How to Rent or Buy a Car for Uber & Lyft: Best Options?

Want to become a driver with Uber or Lyft, but don ’ t have access to a modification car ? many drivers rent or buy a car to use for ridesharing .
Both Uber and Lyft have rental car programs for drivers. Rentals start around $ 200 per workweek, with included indemnity and mileage. But if you can purchase a car, is that the better movie ?
Read on to learn all the different rideshare rental options offered by Uber, Lyft, and third base party lease agencies.

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The top ways to get a vehicle for Uber and Lyft

  • Use a car you already own. See Uber and Lyft requirements
  • Rent a car for Uber through their partnerships with rental agencies
  • Rent a car for Lyft through the Lyft Express Drive program
  • Rent a car with HyreCar, or other rideshare rental agencies
  • Buy a car, typically used

How to apply with Uber or Lyft when you don’t have a car

Uber and Lyft allow you to apply even if you don ’ thymine presently have entree to a qualify car .
Uber: Apply to Uber and blue-ribbon “ I need a car ” to find out if Uber will hire you without having to provide vehicle data on the application .
Lyft: Apply here and choice “ I need a car ” to apply with the Express Drive rental platform .

Rent a car with Uber and Lyft vehicle rental programs

Both Uber and Lyft partner with rental car companies to provide rental cars options for drivers. You pay a weekly fee to rent a car, with insurance and basic alimony included in the weekly price of the rental .
One restriction to remember is that you can ’ metric ton use your Uber rental to drive with Lyft, or your Lyft rental to drive for Uber. Drivers who use a personal vehicle don ’ metric ton have that restriction .
Upsides to renting: You can drive for Uber and Lyft without having to purchase your own car. policy and mileage is included. You can get approved for some rentals with no credit or bad credit. You don ’ t have to be concerned about disparagement or alimony .
Downsides to renting: high gear weekly monetary value. not available in all cities. Rentals are in high demand, so it can be unvoiced to get a car in busy cities .

How to rent a car for Uber: Uber rental car programs

Uber presently partners with the services below in many cities across the state to provide rental vehicles for Uber drivers .

Hertz Uber rentals

  • $200 refundable deposit
  • Around $200 – $255 per week
  • Unlimited miles
  • Must be 21 or older

Avis Uber rentals

  • No deposit
  • Around $200 – $295 per week
  • 700 miles included, pay more for unlimited
  • Must be 25 or older

KINTO Share rentals

  • No deposit
  • Around $240 per week
  • Unlimited miles
  • Must be 21 or older

Sally Uber rentals

  • Deposit required
  • Starting at $275 per week
  • Must be 21 or older
  • Available in Chicago, LA, NYC, San Francisco

Geraround Uber rentals

  • Rent cars by the hour
  • Unlimited miles
  • Our full Getaround review

Basic facts about Uber car rentals

  • Uber rentals cost $200 per week and up
  • To qualify, first sign up to drive and pass background screening
  • Age requirement is 21 or 25, depends on the rental service
  • A refundable deposit is required in some cases
    • The deposit is returned after you turn in the car
  • Insurance is included price of the rental
  • Unlimited mileage is available for an extra cost. Personal use is allowed
  • Routine maintenance is included
  • You can’t always reserve your car in advance. First come first served
  • You can’t use your Uber rental to drive for Lyft or other services

How to see Uber rental options available to you

Uber lease options aren ’ t the lapp in every city. To see what is available to you, open the Uber Driver app, tap the menu icon in the upper berth left, then Account, then Vehicles. A push button labeled “ View Rental Options ” should appear. Tap that release to see a list of all rental options in your sphere .
steps to see uber rental options in the driver app
Uber car rental listings for Avis and Hertz in Los Angeles
List of car rental categories: hourly, weekly, electric
List of avis uber rental features

How to rent a car for Lyft: Lyft Express Drive

Become a Lyft Driver: Click here to apply! Select “I need a car” to join the rental program. Lyft offers a vehicle rental program for drivers called Express Drive. With Express Drive, you pay a hebdomadally tip that includes rideshare miles, indemnity and vehicle alimony .
Lyft rentals cost around $209 – $240/week. Additional personal miles may cost excess .
Lyft presently partners with Hertz and Flexdrive for the Express Drive platform.   Hertz rentals can only be used with Lyft, but Flexdrive rentals can be used for other companies .
You must be 25 years or older to qualify for Lyft Express Drive rentals .

Can you use an Uber rental for Lyft, or a Lyft rental for Uber?

generally, a rental from Uber can alone be used to drive for Uber, and a Lyft rental can only be used to drive with Lyft. The rental agreements for both Uber and Lyft strictly prohibit using the fomite to drive for another chopine .
One exception is Lyft rentals through Flexdrive. Flexdrive allows you to use the rental for other platforms .
HyreCar allows you to use their rideshare rentals on any platform

  • HyreCar – Rideshare and delivery rentals for Uber, Lyft, and delivery

Other Rideshare Rental Options

many drivers choose to rent vehicles through Uber and Lyft, but there are several third-party companies that besides offer rentals for rideshare drivers .

HyreCar, a peer-to-peer rideshare rental service

HyreCar is a vehicle marketplace that allows you to rent vehicles from private owners for use on any rideshare or delivery platform .
You can rent a car on HyreCar for a inadequate as two days. Map and percolate tools make it easy to find a car that fits your budget. indemnity is included with every lease.


KINTO Share is a service by Toyota that offers rentals for rideshare, delivery, and personal use. Rentals are available by the hour or by the workweek .
Rentals start at $ 6.50 per hour and $ 240 per week. Unlimited mileage and policy are included. Payments are charged up presence when you begin your lease mental reservation .
KINTO Share is presently available in Southern California and Texas .

Getaround: Hourly & weekly rentals (Uber Only)

Getaround is another peer-to-peer rental service that rents cars for Uber drivers. You can rent the vehicle by the hour or by the week. Getaround uses engineering that allows renters to get inside the cable car with a smartphone, so you never have to meet up with the fomite owner to get the car key .
Getaround for Uber is presently available for drivers in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Portland .

What’s the difference between the rideshare rental options?

now that there are several rideshare rentals options, it ’ south hard to keep track of all the benefits and drawbacks of each service. The mesa below shows the features of each major rideshare rental military service to help make it easier for you to see which one might work for you .

  Uber Lyft Hyrecar
Price ~$200 per week and up ~$200 per week and up ~$30/day and up, $200/week and up
Deposit ~$200 refundable for Hertz, no deposit for Avis ~$250 refundable $200 refundable
Rental Period Weekly Weekly Daily, weekly, or monthly
Insurance $1000 deductible $1000 deductible $2500 deductible
Use for other services? No No for Hertz, yes for Flexdrive Yes

Rent a car for Uber Black on Craigslist

Some fleet owners offer their vehicles for lease to use on higher end services like Uber Black. The car will already be registered with Uber, and the owner will have to list you on the vehicle policy policy. This is a common means to drive for Uber Black .
How to rent a car for Uber on Craigslist

  • Search your local craigslist for “Uber rental” “Uber Black” or similar keywords
  • Contact the owner and review any offered leasing arrangement
  • The vehicle owner will then add you to both the vehicle’s insurance policy and their Uber Partner account
  • If you haven’t already, you will have to undergo background screening

Renting via Craigslist is one way to get experience driving for Uber without having to make a big investment in a new car or figuring out the complexities of becoming an Uber Black driver .

Part-time drivers: Use the car you already own

If you already own a car that qualifies for Uber and you ’ re design to drive part time, use it ! flush accounting for vehicle disparagement, your earnings will probably exceed your costs arsenic long as you don ’ metric ton drive wax time .
But for full-time drivers putting 1000+ miles on their car each workweek, rideshare rentals may be the best choice. At that orient, vehicle depreciation and maintenance become major expenses that might not make sense for your everyday vehicle .

Should you buy a car for Uber & Lyft?

Owning your own car to drive for Uber can be the cheapest option, with fewer restrictions than leases and weekly rentals. You can do whatever you want with the cable car, and the monthly payment will about constantly be cheaper than the monthly cost of rentals .
If you decide that buying your own car for Uber is the way to go, buy the type of car that can realistically make you money with current Uber rates : An older secondhand cable car in big condition that costs $ 5,000– $ 10,000 will be nice enough to please your riders and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dig excessively deeply into your weekly ride earnings .
Always make indisputable to close check Uber fomite requirements before you purchase a car, and e-mail Uber precisely to make surely your cable car qualifies, particularly if you ’ re aiming to use your car for UberXL or Lyft XL .
Upside: You ’ ll own the vehicle, so you can use it as you wish, sell it whenever you want
Downside: If the vehicle is excessively expensive and Uber isn ’ t very lucrative in your area, you might get stuck with a cable car requital you can ’ t yield

Find a rideshare-friendly insurance policy at Insurify

Get a Quote at Insurify ! — Easily compare rideshare-friendly car policy quotes .
We are affiliated with Insurify and may receive a mission for referring you .

Don’t buy a car until you’re approved to drive!

Some readers have gone out and bought a car before they were approved to drive by Uber or Lyft. In a batch of cases, these people were confident they could pass the drive record assay and background check, so they went ahead and got the car before Uber approved their application .
then something happened in the application serve — delays, or a rejection — and now they ’ re stuck with a car payment that they may not be able to afford. Don ’ metric ton put yourself in that position .
Get approved to drive before you get the car ! The initial application process should entirely take a week or two .
Both Uber and Lyft applications allow you to sign up without a car, so you won ’ t need to enter fomite information to complete the application. You can figure out how to get the car after you ’ rhenium approved .

Is it worth buying a car just to drive for Uber and Lyft?

Buying a car entirely to drive for Uber or Lyft is a big investment that may not pay off if your marketplace international relations and security network ’ t busy with ride requests. According to our inquiry about how much Uber drivers make, you should expect to make around $ 15– $ 25/hour after expenses .
many drivers are able to make money with an low-cost practice car ( $ 10,000 or less ), but other drivers who splurge on a more expensive model find that it can become a breakeven or a loss.

Try before you buy: If you ’ re newfangled to Uber and you ’ rhenium not indisputable how strong the local marketplace is, try renting a car through HyreCar or Getaround to see if the gig is justly for you .

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