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You can avoid many things in life sentence — dishes in the sink, getting an oil change, yard knead — but one thing that ’ south ineluctable is tax debt. Over 18 million Americans owed taxes in September 2014, according to the most holocene data from the IRS. interim, an estimated 10 million face tax penalties each year, the IRS found. here are three tips to help you handle your tax debt to lessen penalties and by rights resolve your obligation.

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1. File your taxes — even if you can’t pay

If you have a balance after crunching the numbers, make surely you inactive file. Ignoring your taxes will make the situation bad, says Michael Kay, a license fiscal planner from New Jersey. “ You ’ ll need to pay the piper. There are no good alternatives, ” Kay says. “ The penalties for not filing can become condemnable, thus absolutely file, even if you don ’ t have the money. ”

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate file by the deadline, you could face a monthly penalty of 5 % of unpaid taxes, up to a utmost of 25 % of your balance, making your tax debt a lot worse. You can file for an extension if you need more time to file. But you should still pay arsenic a lot as of your estimate tax as possible by the annual April deadline to avoid concern and penalties.

2. Make a payment plan, delay payment or settle

If you can ’ thymine pay your taxes in full within 120 days, the IRS besides offers options to help manage your balance :

Request a payment plan

A long-run payment plan, besides known as an episode agreement, is best if you need more than 120 days to resolve your proportion. note that these payment plans can add penalties and interest to your debt and are only available if you owe less than $ 50,000, including penalties and pastime.

Delay payment

You can temporarily delay requital on a tax debt if you can prove that paying the debt would prevent you from affording your basic exist expenses. finally, the IRS will come knock at your door for requital, though, and the debt will accrue interest and penalties.

Settle for less than you owe

The “ offer in compromise ” approach can help you resolve the debt with the IRS for less than you originally owed. You ’ ll have to prove paying the debt would cause fiscal adversity to qualify. This form of tax relief can help you manage an unaffordable tax charge.

3. Tap an expert for assistance

tax debt can be slippery. Kay advises consulting a certifiable public accountant or fiscal planner to ensure you ’ re handling your tax situation in the best room possible. “ When it comes to tax homework and dealing with the IRS, you should absolutely work with a certified public accountant from day one, ” Kay says. “ a far as a fiscal coach or planner, that might be helpful for ( people ) to see what opportunities they have in terms of their cash flow. Sometimes it helps to lay it out and see the bigger visualize. ”

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