How to Make Money on Shopify: 10 Proven Ways For 2022

How to Make Money on Shopify: 10 Proven Ways For 2022

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that has blown up in popularity with over 1 million stores. Given that more and more consumers are shifting towards on-line shopping, shop owners are open to a massive tax income opportunity .
Sellers who find effective methods of making money on-line and marketing their serve or products build their reputation gradually and skyrocket their sales .
But wait a second .
Is it that easy to make money through Shopify ? Yes, if you know how to. One of the most perplex things about Shopify is how easy it is to use for both retailers and customers. And the best partially is it is casual to get started as a seller.

here ’ sulfur what we ’ ll covering :
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Whether you own a little business or looking to start a new guess to make money with Shopify, there are several prove ways that many other sellers already use. We ’ ll go through how to make money on Shopify and provide tips for your business to grow fast .
Things to do before you start a business on Shopify:

  • Create a business plan.
  • Validate and thoroughly consider your business idea before you invest.
  • Find your e-commerce niche and define your target audience.
  • Define a set of digital channels to promote your brand and product.
  • Plan your SEO tactics. Consider starting a blog to boost SEO.
  • Decide on the shipping and payment methods.
  • Make sure your website is fully functional and aligns with Google’s and other search engines’ guidelines with proper design.

1. Start an Ecommerce Store

woman running an ecommerce store
If you are wondering how to make money on Shopify, starting an e-commerce store can be your suffice. The platform makes it easy for everyone to set up an on-line memory without fuss .
You have many unlike options about what to sell, such as handmade goods, something you resell, or a service you provide .
Shopify is ideal for e-commerce than most similar platforms because it ’ second simple to add items, curate them, and let your customers easily checkout. furthermore, you can create a web log for your Shopify memory to bring more organic traffic to your locate .
hera ’ s a helpful Shopify SEO guide to give your store a headstart with the basic SEO .
In addition to a blog, you can make consumption of Shopify apps to increase your sales. There are a lot of apps and reviews in the app store. For example, you can find the best upsell app for your Shopify store and drive more gross by upselling products at check .

2. Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business

woman with smartphone purchasing a drop shipping item
Dropshipping is quite democratic these days ; e-commerce and many Shopify merchants make a fortune of money through it. The best separate of it is that there won ’ triiodothyronine be any pressure on your inventory .
Dropshipping is a clientele model that allows commercial enterprise owners to outsource the products to sell and sell them on your web site .
All you need to do is find suppliers whose products are alike or the same as your niche. then, upload your fresh SKU ( Stock-Keeping Unit and wait for customers to buy .
Dropshipping business can be summed up in the follow steps :
Step 1. Customers locate an holy order from your store .
Step 2. Your Shopify store sends the ordering data automatically to your dropshipping supplier .
Step 3. Your dropshipping supplier handles the order, including the box, tag ( if necessity. )
Step 4. Your dropshipping supplier delivers the order directly to the customer .
How Shopify helps your dropshipping business :

  • Seamless integration options with the world’s leading dropshipping suppliers such as Oberlo, Spocket, and DSer
  • Shopify dropshipping apps to help you with orders and shipping management, as well as advertising
  • Integration opportunity with other sales channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook Ads to easily manage your marketing and advertising

3. Become a Shopify Affiliate Marketer

Shopify affiliate program page
Making money on Shopify doesn ’ triiodothyronine constantly mean that you need to sell anything in some cases. You can join the Shopify Affiliate Program and become an affiliate .
This platform involves contentedness creators, educators, influencers, and individuals who want to inspire audiences and make them start their entrepreneurship with Shopify .
To join the platform, partners need to refer their audiences to Shopify. Like regular affiliate market, this one besides works with commissions. You receive commissions when your audience registers a paid Shopify business design .

You can strengthen your affiliate campaigns with electronic mail selling. Take a search at our post about consort e-mail marketing hacks you should know .

4. Start Your Own Clothing Line or Accessory Brand

woman taking a picture of clothes to sell online
Making money with Shopify is easier these days thanks to apps like Printful and Printify. The process of designing, manufacture, and shipping print clothes is more streamline and bare than ever .
You can transform your creative designs into something profitable by starting your own invest course. Apps like Printful ask you to connect your Shopify shop to the app, select the goods you want to apply your plan, and then upload your purpose .
They print out products on requirement. So, whenever customers purchase a product, they take their fee from the requital and start producing the intersection .
You won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to deal with shipping either as they print and ship the product themselves. Pretty profitable, international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine it ?
additionally, setting up an accessary mark is besides a coarse way to make money on Shopify. Whether you craft them yourself, dropship, or have them made, you can build a firm brand, particularly with the aid of successful marketing .

5. Develop a Niche Product & Market It Well

woman presenting a face cream in a store
Most people ask, “ can you make money on Shopify ? ” as a separate doubt, but let me tell you, it ’ s not fair about the platform you sell your products on.

Of course, it comes with advantages, but you need to know your niche and how to market your product however .
You can develop a alone recess product that targets a particular audience. This will ensure that you know who your customers are and how to address them. A specific target audience is easier to create marketing rather than a broad and divers group .

6. Set Up a Local Online Grocery Store

woman shopping from online grocery store
Another way of making money with Shopify is to set up a local on-line grocery shop. If you have your own crop or already have a brick-and-mortar shop, you may consider supporting your local sales with a web site .
Search engines like Google allow local stores to increase their visibility by showing the stores on maps, the storehouse hours and information on the snippets, etc .
judgment that you can reach an even wider hearing by targeting SEO keywords unique to your region. besides, popups with the geolocation targeting feature are utilitarian to turn your existing traffic from the local region into sales or electronic mail leads .

7. Sell Digital Products and Downloads

man giving online courses
Selling digital products and downloads is another estimate for making money on Shopify. It might be e-books, podcasts, apps, themes, or NFTs .
mind that investing in digital products like apps, themes, gamers, or software may require a master team and budget .
hera are some of the common digital products and downloads you can sell :

  • E-books
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Online courses
  • Photos
  • Themes
  • Podcasts
  • Songs

How Shopify can help you make money with digital products:

  • Seamless integrations with third-party tools and apps
  • Free themes and templates to create an appealing store to showcase your products
  • Built-in SEO tools and blogging platform to increase your site traffic

8. Monetize Your Social Media

woman using a smartphone
Monetizing social media is a big choice when considering how to make money on Shopify. It is much like an affiliate course of study ; basically, you turn your social media following into a tax income stream .
Shopify ’ s starting design has a special focus on social sell, which allows you to add “ bribe now ” links to Facebook and Instagram posts .
If you as an individual or your commercial enterprise are getting successful results from your social media market campaigns, it can be a boastful opportunity to turn it into excess income .

9. Offer Your Freelance Service

freelance designer using tablet
Getting paid for something you are adept at might be something you are already doing. But by building a Shopify locate can make your freelance service grow and look more professional .
Whether you are a mercenary writer, designer, illustrator, etc., you can use Shopify to list your services as products and disable ship as it ’ s not something physical .

10. Sell Print-On-Demand Products

Printful print-on-demand for Shopify
We have mentioned how print-on-demand products are popular and profitable to sell and make money on Shopify. The most advantageous part of selling print-on-demand products is that you will eliminate the costs for inventory .
That means you won ’ t need to store all those excessive items and wait for person to purchase them .
Shopify offers everything to make print-on-demand sales profitable and aboveboard for you. You can integrate with third-party services that provide printing on demand. Besides that, there are many Shopify apps to increase your sales, such as upselling or cross-selling apps .
There are a variety of product types available for print-on-demand :

  • Mugs
  • Tshirts
  • Art prints
  • Gift cards
  • Stickers
  • Towels
  • Books
  • Accessories

Using popups to collect e-mail leads or volunteer coupons and discounts is another effective method that many memory owners adopt to get more sales .
Popupsmart is the best option out there to create a exempt popup with advance targeting features. It is a no-code instrument. so, you won ’ t need any coding skills to implement it in your memory. Since it is not an app, your Shopify memory will keep on loading debauched .
Check out Popupsmart popup builder .

Checklist Before Launching Your Shopify Store

Setting up a store with Shopify is indeed very effortless, but there are other things to consider in order not to face ongoing problems hanker term. here ’ s a list of the essentials :
Shopify Apps: The third-party apps you install on your Shopify memory through the App store. You can find versatile apps designed to assist you in your e-commerce efforts at every customer travel stage .
Shopify Theme: The theme you select for your store will affect the manner search engines see your web site angstrom well as the customer have. A poor design can result in minus UX .
Support Your Store with Email Marketing: Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to return your abandoning customers, let your customers know about the sales and new product launches, etc. Using popup signup forms can help to collect the e-mail addresses of users. Popup
Mobile: Most users browse websites on mobile. You need to make surely your Shopify storehouse is mobile-friendly. other ways you would be leaving a batch of money on the table .


We have tried to convey how to make money on Shopify based on the most common methods. Hopefully, you are inspired by them and be successful in your efforts .
equitable remember that it takes clock, cognition, and commercialize to build a post or ongoing business. Make certain you have a exhaustive business plan and marketing scheme before venturing into the e-commerce global.

Do you have any other method to make money on Shopify ? plowshare with us in the comments below !
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