How to Double Your Money in 2022: 7 Investment Strategies

not felicitous with your income in the last year ? You might be wondering how to double your money in 2022. Investing represents an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings, but only when executed correctly .
There are numerous investment types to choose from, but seven stand out angstrom ways to generate significant income. Read through the follow list to learn more about how to start doubling your money this class, and get quick to think about risk vs. advantage .

How to Double Your Money: 7 Strategies

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get fooled by “ get rich quick ” schemes. If there were an easy way to double your money in a abruptly come of time, then everybody would be doing it. If you want to increase your investment returns deoxyadenosine monophosphate quickly as potential, then you ’ ll have to be dedicated, disciplined, and patient .
For investors, the best direction to double your money is to generate high returns. How can you do that ? precisely use one of these seven investment strategies :

  1. The Rule of 72
  2. adhere Investing
  3. employer Matching
  4. standard Options
  5. Oversold Stocks
  6. Invest in Cryptocurrency & NFTs
  7. Start A Side Business

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how to double money

1. The Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 is a principle that all investors should know. It ’ s a classical investment tool that can help you gauge how farseeing it will take for an investing to double in prize .
watershed 72 by an annual increase rate or interest rate, and you ’ ll get how many years it will take to double your investment. For exemplar :
72 / 2% Growth = 36.0 Years
If your investment earns 2 % every class, then it will take 36 years for that investing to double in size .
The higher the increase rate, the less time it will take to double the investment :
72 / 4% Growth = 18.0 Years
72 / 15% Growth = 4.8 Years
72 / 20% Growth = 3.6 Years
72 / 25% Growth = 2.9 Years
here ’ s the big interview : how do you obtain a growth rate of 10 % or more ?
As you can see from the numbers above, you need a growth rate of at least 15 % if you want to double your investment within five years .
There are three ways you can produce a higher increase rate :

  • Invest More money
  • Invest for a Longer Period
  • Choose High-Return Investments

Invest More Money

The more money you invest, the more income you can amass .
Let ’ s say that you invested $ 1,000 per annum, and it grows at 12 % per year :

  • 1 year : $ 120
  • 5 Years : $ 600
  • 10 Years : $ 1,200
  • 17 Years : $ 2,040

At $ 1,000 invested annually, it would take 17 years for the investment to double .
But what if you invested $ 3,000 per annum, at the like increase rate ?

  • 1 year : $ 360
  • 5 Years : $ 1,800
  • 10 Years : $ 3,600

Let ’ s compare :
Doubling Your Investment

  • $ 1,000 Invested per annum : 17 Years
  • $ 3,000 Invested per annum : > 10 Years

Creating a Passive Income

  • 5 Years at $ 1,000 Invested annually : passive Income of $ 600 Annually
  • 5 Years at $ 3,000 Invested annually : passive Income of $ 1,800 Annually

many Americans can ’ triiodothyronine afford to invest $ 3,000 per year. But you should try and invest angstrom much as you have available so you can shorten the come of prison term it takes to boost your returns. If you ’ re only investing $ 250 annually, try investing $ 500 annually. Whether you have a retirement fund or hold shares in an ETF, do whatever you can to increase your annual contributions to your investments .
One of the best ways to get extra money for your investments is to cut expenses. As Will Rogers once said, “ The quickest direction to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your bet on pouch. ”

Invest for a Longer Period

even if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate invest a big sum of money annually, your money will significantly increase over a longer menstruation .
If you ’ re a long-run investor—and specially if you ’ re invest for retirement —then you won ’ thyroxine be as press to make senior high school contributions sol retentive as you ’ re going to be making contributions for 30 years or more. You ’ ll have a fortune more money leftover for your monthly budget, besides .
IRAs, 401 ( k ) mho, and index funds are terrific investments for long-run investors .

Choose High-Return Investments

Investments that offer the highest returns tend to be higher hazard. conversely, investments that provide the lowest returns tend to be lower risk .
blue-chip stocks generate the highest returns—about 10 % on average. But individual stocks are besides considered bad, and there ’ s a greater opportunity you could lose money, specially if you ’ re going to hold the stocks for alone three or four years .
however, it ’ second hard to get excited about low-risk investments, like government bonds, which only generate 5 % to 6 % returns .
Your best bet is to find a center ground. Broad commercialize index funds and ETFs are excellent because they ’ re bound to generate higher returns, but they besides don ’ t carry as much risk. Look for ones that track the S & P 500, which is a well-diversified exponent that ’ s historically reliable .
Remember : it ’ sulfur safe and easier to invest for a longer period than to bank on bad returns .

2. Bonds

For the sake of portfolio diversification, it ’ s helpful to invest in a mix of stocks and bonds. That will protect you if there ’ s a recession or if the ship’s company you ’ ve invested in goes through a roughly fiscal period .
As mentioned in the last part, bonds don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate generate the highest returns—only 5 % to 6 % per annum. But they ’ re a lot safer than individual stocks, and their returns are normally consistent, which is helpful for budget .
guard is a big hand. While a 10 % tax return might sound like a big means to double your money, you could lose your entire investment if the livestock value plunges or if the company goes under .
If you have a class or if you have more extensive fiscal obligations, a bail might be a better investment choice for you .

3. Employer Matching

Does your employer match your 401 ( k ) contributions ? If thus, you have in your arsenal one of the best and easiest ways to double your money. This approach is alone suitable for investors who are planning for their retirement .
Most employers match 50 cents for every dollar, which is a whopping 50 % return on investing. If you prioritize your 401 ( kelvin ) contributions, you could vastly increase your retirement fund .
even if your employer doesn ’ metric ton offer a 401 ( thousand ) or employer meet, you can get exchangeable tax benefits by opening and contributing to an IRA. You ’ ll either get a tax subsidy up-front or when you retire ( depending on whether you have a traditional or Roth IRA .

4. Stock Options

stock options are the fastest way to generate very high returns. But it ’ s besides the riskiest method acting because it requires substantial guess .
Unfamiliar with options ?

An option is a contract that gives you the right to buy or sell a certain measure of shares in a caller ( normally 100 ) at a predetermine price and a specify point in the future .
You pay a bounty price for the options. Before the contract expires, you can buy or sell at a “ strike price, ” which could be lower or higher than the shares ’ prize .
There are puts and calls :

  • Put Option: Allows you to sell stocks at a specific price before the passing of the shrink .
  • Call Option: Allows you to buy stocks at a specific price before the exhalation of the sign .

There are several different ways you can leverage options in your investment strategy. still, if you ’ re trying to double your money, then you ’ ll want to speculate whether a company ’ s stocks will rise or fall and then buy options accordingly .
You should avoid stock options unless you ’ re a seasoned investor. They ’ re difficult to invest in because not only do the stocks need to rise/fall as you predict, they besides need to rise/fall within the time frame that ’ randomness designated by the option .
A successful option travel could generate returns that are 10 % or much higher. But there ’ s a hale bunch of meditation involved, and it ’ s very bad. Read our deep prima donna on neckcloth options if you ’ ra interested in them .

5. Oversold Stocks

sometimes, the best opportunity to buy stocks is when a stock ’ sulfur price plummets, and you ’ re able to purchase many shares for a lower price .
That ’ s not to say you should purchase bad stocks—stocks in companies that are performing ailing or which are grossly overvalued. The goal is to buy stocks that have been oversold .
Every therefore often, a profitable company may go through a slump, and frightened investors will bail out and sell their shares. If you believe that the caller will rebound, you could seize upon the opportunity to buy more shares for less .
individual stocks are a bad investment, so you must know how to do stock inquiry if you ’ re going to hunt for oversold stocks. Stock research will help you understand :

  • Whether or not a company is adequate to of rebounding/remaining profitable
  • Whether or not a company has firm leadership and a firm business design
  • Why the company ’ s stock dropped in the first position. Was there a fiscal daunt ? Change of leadership ? New rival ? Overhype ?

These factors will help you understand whether the stock will rise in measure and generate high returns .

6. Invest In Cryptocurrency & NFTs

Cryptocurrency has become a buzz-worthy investment type over the stopping point several years, and it only continues to grow in popularity. This rise can be partially attributed to the miss of barriers to entrance and the high-yielding nature of this investment. Cryptocurrency represents an opportunity to grow your money promptly and on a platform outside of more traditional investment types .
It must be said that while cryptocurrency offers a high reward potential, there is besides a level of built-in risk to be mindful of. Part of the refer is that cryptocurrency is not regulated in the traditional sense. It is known to be a highly fickle investing. While you could earn a set of money investing in cryptocurrency, you could besides lose it all as the market changes .
If you are curious about how to invest in cryptocurrency, the best stead to start is on-line. Research which options you are concerned in, whether that be Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or something else. Seek out educational resources that will better prepare you for the nature of this investment type .
The NFT bowel movement is hush relatively fresh, and is helping people understand how a digital economy could work in more ways. For exemplify, creators have a batch to benefit from selling their digital assets. however, as a buyer, investing in an NFT as a collectible is an abstract and bad investment .
Experimenting with NFTs might make sense for you if you have an eye for art or an auricle for music, and you enjoy the world of collectibles. Some investors have had success investing in digital assets at a moo prize which by and by pay off big. Another view to consider is whether a particular asset can generate income after you purchase it, such as through watch fees or relicensing fees .
NFTs are in the early stages. It is promise, and it remains to be seen whether it is here to stay or if it will fizzle out .

7. Start A Side Business

If your regular income is not creating the fiscal constancy or freedom you want, it ’ south good to look elsewhere. It may be time to start your own english clientele. immediately, this doesn ’ thymine mean you need to go invest all of your money in a hustle you find on-line to see if it works out. rather, the idea here is to invest in yourself and see which of your skills or hobbies could be put to better habit .
There are a phone number of ways you can utilize what you already have to start a side commercial enterprise, many of which can be done entirely on-line. here are good a few idea to help get the gears turning :

  • Affiliate Marketing: If you have a boastfully social media following, consider becoming an consort seller for a trade name you care about. basically, you can earn money for referring people to that occupation .
  • Freelance: Are you a writer, graphic designer, or coder ? Search popular websites like Upwork or Linkedin to find freelance opportunities. You can utilize your skills to make money on the side and potentially grow your own business .
  • Virtual Assistants: Becoming a virtual adjunct may not be your foremost option when starting a side business, but it can pay reasonably well depending on your skills. Look on-line for virtual adjunct roles that fit your schedule and test it out .
  • Sell Photography: Photography is a competitive marketplace in some areas, but there are unlimited opportunities online. Research websites that buy and license photography to get a better idea of whats out there. If photography is an interest of yours, you may find your can use this hobby to supplement your income over time .
  • Monetize Your Instagram: There are hundreds if not thousands of Instagram influencers online, but who ’ second to say you can ’ t be one of them ? Consider the “ micro influencer. ” These social media experts much only have a few thousand followers, but through sponsor posts, giveaways, and Instagram takeovers they are able to make decent money through the app .

many people have besides found success during the COVID-19 pandemic selling crafts and homemade goods online using platforms like Etsy. The point is, there are so many options for starting a side clientele. The right option will come down to your existing skills and interests. These opportunities shouldn ’ triiodothyronine drain your savings to get started. rather, they should add to your finances and help you increase your income overall .
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best way to double your money

How to Double Your Money With Real Estate

One of the best ways to double your money is by investing in veridical estate. closely all very estate investments double in time because properties naturally appreciate in value .
There are five ways to double your money with real estate :

  1. rent By Room
  2. Fix and Flip
  3. short-run Rentals
  4. Buy and Hold
  5. Use Property Investment Data

1. Rent By Room

If you ’ re renting out a residential property to tenants, you might consider renting out the property by the room—rather than renting the entire sign of the zodiac to a single tenant. This is an excellent way to increase your cash stream and maximize your property ’ randomness return .
Some markets are well-suited for renting out individual rooms. The best markets are college towns and high-density urban areas, and these locations see a greater number of tenants seeking short-run leases, or where tenant employee turnover is higher .
The higher rent might turn off some tenants. You could make the rental more attractive by improving the property or offering utility-free animation ( these are dependable properties for installing solar panels .

2. Fix and Flip

A fix and flip is one of the best ways to generate high returns in real estate of the realm. It besides enables you to generate a gamey return in a very short total of fourth dimension .
The hardest share about executing a fix and interchange is finding ways to keep the renovation costs down. It ’ second well if you can learn how to do basic renovation oeuvre yourself—like flooring, painting, or landscape .
You should only hire contractors to do highly specify work, like roofing or plumbing. When you ’ re hiring a contractor, find a balance between best-quality and lowest cost. You don ’ t need to turn the home into a Bel-Air mansion—you alone need to make it dainty enough so that it sufficiently improves the rate of the home .

3. Short-Term Rentals

short-run rentals are frequently more lucrative than long-run rentals. short-run rentals enable you to charge higher prices more frequently. This is specially true of vacation rentals .
It ’ s possible that a vacation rental can generate as much money in one week as a leased property can generate in one month. If you own a place in an ideal localization, you can make a long ton of money by renting it out to travelers .
The crafty part about short-run rentals is that you ’ ll have to do cleaning and repairs more frequently—and if you don ’ t cautiously manage these costs, they can siphon quite a bit of your gross .
As with doing a fixate and flip, you ’ ll want to find a middle land for hiring cleaning/repair services or property management services. A property management company might take between 10 % and 25 % of your gross, but they ’ ll besides perform the necessary ad and administrative cultivate that you need to keep your bookings high .

4. Buy and Hold

“ Buy and hold ” is the most traditional real estate investing strategy. You ’ ll buy a property and hold it for an extend period until it appreciates. Your net income will depend on how much your property appreciates .
The key to buy and hold is finding a property in an energetic region, particularly those undergo renovation .
Buy and hold is a long-run investment scheme. You should prioritize this scheme if you ’ re trying to save for retirement and looking for steady and authentic returns. But it ’ s besides a good diversification option for short-run investors—it ’ s dependable to employ one or two bargain and hold properties to counterbalance a string of fasten and flips. Chris Nddie, Co-Owner & Marketing Director at ClothingRIC, suggests that “ you can potentially double your money if you find a good rental property and keep it for a long time. You ’ d not only be able to earn monthly cash hang, but you ’ d besides benefit from any real estate of the realm asset taste ” .

5. Use Property Investment Data

property investment data can help you make inform investment decisions. Investment datum will give you insight on :

  • Pricing trends for national and local markets
  • The demographics and interests of homebuyers
  • Federal and state legislation that may affect the house commercialize

Keeping up with this data is an everyday job for real estate of the realm investors. Get in the habit of checking real estate of the realm news program every day before you get the sidereal day started or go to sleep. You can study grocery store trends on numerous websites, like or Bookmark them and visit them often .
additionally, you can use a real estate of the realm calculator to help you budget for your real estate investments .
property investment data can give you the prevision to make fresh investment decisions—and to double your money .


You can double your money in 2022 by increasing the total of money you invest, planning a long-run investment scheme, or seeking out investments that generate higher returns ( retirement plans, stock options, and oversold stocks ). To double your money in real estate of the realm, you may want to consider investing in short-run rentals, single-room leases, fix and flips, and buy and hold properties. Property investment data can help you choose which type of real estate of the realm investment is right for you .
Want to become a better stock investor? Click the streamer below to take a 47-minute on-line coach classify — and discover the 4 secrets to making fresh, safer investment decisions !

The information presented is not intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor. Nothing provided shall constitute financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice or individually tailored investment advice. This information is for educational purposes only.

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