Independent Contractor Taxes: A Quick Guide (2022)

How Are Independent Contractors Taxed?

Independent contractor taxes are based on the Internal Revenue Service ’ s self-employment tax rates. Therefore, businesses that hire freelance contractors do not have to withhold taxes from wages .
If you earn $ 400 or more per year, you must file a form 1040, Schedule SE, and Schedule C .
An independent contractor must besides pay self-employment tax ( SE ) quarterly. These lend to Social Security and Medicare. however, unlike employees whose employers hold taxes, contractors must use their taxes to cover these expenses .
You can report quarterly estimates on a Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for Individuals.

A freelance can submit Form 1099-NEC and Form 1040, Schedule C, to the IRS at the end of the year. This will account for their total tax indebtedness ; it will besides entitle them to any refund from estimated taxes they paid earlier in the year .
Businesses that hire contractors do not pay any taxes on their behalf, and they do not file taxes for them. consequently, the freelance must keep accurate fiscal records to file appropriately .

Who Is Considered an Independent Contractor?

An mugwump contractor, besides known as a mercenary or 1099 contractor, is a person who performs knead as their own business entity. They can be :

  • A registered
    Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).
  • A sole proprietorship.
  • An
  • A self-employed person working under their own name.

The IRS defines an independent contractile organ as a business or individual who performs services for other businesses. If a business hires person and does not know if they are a contractor or employee, there are a few distinctions :

  • The contractor has freedom over where, how, and when they work.
  • The business only controls the result, not the method, of the work.
  • The business pays for a service only, not health insurance, social security contributions, or other benefits.
  • The contractor works independently, beyond any management or authority of the business.

here is an article that explains the deviation between an mugwump contractor vs. an employee in more contingent .
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How to Calculate Independent Contractor Taxes

An independent contractile organ establishes their own payment schedule. normally, this is on a hebdomadally, biweekly, or monthly basis .
They must keep accurate fiscal records to file the allow tax documents for their quarterly estimates or annual income tax .
The timeline for quarterly mercenary or independent contractile organ taxes is as follows :

  • April 15th.

    Reports all income earned from January through March.

  • June 15th.

    Reports all income earned during April and May.

  • September 15th
    . Reports all income earned from June through August.

  • January 15th.

    Reports all income earned from September through December of the previous year.

State income taxes for freelancers will vary based on each individual ’ randomness location. however, they must be stream on any deadlines or modifications to their respective states ’ 1099 contractor tax report policies .

Do Independent Contractors Pay Their Own Taxes?

mugwump contractors must file and pay their own taxes. No business is responsible for paying taxes on behalf of a freelance, regardless of the duration of their ferment relationship.

An independent contractor ’ second income is not considered a wage as there are no extra deductions or withholdings from the commercial enterprise .
however, a business that enlists the services of a mercenary must send them a Form 1099-NEC at the end of the year to report all income paid during the previous calendar year .
If you earn $ 600 in a calendar year from any node, you have to claim the income, but they do not have to send you a 1099-NEC. however, suppose you are uncertain how to invoice clients or file taxes correctly as a freelance. In that case, employment lawyers specializing in contract law can help you .
similarly, if you are a commercial enterprise owner plan to hire contractors, a lawyer can help you generate an autonomous contractile organ agreement. This document will protect both parties from litigation and set allow boundaries for the client-contractor relationship .

When Do Independent Contractors Need to Pay Taxes?

An independent contractor who expects to earn $ 1,000 or more in tax indebtedness will have to file quarterly tax estimates. They must pay taxes by each quarterly due date, or they can face penalties when they file their sum income at the end of the year .
Although you may have to submit estimates at the appropriate deadlines, all freelancers partake the same tax deadline with W-2 employees : April 15th.

The quarterly tax payment deadlines are :

  • April 15th.

    Taxes are due for income earned between January 1st and March 31st.

  • June 15th.

    Taxes are due for income earned between April 1st and May 31st.

  • September 15th.

    Taxes are due for income earned between June 1st and August 31st.

  • January 15th.

    Taxes are due for income earned between September 1st and December 31st.

If you can not make any quarterly tax requital, you can submit an IRS human body 2210 to waive the fee. You will have to explain why you could not make a payment and include proof, such as :

  • Bank statements
  • Evidence of disability, injury, or hospitalization
  • Retirement documents

The IRS will disperse any overpayments through a refund when you file your annual income .
If you can not file your independent contractor taxes by April 15th, you can submit Form 4686 to request a six-month reference. however, it is authoritative to note that this is lone an extension to submit paperwork .
To avoid penalties, you must pay all taxes you owe to the IRS by April 15th .

Independent Contractor Taxes vs. Employee Taxes

There may be confusion for employers on an independent contractor vs. employee. however, the basal differences are how they perform the bring quite than the resultant role .
This model between a local contractile organ and a new employee can help illustrate the dispute :

  • Sam is a content writer who offers blog writing services for local businesses.
  • A small bakery finds Sam’s website and requests that he write several blog posts for them.
  • Sam sets his own pricing, hours, and deadlines as a freelancer. He informs the bakery that the blog posts will be ready by the end of the month.
  • The bakery also hires a young woman to run its digital marketing strategy in-house. In addition, the bakery issues a W-2, withholds taxes from her paychecks, and offers job benefits, such as social security contributions and health insurance.
  • The employee has to report to the bakery Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, work on approved platforms and use a work computer to complete her job.
  • Sam works on his own, and he submits the blog posts and an invoice at the end of the month.
  • The bakery approves of the blog posts, pays Sam, and ends their work relationship.
  • The employee that the bakery hired receives her tax document and files an annual income tax report with the IRS.
  • Sam files his 1099-NEC and Schedule C, along with other 1099s from additional clients.

The tax documents for contractors are unlike from those issued when hiring employees. For model, when hiring a contractor, the employer must provide a Form W-9 and, after services are finished, a Form 1099-NEC .
Form W-9 is a request for the freelance ’ s taxpayer designation number ( TIN ) and their legal appoint. If they work as an LLC., they may provide their business name in place of their own .
The IRS suggests that businesses that work with contractors keep copies of W-9s for at least four years.

Independent contractor taxes are filed by individuals using Form 1099-NEC and Schedule C. You should have a Form 1099-NEC from every node you performed ferment for in the previous year .
If you earned less than $ 600 from a particular client, they are not required to send you a Form 1099-NEC. In this case, you can report the income on form 1040, Schedule C. You should not exclude any earned income from this document.

Employer Taxes When Using Independent Contractors

Employers must give each freelance they work with a Form 1099-NEC at the end of the calendar year. Form 1099-NEC reports how much a occupation pays non-employees, including freelance contractors .

Getting Extra Tax Guidance

If you ’ re still diffident about creating the freelancer-employer exercise relationship, serve is available. An have employment lawyer can answer all of your questions and help you draft independent contractor agreements, which are better suited for your situation .

Post a project in ContractsCounsel ’ s market to get flat fee proposals from top-rated lawyers for your legal project. All lawyers in our marketplace are vetted by our team and peer-reviewed by our customers for you to explore before hire .

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