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wutwhanfoto/iStock/GettyImages Whether you ‘re applying for some type of loan or good need a replicate of your last class ‘s tax refund for your records, H & R Block allows you to entree your last six years of returns that you ‘ve filed at their tax offices or through their web site or mobile app. You can much plainly log in to the H & R Block web site to view and print final year ‘s return, although you ‘ll need to do some extra exercise if you had used H & R Block software installed on your computer. The Internal Revenue Service besides offers some options if you ca n’t get the fall from H & R Block.


Create Your MyBlock Account

If you filed your taxes yourself on the H & R Block web site or signed up for their virtual tax homework service, then you already have the MyBlock account you need to entree anterior tax records. But if you had a tax professional do your taxes in an H & R Block office, you ‘ll need to first sign up for a MyBlock explanation and verify your identity before you can access your prior H & R Block tax records .
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Visit the H & R Block web site and click the menu icon that looks like a person, since this will show an choice to either log in or create an account. Choose the “ Create an Account “ option and follow the screens to set up your login information, choose three security questions and verify your e-mail address. You can then log in and click the “ Confirm My Identity “ option, where you ‘ll enter your name, birthday and Social Security number .
ad once you ‘ve finished the account apparatus, you ‘ll have access to your H & R Block tax records on-line .

Access H&R Block Tax Records

once you ‘ve logged in to your MyBlock bill, expression for the “ Taxes “ menu and select the “ Tax History “ choice. You can use the drop-down menu on top to select the tax class for which you need to find the H & R block copy of the tax return. Selecting the year will display your filing information and tax documents .
ad If you had used the spare on-line translation of the service, look for a prompt to pay a fee to upgrade and have last year ‘s tax rejoinder made available. otherwise, you can simply locate the tax refund documents beside the “ My Tax Return Documents “ option. You ‘ll find an choice to open the return so that you can save it to your calculator or print it as needed. You ‘ll besides be able to customize which documents to print .

Get Tax Return Through Software

If you purchased the H & R Block software to install on your calculator, H & R Block warns you ‘ll need to download that year ‘s translation of the program from their web site to proceed. You ‘ll besides inactive need to have final year ‘s tax data on your computer. then if you had deleted the data when you uninstalled H & R Block ‘s software or you switched computers, you may not be able to get your previous render this way. however, you could try searching your computer to see if you still have the PDF copy from when you had filed your taxes .

After you install the decline year ‘s version of H & R Block ‘s tax software, expect for an “ Open Return “ option on the “ My Taxes “ blind. You should see options on top of the screen to open, save or print the tax return. If you choose to print it, you ‘ll have options to print all forms, all forms plus worksheets or only selected forms. To prevent issues in the future, you can consider saving a copy to your hard drive as well .

Consider IRS Transcript vs. Return

If you ca n’t entree your H & R Block tax records for some reason, you can fill out IRS Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, and pay a tip to have the IRS station you a photocopy of your union tax return. This method will let you get a past return as far back as six years ago. The downside is that you may have delay a long as 75 days to have the IRS mail you the documents, and this can be a problem if you need them promptly for an application you ‘re filling out .
ad If you only need to know specific information from your last tax render and do n’t need the actual document, then requesting an IRS tax transcript can be a exempt and quick alternative. The IRS makes transcripts available for the last three tax years, and you can get yours deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as five to 10 days from when you regulate .
ad You have a few transcript options that may work for you. If you need your adjust gross income, taxable income and other basic items from your tax return key, you can request a tax account transcript. You can besides request a tax return transcript that has much of the information from your tax render and relate forms but does n’t account for any changes made after the master filing date. Credit Karma notes that banks and other organizations will much accept tax transcripts as depart of their confirmation march, so check to find out which they prefer .

Get Federal Transcript From IRS

Visiting the IRS Get Transcript page is the easiest way to get a tax transcript free. You can opt for a paper replicate or an electronic version .
spirit for the “ Get Transcript Online “ button and follow the steps to enter your personal information and confirm your identity, including entering a personal report number and mobile number. You ‘ll besides choose the transcript type and tax year. At the goal of the process, you ‘ll get ratification the IRS received your request, and you ‘ll be able to view the transcript on-line within five to 10 days .
If you want a transcript physically mailed to you for complimentary, you can plainly select the “ Get Transcript by Mail “ option on the IRS Get Transcript page. You ‘ll enter similar information but wo n’t need to enter a telephone number or personal account number. The IRS will mail the transcript so that you receive it in around the lapp fourth dimension skeletal system as the electronic translation .

Request Federal Return From IRS

To get a photocopy of your federal tax recurrence, download and print form 4506 from the IRS web site. Fill in the information requested about yourself and the tax return year requested and then sign the form .
You ‘ll need to include a money order or check for $50. however, there ‘s an exception if you ‘re eligible for a fee release for calamity aid and emergency respite. The IRS notes that you ‘ll need to use the memo or note field to write “ Form 4506 request “ along with your Social Security total or tax ID .
The second page of Form 4506 will list IRS offices sorted by location. Find your local function ‘s address and mail the form and payment to that location. The IRS will mail the photocopy tax reappearance within 75 days .

Get Last Year’s State Return

If you need a transcript of last year ‘s state tax return, check with your state ‘s tax or finance department web site. You can much create an bill to view old tax returns on-line. In early cases, your state will have a tax form for your to submit to request the tax return, and you may have to pay a fee for this avail.


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