Coinbase Earn Offers: $167 In Free Crypto For Learning About Cryptos


Coinbase is offering users the chance to earn free crypto by learning about crypto! See the latest free crypto offers available inside!
This military post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a committee at no cost to you if you decide to make a leverage through my links. Visit this page for more information. The contentedness on this page is accurate as of the post go steady ; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired .
Earn a $10 bonus when you sign up with this link.
Simply buy or sell $ 100 worth of crypto within the first 6 months !
Ninja Update 6/1/22: Mina and Earn has been added, offering $ 3 worth of MINA ( $ 1 x 3 video ) and $ 3 worth of ERN ( $ 1 x 3 questions ) – accounts are targeted indeed YMMV.

MINA Quiz Answers
1 ) What is Mina ? A lightweight blockchain that remains around 22kb even as it scales.
2 ) What are zkApps ? Privacy-preserving decentralized applications.
3 ) What role does the MINA nominal play in the Mina blockchain ? It’s used for transaction fees, block rewards, and purchasing proofs in the Snarketplace.

ERN Quiz Answers
1 ) Authenticated NFT marketplace.
2 ) Rocks Staking.
3 ) All listed .

Coinbase Overview

Coinbase is an external digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, sell, use, and accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin .
All you need to do is create a Coinbase account to start bribe and sell Bitcoin. You can besides use or send Bitcoin to anyone in the world with a Bitcoin wallet address .
Plus, you ’ ll get a $ 10 bonus as a new Coinbase user ! To earn a $10 cash bonus, sign up with this Coinbase referral link and buy or sell $ 100 or more of crypto within 180 days .
After you create your free account, you can besides participate in Coinbase Earn to get up to $ 167 or more in free crypto tokens for learning about unlike cryptocurrencies .

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase launched a plan called Coinbase Earn in which users can earn free crypto merely by watching videos and completing a quiz to learn about raw coins and tokens .
"How does Coinbase Earn work?" graphic Ninja Note: If you click the links below and it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate influence or they appear blank, try to be logged in to Coinbase advance. sometimes I find doing it on a desktop/laptop works better than the mobile app .

Coinbase Earn Offers

here ’ s a list of the current Coinbase Earn offers available as of June 2022 (in bold). It ’ south categorized by the cryptocurrency, the crypto symbol, how much you ’ ll earn for watching the video and taking a quiz, and the connection to the specific offer :

Cryptocurrency Symbol Free Offer Link
Algorand ALGO $6 ALGO Link
Amp AMP $3 AMP Link
Ampleforth Governance FORTH $3 FORTH Link
Balance BAL $3 BAL Link
Band Protocol BAND $3 BAND Link
BarnBridge BOND $3 BOND Link
Basic Attention Token BAT $3 BAT Link
Cartesi CTSI $3 CTSI Link
Celo CGLD $6 CGLD Link
Chiliz CHZ $3 CHZ Link
Clover CLV $3 CLV Link
Compound COMP $9 COMP Link
Cryptex CTX $3 CTX Link
Dai DAI Expired Link
Enzyme MLN $3 MLN Link
EOS EOS Expired Link
Earn ERN $3 ERN Link
Filecoin FIL $6 FIL Link FET $3 FET Link
The Graph GRT $4 GRT Link
Jasmy JASMY $3 JASMY Link
Kyber Network KNC $6 KNC Link
Maker MKR $6 MKR Link
Mina MINA $3 MINA Link
NuCypher NU $3 NU Link
Numeraire NMR $3 NMR Link
Orchid OXT Expired Link
Ox ZRX Expired Link
Polygon MATIC $3 MATIC Link
Quant QNT $3 QNT Link
Rally RLY $3 RLY Link
Render RNDR $3 RNDR Link
Steller Lumens XLM $10 XLM Link
Tezos XTZ $5 XTZ Link
Universal Market Access UMA $6 UMA Link
USD Coin USDC $4 USDC Link
Zcash ZEC Expired Link

How To Earn Free Crypto With Coinbase Earn

Step 1: Once you open a Coinbase account, you ’ ll have entree to the Coinbase Earn area which you can access here.

Coinbase Earn "Earn crypto while learning about crypto" landing page(Image from Coinbase) Step 2: Scroll down this page and you ’ ll see a list of Coinbase Earn offers. It will tell you how much release crypto will be earned by watching the television and completing the quiz. Click on the ‘ Start course ‘ aristocratic button to begin one :
Coinbase Earn - Compound (COMP) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) offers(Image from Coinbase Earn) Step 3: After you watch the television, take the quiz, and Coinbase will award you free crypto as stated .
Ninja Note: Some unblock crypto offers will have a waiting list due to senior high school demand. Place your account in line and you ’ ll get an e-mail angstrom soon as its available to you .

The Bottom Line

I made a list of the best crypto sign-up bonuses and another post on different ways to earn free cryptocurrency .
These are easy methods to get your feet wet on crypto without breaking the bank. Cryptocurrency has been slowly gaining adoption by mainstream investors, but you should view it as a inquisitive investment for now and invest only what you can afford to lose .
That being said, I do have a funny story story ( or sad story depending on how you look at it ) .
soon after graduating college, I heard about this virtual currentness thing called “ Bitcoin ” through the Anandtech Off-Topic forum, a discussion board for techies .
On a caprice, I bought several Bitcoins for less than $ 200 at the time. Some members in that forum purchased the coins for less than $ 1 in 2011. No one… and I mean no one, thought it would skyrocket to the price of $ 23,000+ it is today :
(Image from Coindesk) One ridicule who has since disappeared ( credibly to his own private island ), bought $ 2,500 worth of Bitcoins for around $ 1 per mint. If he held them for nine years up through now, that $2,500 speculative investment is now worth $57,500,000! Mind boggle !
I sold most of mine in 2016 for $ 700 and have good a little bite left from that initial leverage. Hence, the reason why that guy I knew has gone off the grid while I ’ megabyte blogging about finance 🙂


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