Dropshipping on Etsy: How To Make Money with Etsy Dropshipping (2022)

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If you ’ re looking for ways to make money on-line, Etsy dropshipping may be a bang-up option .
not lone is Etsy an easy marketplace to get started with selling on-line, but dropshipping on Etsy makes things even easier .
Imagine never having to store armory or even worry about shipping. With Etsy dropshipping, you can just design the item and have person else fulfill it for you .
It ’ s truly that childlike .
In this post, I ’ ll contribution precisely how Etsy dropshipping works and how you can leverage it to make money on-line .

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping merely means that a company handles the manufacture and fulfillment of products that you sell .
In some cases, this means that you provide the blueprint for them to produce, while other times you ’ re merely selling one of their products with your logo or design on it .
The concept of dropshipping international relations and security network ’ t new. Thousands of people have built e-commerce businesses from this bare concept .
The ability to find reputable companies online that will do dropshipping for you has made e-commerce accessible to more people, including me. I use dropshipping to fulfill T-shirts that I have designed and to have my books printed and fulfilled .
Marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay permit sellers to integrate with dropshipping sites to sell their products .

How Etsy dropshipping works

once upon a time, Etsy was a marketplace entirely for handmade items. Though you can inactive sell handmade items on the platform, they have since evolved to accommodate dropshipping .
This, along with digital product capabilities, opened up the chopine to a lot more sellers .
now, if you have a alone T-shirt estimate, but don ’ t have a screen door printing press, you can leverage a third-party site to create and fulfill them for you .
Etsy allows you to integrate your workshop with these 3rd party on-demand fulfillment companies to handle your orders .

Etsy dropshipping rules: Does Etsy allow dropshipping?

Though Etsy does not explicitly mention dropshipping in their seller policy, it does fall into the class of things that can be sold on the platform .
Handmade items sold on Etsy must be either made and/or designed by the seller. This means that in orderliness to dropship, you must design your item .
For case, if you want to sell a chump, you must design the quote or graphic that will be put on it. You can ’ t plainly sell a pre-designed mug. That would be considered resell, which isn ’ triiodothyronine allowed .
If you are dropshipping, you must disclose that you ’ ra working with a production partner. This is the company that is actually producing the goods for you .
now that you know the rules for dropshipping on Etsy, let talk about how to get started !

Best dropshipping & print-on-demand companies for Etsy

It ’ second crucial to note that Etsy does not include a list of dropshipping companies within their list of integrations. This means that you ’ ll have to do your own research to find out which companies will work good for you and the products that you want to sell .
The most democratic print-on-demand companies for Etsy dropshipping admit :


Printful is by far the best and most widely known print and embroidery-on-demand company for dropshipping. I have used Printful for years and have not run into an issue with their quality or fulfillment .
Their site easily integrates with Etsy—allowing you to push and manage products from either platform. You besides have a bombastic catalogue of products to choose from, including dress, stationery, mugs, and home items .
Printful is highly easy to use. In fact, I ’ ll walk you through setting up a product to list on Etsy belated in the stake .


Printify is another popular dropshipping site that integrates with Etsy. Their catalogue is identical similar to Printful, although they have a few more items, like tumblers, that the former does not have so far .
The appeal with Prinitfy is that they by and large offer lower prices than Printful—which means greater profit for you as the seller. however, after testing them out and receiving products produced by them, I found that their quality is inferior to Printful .
however, they are still an option for dropshipping on Etsy .

How to start dropshipping on Etsy with Printful

Dropshipping on Etsy using Printful is ace simple, so permit ’ s walk through how to get started .

Setting up your Etsy shop

You will need to start by setting up an Etsy explanation as a seller .
If you already have a shop class, jump ahead to the data on setting up your Printful account .
I give a lot more contingent on navigating Etsy in my post on how to make money on Etsy. I strongly suggest reading it to get more information on setting up your shop as I ’ ll good give a brief overview here .
To set up your Etsy report as a seller :

  1. Click here to start your seller’s account and get 40 free listings (you’ll want these, trust me!)
  2. Sign in using an existing account or you can register with an email address, Facebook, or Google account.
  3. Click ‘Continue’ and you will be guided through additional steps to begin setting up your shop.

notice that to get started with your patronize, you ’ ll need to have a listing fix. Again, I talk greater in-depth about this in my Etsy guide post .

Setting up Printful 

To set up your Printful account, follow these steps .

  1. Visit Printful.com to set up your account
  2. You may create your account with an email address, Facebook, or Google account.
  3. Click ‘Sign Up’ and you will be guided through additional steps to begin setting up your account.

Integrating Printful with Etsy

once you have both your Etsy and Printful accounts set up, you can well integrate the two with two clicks ! Check out the video below on how to integrate your Printful bill with your Etsy shop class .

How to design a t-shirt to dropship on Etsy

In this part, I ’ ll show you how to well create designs to be printed on a T-shirt. The like summons can be used for other items ; however, I suggest reading the requirements for embroidery and engraving designs .

1. Create a design in Canva

There are tons of graphic design software available to do blueprint work, but they ’ re besides very expensive and sometimes heavily to navigate. That ’ s where Canva comes in .
Canva is a release graphic design web site that I use to create all of my designs and digital products. This tool allows you to upload fonts and early images that can then be printed on your shirts .
Canva ’ randomness policy does allow for manipulation of their free graphics for commercial use. This means that you can use them on items that you sell. however, you can constantly find extra fonts and graphics on creative commercialize and purchase a version for commercial use to be on the safe side .
Each merchandise in Printful has different dimension requirements. To find this, merely go to the product that you are designing for and scroll polish to the file guidelines. There, you can download the photographic print file template that specifies these dimensions .
printful esty dropshippin
once you know the requirements, you can set those dimensions in Canva and create your design .

2. Upload your design to Printful

After creating your invention, save it as a jpg or png file and upload it to Printful .

You can maintain a library of designs in Printful that you can use in different products. For exercise, t-shirts have the lapp proportion requirements, so you could use the like blueprint on multiple jersey styles .

3. Choose your T-shirt & add your design

There are several shirt styles to choose from on Printful. The most popular is the Bella Canvas unisex shirts .
printful tshirts
Choose the dash that you want to use and upload your purpose to the shirt mockup .
You can adjust your blueprint to be placed in the right location, increase the size, etc. Make indisputable that when you make edits that you stay within the photographic print lines and maintain a quality print image. Printful will let you know if you are outside of photographic print lines and if your timbre is good or inadequate .
printful tshirt design
once you ’ ve added your design, you can choose the colors and sizes that you want to offer in your Etsy workshop .
printful tshirts

4. Synch your t-shirt to your Etsy Shop

immediately that you have your design, you can push it to your store immediately from Printful .
You ’ ll be prompted to add listing details—including a list style, images, description, tags, and price .
The cool thing about Printful is that some of the information is pre-populated for you. You can even use their choice of mock-ups. however, you can constantly add your own custom-made descriptions and product images .
once you ’ ve added everything, you can synch your listing to Etsy. This will save the product to drafts in your Etsy splashboard .
Simply log into Etsy to add any extra information to the list or to make changes. once you ’ ve done that, equitable hit publish for your list to go live !

Best Items to dropship on Etsy

When it comes to dropshipping on Etsy, there are some items that sell very well. The capital thing is that you can design all of these on Printful !

1. T-shirts 

Shirts are always a great choice for items to dropship on Etsy. People are constantly searching for alone, one of a kind shirts to wear for special occasions. If you ’ re able to create a great design, T-shirts can be a identical profitable merchandise choice .

2. Women’s workout tanks

Along the like lines as tshirts are workout tanks. Women love having cute clothes to workout in, so it ’ sulfur worth designing a creative cooler to sell .

3. Mugs 

Mugs make for great gifts, specially in the holidays. That ’ mho why they are another great choice for product ideas. Lots of people drink coffee and would love a cook mug to use .

4. Stickers

Stickers are a huge hit in the design community. Printful allows you to design and print stickers that you can sell for planners, laptops, cars, and more !

Is dropshipping on Etsy worth it?

As you can see, dropshipping on Etsy with Printful is pretty simple. But the substantial interview is, “ Is it worth it ? ”
well, as person who dropships on Etsy, I think it ’ randomness worth it. I ’ ve sold tshirts online for years and can honestly say that this is the simple way to do it .
When I sold my first shirt on-line in 2013, it decidedly wasn ’ triiodothyronine this seamless and receive customers took means more work than it does on Etsy .
But, don ’ triiodothyronine precisely take my word for it. here ’ s a look at the pros and cons of dropshipping on Etsy .

Etsy dropshipping pros

  1. Zero start-up costs – It costs you absolutely nothing to start dropshipping. Not only can you use the free version of Canva, but you can also snag free listings on Etsy so you don’t have to pay fees. You don’t have to worry about any start-up costs associated with a product-based business.
  2. Built-in customers – Etsy is a marketplace, which means you have built-in customers. This takes away half the battles of selling!
  3. Low hassle – Aside from customer service, you literally have nothing to worry about. Create your design, add it to your shop, and wait for the sales to come in!

Etsy dropshipping cons

  1. Fees – Albeit it minimal, you do have to pay fees to Etsy for listing and selling your product. Etsy requires a $.20 listing fee plus a 5% transaction fee of the items sale price for products sold on the platform. 
  2. Costs make competitive pricing difficult – The downside of dropshipping is that it’s usually hard to have competitive prices. Other resellers can buy their material in bulk and really reduce the cost per product. With dropshipping, you can only price so low because you have to pay for the product and services.  
  3. You don’t control quality or shopping – You’re essentially letting a middleman handle your production and fulfillment. This means that everything is out of your control. So, if they’re late on shipping there’s not much you can do about it. Either way, you still have to manage the customer service and take responsibility for any issues 

Final thoughts on dropshipping on Etsy

If you ’ rhenium looking for an easy direction to make money on-line, consider dropshipping on Etsy. It ’ s an easy way to start a product business without the hassle of inventory, production, or transport .
You don ’ t have to be a graphic architect or artist to make designs. You can well find ideas in Canva or precisely improve on designs that already exist .
This is decidedly an on-line commercial enterprise idea that I would recommend !

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