Writing Emails to Real Estate Agents with Samples to Get You Started

so much goes into running a successful home inspection business. obviously you need to know your stuff, but the best inspector in the world still needs to connect with clients to keep those appointments coming .
You need to sell yourself !
One of the most effective ways to reach out to real estate professionals is through the trustworthy introduction letter. That may sound antique, but you can show off a lot about yourself with good a single page of full compose. Whether you choose to send it out on newspaper or via electronic mail, a capital letter gets you in battlefront of a across-the-board audience of likely customers .
Most home plate inspectors didn ’ metric ton get into the business because they wanted to spend clock time in front of a calculator typing out letters, and that ’ s approve. The good news is that once you have a capital electronic mail written up, you can just switch out a few details to send it to person new. It ’ randomness worth the investment to get your template proper for the future.

ready to get started ? Check out these tips and some samples to get inspired to write your own gain letter of presentation .

7 Tips for writing introductory emails to substantial estate agents

1. Strike the right tone

If you have a obscure memory from high school that occupation letters should be firm and formal affairs with complicate headers and format, let it go ! These days, a more casual access international relations and security network ’ metric ton good allowed — it ’ s preferred. After all, you probably don ’ metric ton want to read a letter that sounds like a legal document, so why would you send one like that ?
Your goal when you write should be to sound like yourself. not inevitably the self you are with previous buddies, but the self you present when meet person for the first fourth dimension : civilized and friendly, with well humor and a big attitude .
To do this, try using voice typing in Google so you can merely say what you ’ rhenium remember. You can clean it up belated, but this can be a good way to start. not certain what to say ? Try giving your elevator pitch or explaining how your reporting or scheduling systems study .
Some basics for striking a casual so far allow tone :

  • receptive with a friendly greet that ’ randomness more like a “ hello ” than a “ Dear sir or madam. ”
  • It ’ s all right to use an exclamation point now and then to show you ’ re excited, but don ’ t over do it. no more than two per letter, and only one at a meter .
  • Contractions are constantly better. Think how much more natural it is to say “ I ’ megabyte writing ” than “ I am writing, ” and you ’ ll see why they ’ rhenium great .
  • Keep sentences shortstop so they ’ ra easy to follow .
  • Don ’ thymine use any words you wouldn ’ thymine manipulation in casual conversation. Keep that thesaurus on the shelf !

2. Keep it short and dessert

veridical estate agents are busy people, precisely like you. It will be tempting to put absolutely every act of data about your occupation in your letter, but less is more. The recommended length for a commercial enterprise electronic mail is between 50 and 125 words. You can do slightly more, but never go above 200 words. No one will take the time to slog through a wall of text .
To make your electronic mail or letter evening easier to read, structure it so it has a distribute of white space. That means breaking your ideas into short paragraph of no more than three sentences each. You can besides use fastball points to get lots of information out there in an easy-to-read format .

3. Personalize the introduction

banish “ To Whom It May Concern ” from your vocabulary !
In accession to customizing each electronic mail with the person ’ second first identify in the greet, you ’ ll besides want to open with a mention of something that ’ second unique to that agent. To do this, you ’ ll have to do a piece of homework. Look up their web site and search their social media accounts ( which you should be following already ) for clues about their interests .
then, try to choose a choice morsel that you find interesting or shows that you have something in park, and citation that right aside. It could be that you went to the same senior high school school, are both fans of the lapp sports team, or have a common acquaintance .
You can besides latch on to something singular or impressive about their business to compliment. Look over their latest social media and web log posts for relevant topics to get inspired. To see how this works in practice, see the sample emails below .

4. master the unique value proposal

In selling, a unique value proposition ( UVP ) is the thing that sets your business apart from the competition. It may be tempting to talk about your years of experience as unique, but a big UVP should be of direct benefit to the customer .
For example, HomeGauge users can offer a convenient online scheduler so buyers and agents aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate waiting about for a returned call and can keep the process moving. There ’ south besides our Create Request List™ (CRL™) function, which makes agents ’ lives easier by allowing them to create a list of repair requests with just a few clicks. Any clock you can offer something that will save agents ’ meter or money, you know you ’ ve got a great UVP !
so what do you offer that the other guys don ’ thyroxine ? Try making a list to brainstorm your ideas. You only need one or two for your letter, but keep the list handy — in the future, you can swap out this information to send a second letter if needed .

5. Include a sample distribution report

alternatively of using up valuable space to explain to real estate agents how adept you are at your job, why not good show them ? Including a sample report in your e-mail or letter shows off all your skills at once, including your eye for detail, thoroughness, and clarity in your report .
For your sample report, it ’ s a good idea to choose something that shows your ability to spot a problem, but not a house that was a disaster area — you don ’ thyroxine want a repute as a softwood cause of death ! Double-check your sample for errors and be certain to remove any private information before using it.

You can either attach, embed, or link to a sample reputation on your website .

6. Close with contact information

The whole point of sending your electronic mail or letter is to drum up business, so you need to make it easy to respond to you. Under your signature, don ’ thymine forget to include all your reach information, including your :

  • company name
  • Website
  • e-mail
  • earphone total
  • social media handles

When sending an e-mail, make certain each of these is set up with a clickable link to make contact tied easier .

7. proofread, proofread, proofread !

ultimately, read over your e-mail to catch any mistakes — there ’ south nothing worse than hitting send only to discover an erroneousness. A perfectly proofread e-mail or letter will highlight your professionalism, so it ’ second worth the campaign .
If you ’ re not confident that you ’ ve watch everything, ask a trust acquaintance to read over it for mistakes — it ’ second constantly easier to find errors in person else ’ randomness ferment than it is in your own. You can besides use on-line tools to check your exercise. The standard spelling and grammar checks in Microsoft Word or Google Docs are quite good. You can besides try the Hemingway app online to check for awkward give voice or prolixity .

sample emails to real estate agents

If you ’ re still feeling daunted by the candidate of writing a fresh introductory e-mail to a real estate agent from scratch, you ’ re decidedly not entirely ! Take a expression at these samples to get a clear idea of how to put all the pieces together :

Email # 1 : for new businesses

Hi, Susan !
I noticed you precisely moved from Century 21 to start your own real estate of the realm office. Congratulations on your new venture — it ’ s certain to be valued as buyers keep coming to Springfield for all it has to offer !
I ’ ve besides equitable launched my own business venture : Douglass Home Inspections. After 20 years in general catching for customs construction and historical renovations, I ’ thousand now putting my expertness to use for buyers looking for their ambition home .
One of my chief goals is to offer a advanced, connect feel for homebuyers and agents. That ’ randomness why I offer instantaneous on-line scheduling on my web site and use HomeGauge ’ randomness Create Request List™, which lets agents create attachments to repair amendments in equitable a few clicks. I ’ five hundred love to show you how it works — it ’ s a huge time saver !
Please feel rid to reply to this e-mail any clock. I ’ m besides available at ( 123 ) 456-7890 to discuss the CRL™ and answer any questions you may have. Looking advancing to hearing from you !
Martin Douglass
Douglass Home Inspections
( 123 ) 456-7890

Email # 2 : for established businesses

Hi, Paul !
Your latest blog post about shop for a home during the pandemic catch my eye. There ’ s so much excellent advice there, and I ’ ve shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Great stuff !
I wanted to let you know that Springfield Inspections has just invested in drone engineering. With a high-res digital camera attached, the drone makes ceiling inspections faster, safer, and more thorough than ever before — and we include those close-up photos in every report.

You can see a sample distribution reputation with drone footage at www.SpringfieldInspections.xyz/drone. I ’ vitamin d besides love to show off the monotone in action at a future inspection. You can reach me at this electronic mail address or call me at ( 555 ) 654-3210 any meter. Looking ahead to working with you !
Alice Dickinson
Springfield Inspections
( 555 ) 654-3210
Need some aid getting that alone value suggestion in place ? HomeGauge is your generator for dedicated home inspection software that makes it easy to stand out from the crowd. We ’ re besides your generator for up-to-date tools, beautiful websites, and more. Get in touch to learn more today !

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