How to Set Up a Donation Page for Fundraising Success in 8 Steps

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Fundraising Strategy If you ’ ve decided to start crowdfunding, you might be wondering how to set up a contribution page that inspires others to give. Whatever your causal agent, it ’ sulfur significant to set up a contribution foliate that tells your alone narrative. With this lead, you ’ ll learn how to :

  • Create an interesting fundraiser title
  • Write a meaningful fundraiser story
  • Choose the best types of photos and videos for your fundraiser
  • Pick the right fundraising goal
  • Share your fundraiser to get more donations
  • Thank your supporters
  • Post updates that can help you meet your goal 

Start a GoFundMe

What crowdfunding platform is best for your contribution page ?

With the rising popularity of crowdfunding, there are dozens of fundraising websites to choose from. So how do you know which platform is right for you and your cause ?

  • Top crowdfunding sites will not only offer a simple setup process, but they’ll also offer other bells and whistles. 
  • Also look for a user-friendly mobile app, dedicated customer support, and a blog packed with fundraising tips.

If you ’ re still diffident about how to choose a platform for your personal contribution web site, take a look at our Why GoFundMe page to find out what else sets us apart from the rest .

Crowdfunding for nonprofits

In summation to fundraising for yourself, a love one, or a friend, you can besides set up a contribution page for charities using GoFundMe. With charity fundraising on GoFundMe, you can well raise money for a jacob’s ladder on their behalf. If you ’ re a nonprofit organization looking to raise funds for your cause, GoFundMe ’ s fund-raise tools can help you build a residential district of supporters and increase donor retention .
Check out our web log on how to raise money for charity and our charity fundraising tips to help you get started .

How to set up a GoFundMe page in 8 easy steps

1. Set the stage with an matter to fundraiser deed

The beginning tone in knowing how to set up a GoFundMe for person else, for yourself, or for a charity is choosing a title that distinctly explains why you ’ rhenium fund-raise .

  • Your fundraiser title should capture the attention of potential supporters on social media channels, in emails, and in text messages. 
  • A memorable title that immediately conveys what you’re raising funds for will encourage people to click your link and read your story. 
  • For more ideas about how to choose the best title for your page, see our blog post on campaign title tips.

2. Write a report that inspires people to give

It ’ south crucial to write a campaign fib that is both detail and will encourage people to support your lawsuit. It ’ mho lifelike to want to get your contribution page up and running ampere promptly as possible. But if you ’ re able, remember to take some meter to write a meaningful description .
Your fundraiser description duration should be no fewer than 400 words, and it should cover the who, what, when, why, and how of your situation. Whether you ’ re wondering how to set up a contribution page for an individual or for yourself, here are the most significant questions your narrative should answer :

  • Who is benefiting from your fundraiser? Describe the recipient as honestly and completely as you can. Explain why this person, family, or organization is so deserving of financial help. If the fundraiser is for you, don’t be afraid to open up and explain why support from others would make a big difference in your life.
  • What is the main obstacle? Tell potential donors what problems you or the recipient are facing.
  • When do you need the funds? It’s important to tell your supporters when the funds are needed by so they understand the urgency.
  • Why do you or the recipient need help? Tell people why their contributions are critical. Take a cue from public radio stations, which do a great job of answering the “why” in their fundraising drives.
  • How can donors help? List specific expenses that you or the recipient need help paying. These details help people understand exactly what impact their donations will have.

3. Add photos and videos to brighten your contribution page

ocular contented can help tell your floor in a brawny way. Adding images and videos will spruce up your contribution page and make people want to find out more about your cause .

  • You’ll want to ensure your main photo is high quality, since pixelated images may cause your fundraiser to look suspicious. 
  • Be sure to choose photos and videos that really convey your personality or your beneficiary’s personality.

4. Choose a fund-raise goal that makes sense

When deciding what your fundraising finish should be, it ’ sulfur best to start humble and increase it as necessity. Why is starting little a better scheme ? reasonable fund-raise goals may encourage people to give, while big goals might make people feel like their contribution won ’ triiodothyronine count for much .

  • Remember that you can increase your fundraising goal at any time. 
  • You can also keep all of the donations you receive, even if you don’t meet your fundraising goal.

5. share with your close friends and syndicate first

The first few days of a fundraiser can greatly influence its achiever in the retentive test. Before you widely promote your fundraiser, it ’ south best to share it with a few close friends and ask for their feedback. Since people are more probable to give if early people have already donated, a rollout strategy will ensure you have a few solid donations before you parcel your fundraiser with everyone over social media .

  • Start your fundraiser by sending personal fundraising letters to your closest friends and family members. This will help bring in a few initial donations even before you share your fundraiser link on social media.
  • For more ideas about how to ask for donations, check out these other resources:
  • Starting a Fundraiser? How to Ask for Donations in 7 Easy Steps
  • Use These Fundraising Email Templates to Reach Your Goal

6. Fine-tune your sharing plan

Sharing is one of the most significant aspects of running a fundraiser. Sharing your contribution page far and wide aid raise awareness for your cause and encourages your network of friends and family to support you .

  • Using social media to promote your fundraiser is one of the easiest and most effective methods to get the word out about your needs. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to spread awareness in a low-pressure way. 
  • Another way to encourage people to share your cause is to create a fundraiser hashtag. A hashtag makes it easy for people to find your social media posts and interact with them.

Of run, you can besides plowshare your fundraiser via electronic mail, textbook message, and phone calls. For more fundraiser sharing tips, take a attend at these blog posts :

7. Show gratitude to your supporters

When you ’ re busy setting up and running a contribution page, it ’ second sometimes easy to forget to thank your donors. But showing gratitude is important. After all, without the generosity of donors, your fundraiser wouldn ’ thymine be possible .

  • Thanking your donors is also key to building a passionate community that remains engaged and dedicated to your cause. Sometimes it can even inspire repeat donations and help with donor retention.
  • Write a donation thank you letter to each donor, or try sending handwritten notes or individual emails if you have time. Human kindness is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s repaid with more human kindness. Try one of these several ways to say thank you to donors.

8. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to post fundraiser updates

Updates are a simple room to keep your donors in the loop while besides letting them know you may still need their stay support. And if your campaign stalls, updates can help it gain momentum again.

  • An update can be as simple as a photograph with a line of text, or a few paragraphs explaining any recent developments with your fundraiser or financial goals. 
  • You can also use updates to shower special donors with recognition and thanks. Once you’ve mastered how to write a fundraising update, you can aim to post one about once a week.

ready to reach your fundraising goals ? Create a contribution page today

now that you have the tools for fundraising success at your fingertips and you know how to set up a GoFundMe page, all that ’ s left to do is create your contribution foliate. Start your fundraiser today and begin raising money for whatever is most significant to you .
Start a fundraiser

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