How To Use ADP RUN: A Payroll Tutorial in 7 Simple Steps

Heather is a staff writer and payroll specialist with several years of experience working immediately with little business owners. Her expertness allows her to deliver the best answers to your questions about payroll. Getting started with ADP RUN is ampere easily as setting up an account and having your employees ’ information handy. Learning how to use ADP to run payroll is besides simple ; processing alone requires a few bare steps, including resolving any timecard issues, entering overtime and PTO, and approving your payroll details .
A full-service payroll software with custom price, ADP RUN can be more expensive than other payroll programs, but it makes up for it in public toilet and expertness. We recommend signing up for a free demonstration, so you can see how it works in real time. You ’ ll besides get more details about its tiered price plans. Sign up to get a loose quotation today .
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Step 1. Set Up an ADP RUN Account

When it comes to setting up an account, ADP RUN shines compared to other payroll services because it does the frame-up for you. First, you ’ ll call ADP and arrange to talk to a sales example, who will discuss your needs and help you select the best plan, plus any add-ons, like time tracking software. They will ask about your report software, in lawsuit you need integrations .

Tip: ADP charges a setup fee for fresh accounts, but often the sales rep can waive this fee. If they don ’ thymine note it, ask .
once you ’ ve signed the narrow, your score rep will send you a list of the information they need for each employee. It ’ s a easy as filling in the spreadsheet they send you, or you can send employee W-4s and I-9s ( but they are not required ). ADP will besides need your bank information ( routing and account number ) for setting up direct deposition. They will handle the rest, including taxes and deductions, setting up direct deposits, and configuring pay rates .
When you first base sign up, ADP will add all your employees for you. But what happens when you have future hires or contractors ?

It’s simple—when you get a new employee, do the following:
1. hover over “ Employees ” in the top menu, and pawl on “ Add Employee. ”
2. Fill in the basic information, including their SSN, and ADP will send them an electronic mail inviting them to onboard and enter their payroll and tax information .
ADP besides sends newly hire reports to the state, taking another task off your plate. Once it gets the information, it will add the employee to your payroll list .
When adding contractors, choose “ Add Contractor ” from the menu, and fill in the information as directed. ADP does not onboard contractors, so you ’ ll be adding all of the data, including account details and deductions .

once you ’ ve completed the setup process, you ’ re ready to run payroll. Payroll must be completed the day before employees are paid .
If you want insight into early payroll solutions, check out our guide on best payroll services .

Step 2. Sign In & Click Run Payroll

From the Home Page, suction stop “ Run Payroll. ” It will lead you to your payroll page, where you can see the frequency and the pay up period you are running payroll for. then, choice “ Start. ”

Signing in run payroll.

Step 3. Resolve Timecard Issues

ADP begins the process by flagging any time card issues. If there is an issue, such as a missing clock out, it shows up in a streamer at the top. Click the push button marked, “ Resolve Exceptions. ” It takes you to the timecard ( seen below ), where you can resolve errors .
Showing employee timecard. To electronically capture each employee ’ randomness time worked, you have a match of options. You can either use ADP ’ s fourth dimension tracking software—which costs extra—or stick to your own software and have it integrated into ADP RUN. Learn more about complimentary fourth dimension tracking options .

Step 4. Enter Overtime or Vacation

once you ’ ve resolved issues, the future page invites you to review the payroll and accede any changes such as PTO or overtime .
Entering overtime or vacation. If you ’ re manually figure time raw, which is lone feasible if you have a few employees, you can add the regular hours on this page. This page is customizable, so you can add job codes, for model. Once you are finished, chink “ Next. ”

If you have a manual time tracking procedure, check out our free time sheet templates to help make your summons more efficient .

Step 5. Enter Contractor Information

Add the hours and pay rate for any contractors you have in the system. ADP will process their give vitamin a well. then click “ Preview Payroll. ” If you don ’ t have any contractile organ hours to pay, skip this step and click “ Preview Payroll. ”
Entering contractor information.

Step 6. Approve Payroll

You ’ ll see all of your payroll details listed. Take a moment to confirm that the entire hours are discipline. ADP handles the deductions and taxes, but it ’ randomness constantly a commodity idea to make indisputable they are included. If there are errors, barely cluck “ Previous ” to go binding .
At this steer, you can besides enter a message on the check stub. ( See the button in the lower-left corner. ) once done, choice “ Approve. ” Take note that once you approve the payroll, then you CAN NOT go rear to it .
Showing approved payroll.

Step 7. Review the Confirmation Screen

You ’ ve now run your payroll—just review the concluding riddle, and you ’ re beneficial to go. ADP takes it from here, filing federal, state, and local anesthetic taxes, depositing yield to trust accounts or the Wisely paycard, and sending out checks ( or you can print them yourself if you did not get this servicing ) .
Reviewing the confirmation screen. From the final examination page, you can view significant information. If you have your accounting software integrated with ADP RUN, chink “ Download Payroll Details to General Ledger, ” and the information will go to it. ADP has 47 reports for payroll and HR and can create custom reports if needed. You can process reports on any payroll runs you ’ ve completed .

Bottom Line

By following the steps in this ADP RUN payroll tutorial, you ’ ve found one of the easiest ways to run your payroll for each bicycle .
To compare its payroll process with that of other providers, check out our ADP Payroll Competitors article and the following how-to guides:
How to Do Payroll With Gusto
How to Do Payroll With QuickBooks

For more assistant with payroll, take a expect at our payroll train guidebook .

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