer promotions along the way to increase sales)

Can I Brand An Existing Dropshipping Store?

Branding an existing dropshipping shop is possible and exchangeable to creating a newly one .
Remember to customize the design and add themes and logos to our existing dropshipping storehouse. Most importantly, we need to make our customers aware of why our stigmatize is different .
additionally, we have the prerogative of knowing what our existing customer al-qaeda likes. Their reactions will clue us into their preferences, which will prove invaluable. As we create our trade name, we need to take these clues and fulfill their needs to keep them felicitous .

Which Suppliers Are Best For Branded Dropshipping?

Although we can work with any suppliers for branded dropshipping stores, suppliers with branding services work the best .
For exemplar, Print-on-demand suppliers like Printful allow us to design and customize products and sell them on our dropshipping stores. similarly, CJ Dropshipping is another supplier that provides Print-on-demand products while besides providing custom packaging .
alike, Dripshipper offers white label services for dropshippers who want to dropship coffee bean products under their trade name name ( A.K.A private labelling ) .
In sharp contrast, suppliers like Amazon do not offer branding services on products. however, Amazon provides super-fast domestic shipping and choice customer service, which are vital components of building a trustable mark .
In addition, Amazon provides endow packaging with personalized notes for our buyers. Personalized notes portraying our brand values is an excellent way to promote our branded store .

What Is Private Label Dropshipping?

Private Label dropshipping is a business model where dropshippers get their products manufactured with their unique label before getting them delivered via their suppliers. Private Label dropshipping is slightly of an oxymoron because it isn ’ metric ton dropshipping .
Let ’ s say you have an mind for an innovative kitchen knife, but it hasn ’ t been produced so far .
alternatively of waiting on a brand to create the product, we can negotiate with manufacturers and produce it ourselves. then, once it hits the market, we can reap its benefits if the merchandise is successful enough .
While a individual label has its advantage, it ’ s not without flaws .
When we start a private label, we ’ ll have to invest upfront in manufacture products based on MOQ ( minimal order measure ). Likewise, we besides have to pay for inventory storage costs either domestically or abroad .
On the other pass, dropshipping is a relatively easy business to run with minimal upfront investing and maximum flexibility of operating our business at any time .
For those reasons, individual label dropshipping doesn ’ thyroxine go hand to hand with regular dropshipping. Selling private label products might be worthwhile for those who want to run a traditional eCommerce business .

Branded Dropshipping is perfectly legal if you follow the rules and regulations .
here are some rules we should abide by at all times :

  • Avoid copyright products .
  • refrain from selling forbidden products, like tobacco, alcohol, and weapons .
  • Follow the rules and regulations within your country .

The first rule is that we must avoid copyright products at all costs. To find what brands are protected by copyright, check the eBay VeRO lead. besides, avoid copyright issues when dropshipping on eBay, Shopify, and other sell channels .
second, don ’ t sell any items forbidden to sell by Facebook. That ’ sulfur because selling platforms will issue a admonition or ban our accounts permanently for listing forbid items. besides, we can ’ t run ads on products prohibited by Facebook .
While we have to avoid prohibited and copyrighted products, we can sell millions of fully legal products. Among those, we just need to spot a few products that we can profit from .


Congratulations on gaining a valuable moral on creating a branded dropshipping store. You are now fix to create your own hope brand that customers will love .
Launch your own branded dropshipping store and give the customers that extra something. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you are genuine about your identity, have integrity in what you do, and possess a absorbing way to promote high-quality products, there ’ s no opportunity of failing .
furthermore, success is at hand with diverse approaches like being an adept storyteller with your brand or having the ability to market other brands ’ products more efficiently. In any case, don ’ thyroxine forget that achiever only comes with perseverance and patience, so leave no stones unturned while implementing the steps .
To continue determine, expand your dropshipping cognition with the succeed articles :

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Branded Dropshipping Worth It?

Since customers prefer a brand they can trust, branded dropshipping is absolutely deserving it .

Is It OK To Dropship Branded Products?

american samoa long as you comply with the rules and regulations, dropshipping branded products is wholly oklahoma .

How Do I Brand My Store?

We can start branding our shop for beginners by creating an identity, choosing a recess to sell on, and crafting a message that communicates with our customers. furthermore, editing the store ’ south brood picture and using singular themes to match our trade name ’ s designs is crucial .

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