How to Be My Own Accountant in 5 Steps

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How to Be My Own Accountant in 5 Steps

How to Be My Own Accountant in 5 Steps
possibly you ’ ve got a humble business going and immediately you ’ re wondering if you can handle the account all by yourself. Follow these 5 steps as a guide to accounting success .
other Considerations for Doing My own Accounting

NOTE: FreshBooks Support team members are not certified income tax or accounting professionals and cannot provide advice in these areas, outside of supporting questions about FreshBooks. If you need income tax advice please contact an accountant in your area .

1. Open a Business Bank Account

You want to keep your personal and business bank separate. This may not seem critical at the begin, but down the road, it will save you a lot of time when you have more occupation transactions to manage. Banks offer a broad rate of accounts specifically for business, some are designed for very small companies that have few or no employees .
Before you visit a bank to open an account, best to consider your finance needs beginning. Look at how many transactions you ’ re going to have in a calendar month and compare that with what the deposit will charge you. If you ’ re a humble commercial enterprise with few deposits or expenses, it may be deserving considering an bill that charges you per transaction. Some banks have business accounts that will waive the monthly tip if you carry a minimal balance from month to month. You ’ ll besides want to make sure you choose the overdraft protection option for when you need it .
In your meeting with the bank representative, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get distracted by offers of clientele credit cards with rewards or other incentives that are designed to get you to sign up. You can consider them but decide if they are worth the extra costs involved. What you actually want to know is if this bank will offer a convenient service with easy on-line tools, at a reasonable price, and will be able to help you in the future with loans or supernumerary credit if you need it .

2. Establish a Bookkeeping System

Are you going to go with a single introduction system of account or a double entry ?
A Single Entry System of report is a class of bookkeeping in which every one of a company ’ s fiscal transactions is recorded as a single introduction in a log. This process is normally used by new little businesses because of its ease, monetary value effectiveness, and the fact that it requires no ball educate .
A duplicate introduction organization requires a much more detail bookkeeping serve, where every entrance has an extra match introduction to a different bill. Consider the parole “ double ” in “ doubling entrance ” to stand for “ debit ” and “ citation ”. The two totals for each must balance, differently there is an error in the record .
A bivalent submission system will provide complete records and allows for the creation of proper fiscal statements. There are many software options available nowadays that make a double introduction system of bookkeeping easier to manage .

3. Categorize Your Expenses

Categorizing expenses will be helpful in keeping your caller organized, for budgeting purposes equally good as totaling the expenses that can be written off at tax clock .
popular category headings you can create include :
advertise Expenses
clientele Vehicle ( sulfur )
Employee Benefits
Meals & Entertainment Expenses

agency Expenses
position Supplies
Professional Services
rent, Utilities & Phone
travel Expenses
due to the introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by the Trump administration in late 2017, the laws regarding tax deductions for meals and entertainment expenses for businesses in the United States have changed. business owners can calm deduct 50 % on meals if the expense suffer certain conditions. entertainment expenses, such as sporting events or concerts, no longer qualify. The act went into effect on January 1, 2018 .

4. Establish a Budget

now that you ’ ve categorized the expenses for your business, determine your budget for the year. This is particularly crucial if you have employees authorized to make purchases on behalf of your company. This is so that they understand your expectations and don ’ thymine overspend .
Determine a total human body, then break it down and assign amounts to the categories listed in the previous section. It is identical likely that in the first year or two of business these numbers will need to change a set. But establishing a budget at the beginning gives you a great place to start, informs your staff of spend limits and allows you to better plan for the future .

5. License Accounting Software for Invoicing and Payroll

Invoicing and Payroll are two of your most authoritative account processes. Let ’ s have a count in detail .


You will want to ensure that you have a proper system in locate for invoice. The cash your occupation will generate from invoices paid by clients is what will keep your company going .
today there are software and app solutions that will allow you to build a templated bill with your company ’ s criterion information. This software will mechanically generate a newfangled bill number every time you create an bill, set payment terms and advise you when a node ’ randomness payment is delinquent. The top ones offer on-line or call support excessively. Read over the first invoice you issue a few times before you submit it to the node, to make certain it ’ s a good template going ahead .


Payroll is just the serve by which you pay your employees. A dependable payroll march is significant for two reasons. The first base is that depending on the size of your business, it could be your largest regular expense. The second is that a proper payroll system will keep the employees you hire satisfied. If you do not pay systematically and accurately, employees will look for oeuvre elsewhere. Getting a payroll system in place at the beginning can save you years of grief .
typically, a payroll system will deduct taxes from each check before the employee is paid. These taxes include Social Security, Medicare and federal and express income taxes ( some states, like Florida, do not deduct income tax ) .
Because payroll can be a time-consuming process, most businesses today use a software system that handles the tax deductions and directs the net income amounts into employees ’ bank accounts automatically. Depending on the software, some systems can besides calculate wages for hourly paid staff, and generate summaries based on the business owner ’ south needs .

Other Considerations for Doing My Own Accounting

The tasks of an accountant deviate but typically they oversee and work in the follow areas : datum management, fiscal analysis and reference, fiscal reports and regulative conformity. What we have outlined above is the basics for being your own belittled business accountant, but you may find you will need to contact and enlist the help of a master accountant as your business grows.

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