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Gemini offers a solid experience for a diverseness of cryptocurrency investors, but trade costs do run at the higher end of the diligence rate. Those that are newfangled to cryptocurrency will benefit from Gemini ’ s huge educational content available through its Cryptopedia web site, while more feel traders will appreciate the professional trade platform, ActiveTrader. You ’ ll be able to trade more than 50 different coins, which should satisfy most crypto investors. If you ’ re merely looking to trade the most popular ones, you might consider more long-familiar fiscal apps Robinhood or Webull. trading costs run high for Gemini, particularly through its web site application. You ’ ll besides be charged a tip if you choose to participate in the switch over ’ south staking course of study. Binance.US and Kraken might be better choices for customers who are peculiarly focused on costs .

Best for

  • Active traders
  • Crypto-only trading
  • Educational material

Gemini at a glance

Category Gemini
Minimum balance: None, but trade minimum varies by cryptocurrency type. (.00001 Bitcoin/.001 Ether)
Securities tradable: More than 50 cryptocurrencies
Cost per trade:
  • Fees as high as 1.49 percent
  • No wire transfer fees
  • No withdrawal fees if fewer than 10 per month
Customer service: Email, chat and self-help
Mobile app: The Gemini mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Pros: Where Gemini stands out

No deposit/withdrawal fees

You won ’ thymine have to worry about getting nickel and dimed on fees when making deposits and withdrawals with Gemini. Wire transfers can be made from your depository financial institution report to Gemini without any fees ( make certain your bank doesn ’ t charge a serve fee ). You can besides avoid fees on withdrawals if you stay under ten each calendar month. once you go over ten, fees will kick in and the come varies by cryptocurrency.

Trading platform

active traders won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be disappointed by the trade have offered by Gemini. Advanced chart, different order types, auctions and freeze trade are all available through Gemini ActiveTrader, the switch over ’ s top trade platform. Trades can be executed in microseconds and visibility into the arrange book helps deliver a professional find to the platform. The locate is designed to work with most mobile browsers, so you shouldn ’ t have a problem accessing it while you ’ re on the act .

Educational material

Gemini besides stands out for its educational resources available on-line. You can find answers to basic questions through its support site, but Gemini ’ s chief differentiator is its cryptocurrency educational site known as Cryptopedia. Cryptopedia aims to answer questions that come up from both novitiate and experience cryptocurrency traders. Gemini sees the lack of comprehensive education available as one of the main barriers to crypto adoption and offers Cryptopedia as a solution. You ’ ll find lots of information on cryptocurrency trading and security, the decentralized finance ecosystem and even NFTs. With so many newly traders concern in cryptocurrency, other exchanges would be knowing to add similar educational material .

Cons: Where Gemini could improve

High trading fees

Gemini ’ s trade fees come in at the higher end of the diligence and can run identical high depending on the platform being used. Trades placed through Gemini ’ s web site application are charged a appliance fee and a transaction tip. The convenience fee is 0.5 percentage above the cryptocurrency ’ s stream trade price, while the transaction fee varies based on the size of the order. For orders above $ 200, a 1.49 percentage tip is applied.

For users of the Gemini ActiveTrader platform, the change follows the common maker-taker model used by most exchanges and brokers in the diligence. Orders that add liquid ( manufacturer ) are charged slightly less than orders that take away liquidity ( taker ). The fees dribble to about zero if you ’ re trade more than $ 15 million each month. hera ’ s how Gemini ’ s ActiveTrader fees break down based on trade volume .

30-day trading volume Maker Taker
Less than $500,000 0.25 percent 0.35 percent
$500,000 – $2,500,000 0.15 percent 0.25 percent
$2,500,001 – $5,000,000 0.15 percent 0.25 percent
$5,000,001 – $10,000,000 0.10 percent 0.15 percent
$10,000,001 – $15 million 0.10 percent 0.15 percent
$15,000,001 – $50 million 0.00 percent 0.10 percent
$50,000,001 – $100 million 0.00 percent 0.075 percent
$100,000,001 – $250 million 0.00 percent 0.05 percent
$250,000,001 – $500 million 0.00 percent 0.04 percent
$500 million and up 0.00 percent 0.03 percent

Staking fees

Like other exchanges, Gemini gives customers the opportunity to earn rewards by holding deposits of cryptocurrency with the firm through a process known as stake. The process is like to a bank save account but comes with significantly greater risks. Unlike Binance.US, which does not charge for its bet on program, Gemini charges an agent tip as region of its program. Though it ’ s not much for popular coins – Bitcoin ’ mho is barely 0.03 percentage – the fees can add up, specially for more obscure cryptocurrencies. The tip for 1INCH is closely 3.5 percentage, for exemplar .

Mobile app

Gemini ’ s mobile app provides a satisfactory user know and will be fine for most cryptocurrency traders. You can track dozens of different coins, place trades and evening set price alerts through the app. But if you ’ ra looking for the same professional experience you get from Gemini ’ s ActiveTrader chopine, you ’ ll want to use a background or fluid browser. Adding the features and experience available through ActiveTrader in the mobile app would truly set it apart from early exchanges.

Bottom line

Gemini gives both new and know cryptocurrency traders reasons to choose its platform. New users will appreciate the potent educational material available through the Cryptopedia web site, while have traders will benefit from the professional feel of Gemini ’ s ActiveTrader platform. You besides won ’ t have to worry about withdrawal fees arsenic long as you stay below the monthly limit. But deal fees run high, specially if you ’ re using the web application. Cost-conscious users might consider Binance.US or Kraken, which offer similar benefits with lower trade costs .

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