10 Ways to Master a Virtual Career Fair (+ Questions to Ask)

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Preparing for a career fair used to mean packing a udder, suiting up, and budgeting more meter for travel. now, preparational tasks include updating video backgrounds and Wi-Fi connections. Swapping in-person events for virtual events may sound like an bizarre mind, but it ’ sulfur become the asterisk of the indicate in 2020, as virtual network events have become the safest merging alternative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you ’ re seeking a new career or an internship, you ’ ll probable come across virtual career fairs as a way to talk to potential employers. This is a modern feel for many, so we ’ ve compiled 10 tips to make the most out of a virtual career fair. From preparing your stage to showcasing your skills, here ’ s how to build your curriculum vitae and wage electric potential. Landing a new job is the perfective prison term to enhance your budgeting skills as you allocate your raw income .

What Is a Virtual Career Fair?

A virtual career fair is an event over video that pairs job seekers with employers. For people who want to advance their skills and income, finding a paid internship or new career path may be on this year ’ second agenda. These events bring together established companies looking to hire people just like you .
virtual events may feel out of the average compared to traditional in-person career fairs, but there are a few perks — like saving you travel time and expenses. Before signing up for a virtual network feel, you credibly have a few questions. Should you dress like you would for an in-person event ? How will you stand out ? Below, we share 10 tips to prepare for a virtual career bonny and be seen by employers .

How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

First things first, register ! If you ’ re unaware of when or where these events may take space, contact your educate ’ second career concentrate or hosting company. Email, or call, to ask about future career events and opportunities. Keep reading to get the ball rolling with your new career by networking and interviewing from home .

1. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi has become more of a line of life and it ’ s specially valuable for a virtual career honest. The last thing you want is to freeze or get kicked out due to an fluid connection. If your home has spotty Wi-Fi zones, make surely you set up in a dependable zone. Test your connection by calling a kin member or supporter with the video software you ’ ll be using. If your Wi-Fi passes the test, set up your meet station. If not, reboot your Wi-Fi router and try again in a different area .

2. Set Up Your Meeting Environment

Set your computer up in a professional and distraction-free zone. Setting your calculator on your kitchen mesa with your back up against a white wall may do the trick. guarantee you silence your earphone, seat in a well-lit area, and rid your area of sounds or visuals that may steal your attention. Test your video background by turning on your calculator camera before starting the consequence .

3. Research Companies You Would Like to Speak With

Before starting the meet, make a strategic design. Ask your career center field for a list of employers that may be attending this event. Research each employer on Google, LinkedIn, or job sites like Glassdoor. Scope out which positions you ’ five hundred be matter to in and may excel at. once you ’ ve created a tilt of top employers and positions, ensure you secure a meeting spot to chat with them. During the virtual career fair, emphasize your skills and how they may fit each company ’ s needs .

4. Dress Up as You Would for an In-Person Career Fair

To get in a professional mentality, dress as you would for an in-person career fair or consultation. thirty-seven percentage of employers rank appearance as one of their identify differentiators when seeing if person is fit for the job. While employers may only see you from the shank up, dress up from head to toe. Dressing the part may help you act the part as a professional goal-getter. A classic button-up shirt, slacks, polished haircloth, and dim-witted accessories will make the perfect kit .

5. Test Your Equipment and Log In Early

After doing your research and picking your outfit, test your equipment. Double-check your computer ’ randomness battery, microphone, television camera, and Wi-Fi association. then, log into any accounts or video conferencing software you ’ ll be using for this consequence. If possible, ask a supporter or family extremity to video chat advance to work through any technical difficulties. Have your notes, research, and a write close by for the meet ahead .
The Anatomy of a Successful Virtual Meeting

6. Practice Strong Communication and Body Language

When you ’ re on the call option, deliver yourself with assurance and attention to detail. Look into the television camera, sit up directly, and nod throughout conversations to show you ’ re engaged. When speaking up, invalidate fidget or touching your face. When using hand gestures, consider sitting far away from the shield for attendees to see. Practice these skills by role-playing television conversations 30 minutes before the video call .

7. Be Patient and Listen

technical difficulties and long conversations may happen. And that ’ s all right ! Practice your patience and professionalism by patiently waiting for an employer to sift through candidates or technical foul issues. If you ’ rhenium cut short on fourth dimension, ask the employer for their contact information. After the event, if you want to learn more, ask to set up an extra meet to continue the conversation .

8. Ask for Email Addresses to Stay in Touch

You may consider asking each employer you speak with for their liaison data. In most cases, you ’ ll get an e-mail cover. After the consequence ends, compile your thoughts. Write a list of your top three employers and reach out directly. Send each an electronic mail thanking them for their time and kindly ask about next steps .

9. Practice Your Interview Skills

Sending in applications and speaking with employers may lead to an interview. And if so, congrats ! To prepare for any short notice interviews, brush up on your skills early on. Print out a list of normally asked interview questions and topics specific to the industry. Consider curating responses to five interview questions each dawn. Before you know it, you ’ ll be ready for any ad lib interviews that come your way .

10. Maintain Your Network

You may choose to work for one employer over the other, and employers may go with another candidate. To keep a pulsate on future career opportunities, stay in allude. Down the line, these employers may want to hire you. Send each person in your net an electronic mail check-in every six months. To ensure you keep tabs on your network, create a spreadsheet with contact data and check-in notes .

Questions to Ask at a Virtual Career Fair

The key to standing out is to ask engage questions. While 56 percentage of recruiters may hire candidates that don ’ t ask questions during an interview, 44 percentage wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. If you want to be seen by employers in television meetings, ask questions ! here are 10 questions to ask employers you ’ rhenium concerned in working with :

  • What surprised you the most about [company/role]?
  • On a typical day, what does someone in [role] do?
  • Can you tell me about the different stages of the hiring process?
  • What are the highlights and lowlights of this position/your role/company?
  • I read an article about [event, role, candidate, campaign]. What was it like being a part of the team during that time?
  • What opportunities for growth are there at [company name]?
  • What’s the biggest challenge you and your team face?
  • I see you don’t have any openings in [position]. Do you have a forecast on upcoming roles in this industry opening up?
  • Who will this potential candidate report to in this role?
  • How does your team measure performance?

Keep reading for agile tips to mastering the art of a virtual career fair.

How to Master the Art of a Virtual Career Fair
Earning an internship or career opportunity could boost your curriculum vitae and your budget. You may have the opportunity to grow your career while getting paid. To track these fiscal changes, regularly check in on your budget. You may be able to put more towards your savings, credit card debt, or investments. While building your career portfolio, you could build your fiscal portfolio along the way .

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