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Persuading the IRS to give you more time after the tax-filing deadline to file your tax refund is fairly easy. But there are several other things you ‘ll need to do if you ‘re filing taxes late.

How to get a tax extension

  1. File Form 4868 .
  2. Set aside cash for interest.
  3. Prepare to pay a penalty of 0.5 % per month that your great taxes are late .
  4. Make sure you file your reelect by the October deadline .
  5. Be mindful of special situations that give you an automatic rifle propagation .

Get the form

This is the easy share. You fair have to file Form 4868 by the tax-filing deadline, and you ’ ll get a tax extension until October. But the work doesn ’ thyroxine end there.

Set aside cash for interest

When you file for an propagation, make a thoroughly calculate of what you owe the IRS and send some or all of that measure along with your elongation request. If the estimate payment you send ends up being less than what you actually owe, you ’ ll need to pay interest on the difference. “ The matter to runs until you pay the tax. evening if you had a beneficial reason for not paying on time, you will placid owe interest, ” the IRS says on its extension phase.

Prepare to pay a tax penalty, too

The IRS ’ s late-payment punishment normally is 0.5 % per month of the outstanding tax not paid by the tax-filing deadline. The maximum penalty is 25 %. You might catch a break on the penalty if you ’ ve paid at least 90 % of your actual tax liability by the tax-filing deadline and you pay the rest with your reappearance. The IRS besides might let you off the hook if you can show “ reasonable lawsuit ” for why you didn ’ t pay up on time — though you ’ ll need to attach a written affirmation to your come back.

Circle Oct. 15 on your calendar

If you get an extension, Oct. 15 is the last sidereal day you can file your return and pay your outstanding balance. Don ’ t miss your deadline ! differently, the IRS can sock you with a late-filing penalty of 5 % of the sum due for every calendar month or overtone calendar month your hark back is late. That means if you owed an extra $ 1,000, you could rack up $ 50 in penalties for every calendar month after October that it ’ s outstanding. The maximum punishment is 25 % of the measure ascribable. In our exemplar, that can mean shelling out an excess $ 250. If you file your taxes more than 60 days late, you ’ ll pay either $ 435 ( adjusted for inflation ) or what you placid owe, whichever trope is smaller. And remember, that ’ s on top of what you still owe in taxes. The thoroughly newsworthiness is that the IRS may throw you a lifeline : You might not have to pay the penalty for late taxes if you have “ a fair explanation ” for filing late, so again, you ’ five hundred need to attach a written explanation to your rejoinder. besides, you do n’t need to wait until October to file the reelect. Organize your tax life and file and wage angstrom soon as you can, and you ‘ll pay less in pastime.

Relax if you’re abroad or in the military

For virtually anyone who files late taxes, forgetting to request an propagation is a huge no-no. But if you ’ re a U.S. citizen or resident who lived and worked outside of the country on the tax-filing deadline, you mechanically get two supernumerary months to file your rejoinder and pay any sum due without having to request an extension. People affected by certain natural disasters may automatically get more time as well ( check the list of qualifying disasters here ). Some members of the military besides get more time, depending on where they are and what they ’ re doing ( learn more here ).

Lift your chin up

Procrastination international relations and security network ’ t the entirely reason people get extensions. For example, many investors don ’ t receive their K-1s, which are statements of income from partnerships, until after the tax-filing deadline. then, assuming you remembered to request an extension by the deadline, filing your taxes belated does n’t put some sort pin on your “ record. ”

Get started

  • federal : $ 24.95 to $ 64.95. exempt interpretation available for simple returns only .
  • state : $ 29.95 to $ 44.95 .
  • All filers get entree to Xpert Assist for dislodge until April 7 .

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Get started

  • federal : $ 39 to $ 119. free version available for bare returns only .
  • state : $ 49 per state .
  • TurboTax Live packages offer inspection with a tax adept .

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Get started

  • federal : $ 29.99 to $ 84.99. free version available for simple returns alone .
  • state : $ 36.99 per country .
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