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Wyndham is one of the largest international hotel chains in the world, with over 9,000 properties in 90 countries. There are 20 hotel brands in Wyndham ’ mho portfolio, spanning from epicurean to budget. Wyndham ’ s loyalty platform is called Wyndham Rewards, and points earned through the loyalty program can be redeemed for stays at hotels, vacation resorts and rentals. Members can besides use points for gasoline, on-line merchandise and experiences when they do n’t have a tripper lined up. But in order to redeem Wyndham points at any property among that overplus of options, you first need to earn some Wyndham Rewards points. thankfully, Wyndham makes earning points very easy through its accredit cards, hotel properties and assorted partners. In this article, we highlight 14 ways to earn Wyndham points, broken into four categories :

Earn points with credit cards

1. Sign up for Wyndham Rewards credit cards

Wyndham offers two co-branded credit cards that can help you earn points fairly cursorily :

  • Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card ( annual tip of $ 75 ) : Earn up to 30,000 bonus points, adequate for up to 4 Free Nights .
  • Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee ( annual tip of $ 0 ) : Earn 15,000 bonus points after your first leverage or libra transfer – enough to redeem for up to two free nights .

If you are a Wyndham loyalist, the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card will provide the highest earn on hotel stays and other bonus categories. however, if you already have respective cards that you pay an annual fee on and are fine to earn some, but not all, of the perks, the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee could make more smell.

2. Earn Wyndham points on credit card bonus categories

Regardless of which Wyndham card you choose, you ’ ll be able to earn bonus points when using either card on specific categories. We ’ ve put together a handy chart detailing each card ’ south perks and bonus categories :

Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card
Elite condition amber . platinum .
Sign-up bonus Earn 15,000 bonus points after your beginning purchase or balance transfer – adequate to redeem for up to two loose nights . Earn up to 30,000 bonus points, enough for up to 4 Free Nights .
Earning on Wyndham purchases 3 points per $ 1 spend . 5 points per $ 1 spend .
Earning on eligible accelerator, utility and grocery store store purchases 2 points per $ 1 exhausted . 2 points per $ 1 exhausted .
Earning on other purchases 1 steer per $ 1 exhausted . 1 decimal point per $ 1 exhausted .
Anniversary bonus points N/A . 6,000 per class .

Though the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card offers 2 more points per $ 1 spent on Wyndham purchases, both cards pay 2 points per $ 1 on gas, utility and grocery store purchases. If you want to build your Wyndham points poise and prefer a card with no fee, you could get the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee. then, each time you need to go to the grocery store store, refill your tank at the accelerator station or pay your utility bill, precisely grab your Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee and you ’ ll see your Wyndham points add up. Making small adjustments like using a menu that offers bonus points on specific categories can make it much easier for you to get that hotel award night. Although putting a lot of spend on cards to earn points can seem agitate, keep in beware that racking up credit calling card debt and then paying interest on it would negate any prize earned from rewards. sol budget your outgo accordingly, whether you ’ re earning points or not.

3. Earn your cardmember anniversary bonus

If you keep the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card open after the first year, you will earn 6,000 points on each cardmember anniversary. Given that absolve nights start at 7,500 points, a 6,000-point bonus is about enough for one free night. however, for a $ 75 annual tip, it would be courteous to see Wyndham increase the anniversary bonus to 7,500 points.

Earn points while traveling

4. Stay at Wyndham hotels

The most obvious room to earn Wyndham points is by booking a stay at a Wyndham hotel. When you enroll in Wyndham Rewards, you earn 10 free-base points per $ 1 spent on qualifying stays or 1,000 points, whichever is greater. A “ qualifying stay ” means a book of one night or more at a participating property, with a minimal day by day average rate of $ 25. You ‘ll need to record through to earn points. Stays booked through third-party sites, such as or Expedia, wo n’t earn points. If you have elite status, you ‘re eligible to earn tied more points based on the percentages below .

gold platinum rhombus
accelerate earnings bonus 10 % . 15 %.

20 % .

5. Earn Wyndham points at Caesars casinos

Going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a extra occasion ? If you stay at a Caesars casino, you can earn 10 points per $ 1 thanks to Wyndham ’ s partnerships with more than 30 Caesars Entertainment casinos. To earn points, include your Wyndham number when making a reservation .Wyndham Alltra Cancun Wyndham Alltra Cancun is positioning itself as an excellent property to host a wedding. Photo courtesy of Wyndham.

6. Host an event at a Wyndham property

Weddings are expensive, but you can earn rewards when you host it — or any other big event at a Wyndham property. You can earn 1 target for every $ 1 spent on qualifying tax income for event spaces, guest room blocks, and food and beverage charges for any screen of event hosted on-property, whether it ‘s a commercial enterprise gathering, anniversary party, wedding or any other especial event.

7. Book car rentals with Avis

If you need to rent a car while traveling, you can score extra Wyndham points when booking through Avis. You ‘ll earn 1,000 bonus points on 3+ rental days on all qualifying car rentals. Plus, Wyndham Rewards members can save up to 35 % on all passing rentals. You can besides stack those points earning with points earning within the Avis Preferred commitment broadcast.

8. Book tours and activities

You can earn 10 points per $ 1 spent when you ledger an natural process, go or feel through Wyndham Experiences. This benefit could be particularly useful for those who like to book organized tours or activities when traveling. Spending $ 750 in Wyndham Experiences would net you enough for a free night at a lowest-tier hotel ( 7,500 points ).

9. Refill your tank at Marathon gas stations

Marathon flatulence stations have a commitment membership program called MakeItCount Rewards, which offers special perks to Wyndham loyalists. While a specific gain rate is not published on the partner web page, assorted outlets report earning 2 points per gallon on boast and other purchases at choice Marathon locations. In addition, the first gear clock you refill your tank car at a Marathon, you will get 40 cents off each gallon on the first 20 gallons. Each meter thereafter, you can save 5 cents off each purchased gallon . The Club Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort is among the timeshare resorts run by Wyndham. Photo courtesy of Wyndham.

10. Attend a timeshare presentation at Club Wyndham

If you can sit through a timeshare presentation, you can earn a dainty lump of Wyndham points. Club Wyndham is Wyndham ’ s timeshare possession program, which offers points bonuses for attending presentations and as incentives when booking respective vacation packages. Check out the latest Club Wyndham vacation packages and point-earning offers. You can besides sign up for Wyndham ’ s e-mail list if you want to get timeshare presentation offers . As an exemplar, when booking this box in Orlando, Florida, you have a option between two bonus bonuses : 30,000 Wyndham Rewards points or two adult tickets to SeaWorld. The fine print suggests that you ’ ll need to sit through a two-hour Club Wyndham timeshare display. Although listening to a two-hour sales slope on vacation international relations and security network ’ t the most fun activity, barely think about what you could do with those 30,000 Wyndham points !

Earn points while shopping

11. Shop online through the Wyndham Rewards shopping portal

Shopping on-line is another way to scoop up Wyndham points. Through Wyndham ’ s shopping portal vein, you can earn bonus points for making on-line purchases at participating merchants. To start earning points, head over to Wyndham Rewards Shopping and logarithm in with the same username and password that you use to access your Wyndham Rewards commitment report. Wyndham has ongoing point-earning offers vitamin a well as special limited-time bonuses with specific merchants. Make sure to bookmark the shopping portal and research for the merchant you ’ d like before you buy anything on-line .

12. Pay with Bakkt

If you ‘re into cryptocurrencies, here ‘s something for you : not only can you can use your Wyndham Rewards points to pay for casual purchases with Bakkt, but you can earn points through Bakkt excessively. You ‘ll earn up to 3,000 bonus points when you link your Wyndham Rewards account with Bakkt and make a purchase with Wyndham Rewards points through the app for the first base time.

Order food online through Home Chef

New Home Che customers could earn a 2,500-point sign-up bonus after placing an initial order. Plus, you ‘ll get 500 bonus points for each extra box purchased.

Miscellaneous earning options

13. Take online surveys with Opinion Rewards

tied if surveys aren ’ t your thing, you can earn 500 Wyndham points when you take your first sketch with Opinion Rewards. This is a promptly and easily direction to earn 500 points. extra surveys can be taken besides — for extra points earning .

14. Purchase Wyndham points

If you need extra points to book an award night, you could purchase them outright. Wyndham sometimes runs promotions on these purchases — during a holocene promo that offered a 40 % bonus, you could have purchased up to 45,000 points and earned 18,000 bonus points in the march. While we do n’t generally recommend purchasing points, if you have a specific redemption in heed and can catch a sale, it can sometimes make sense. » Learn more : When a miles or points purchase makes feel

The bottom line

Wyndham offers many opportunities to earn points with its commitment program. If you ’ re looking to avoid an annual fee, the best direction to rack up points would be to sign up for a Wyndham Rewards® Visa® With No Annual Fee and use the batting order for everyday expenses. Since complimentary hotel nights start at alone 7,500 Wyndham points, the points earned from each of these methods could add up promptly. What ’ s your favored way to earn Wyndham points ? Tell us below in the comments.

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