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In the present patronize senesce, shoppers and potential buyers look for proof. Hence, brands must get establishment for their products from their likely customers .
Talking about proof, there is no better reservoir to utilize other than reviews. Google reviews have established themselves as the ultimate platform for collecting and leveraging reviews for your business. It allows brand users to add reviews around their experiences with a brand. besides, the users can write reviews about the products that worked best for them .
Since Google reviews are published by customers who are verify users of a brand, it makes it the most authentic platform for potential customers to go through. furthermore, due to its popularity, more than 59 % of customers leverage it to read reviews. not just this, more than 53 % of customers go through at least four reviews before finalizing a post !
Imagine how enormously Google reviews can help you grow your business when you embed google reviews on Squarespace web site.

Clueless ? then this blog is for you !
In this mail, we shall be telling you about the easiest method using which you can seamlessly integrate Google reviews Widget on Squarespace web site. additionally, we will be telling you about the incredible benefits of adopting this scheme into your business .
Without any far bustle, let ’ s have started !
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Tagembed – The Best Tool For Adding Google Review Feeds On Squarespace 

While you must be convinced that embedding Google reviews on Squarespace web site can be a game-changer for your commercial enterprise, you must be wondering about the embed process .
even though embedding may sound like a technical job that involves especial coding skills, allow us to tell you that embedding is an highly easy summons and can be performed without any special skill set .
This is where we would like to bring in Tagembed, a highly reactive and leading social media collection platform that can be used by users to seamlessly collect, curate and embed content from respective social media platforms including Google review .
The comprehensive examination platform enables users to pick up content from the google my business page and embed it on their preferred website construction platform including Squarespace .
After aggregating the content and creating the Google review widget, users can leverage the features to improve the effectiveness of the doodad .
Users can utilize the customization options and make the appliance more visually appealing by selecting from a wide range of styling options, fonts, colors, templates, etc. The internet can be a filthy station and users can troll a post unnecessarily that may ruin the repute of the sword. Keeping this in beware, Tagembed offers a content moderation empanel to remove any exceptionable and undesirable capacity from the appliance .
To keep the performance of the Google review appliance on cut, the users can leverage insightful details like employment, likes, clicks, impressions, etc. The integration of the platform with versatile CMS platforms like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. makes it easy for users to embed the content wherever they wish .
If at all, users get confused or are stuck up while using the platform, they can take aid from the back hold team anytime they want !
This was all about Tagembed. now, let ’ s suffer to know the embedding steps in detail .

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Steps To Embed Google Reviews on Squarespace Website Using Tagembed 

Step 1 – Create The Google Review Widget 

#1. Sign up for a Free Tagembed account or Log into your Tagembed account if you have an existing account ,

Login to Tagembed
#2.(a) Once you log in, you will be directed to the Tagembed splashboard. If you are a new drug user, your doodad will be ready and appear on the screen and you need to click on the Open button .

Tagembed Dashboard Open

#2.(b) If you are an existing drug user, click on the Create doodad option, give an attractive name to the doodad and click on Create run

Create Google Review Widget
#3. A pop fly window will appear. From the options, you need to select on Google as your content collection source

Pick A Source

#4. Select your connection type i.e.- Google to aggregate the reviews

Insert Google My Place
#5. Fill in your report credentials and you will be able to see the Google reviews in a couple of minutes

Step 2 – Embed The Google Reviews On Squarespace 

#1. After you are done with customizing the feeds as per your predilection, chatter on the implant appliance choice on the bed left corner of the editor

Google Reviews Feeds

#2. Select the web site build platform from the pop fly window and choose Squarespace from the mentioned options

Google Review on Squarespace
#3. You will have the choice to adjust the width and height of the Google review doodad at your appliance. once done, click on the Copy code option

Embed Code for Squarespace
Recommendation: Set the width in percentage % and Height in pixels Px for better exposure
#4. For embedding Google reviews on Squarespace, you need to start by logging admin account of your Squarespace web site and click on the Edit button to embed the Google reviews .

Post Edit

#5. Click on the + button

Post Add

#6. Select the code option

Post Code
#7. Paste the embed code on the editor and click on the Apply button

Code for Squarespace Widget
#8. Save the changes to complete the process !
And you are done ! You will have successfully embedded Google reviews on Squarespace web site
This is it ! These are all the steps it takes to add Google review doodad to your Squarespace web site seamlessly in just few clicks and minutes !
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Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Squarespace Website 

By immediately you must be wondering how embed Google review on Squarespace web site would benefit your business in the long run .
An official web site is the first interaction point between a brand and its potential customers. Hence, it is crucial to integrate capacity that is engaging adequate in order to convert your web site visitors into your existing customers. This is just one of the multiple other benefits of this bright scheme .
In this section, we shall be shedding light on the other key benefits of adopting this method .

1. Build a social proof of the brand 

As mentioned at the beginning of the position, every mark requires social proof for building its reputation. Google reviews work magically to create a strong reputation for your brand and its products .
Google reviews are a depart of User-Generated Content i.e.- the content created by the existing customers of the post. further embedding such subject on your web site can help gain the believe of your customers as it displays social proof of your sword .
To prove the credibility of this fact here is a fun fact – More than 90 % of brand users leverage User-generated content during their purchase-related decisions .

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2. Improve the overall look of your website 

apart from capacity, a business web site must have a strong presence, and when you opt to embed Google reviews on the web site, in a collective format it works well to uplift the overall attend and vibration of your web site .
A well-customized doodad when showcased on your web site can enormously boost the browsing have of your web site visitors as they would feel the need to explore the web site more. This would result in an increase in the dwell time of your visitors and a gradual decrease in your web site ’ second bounce rate .

3. Better brand-user relationship 

All brands must create a durable and good kinship with their customers to make them continue purchasing from you .
Displaying Google reviews on your web site helps the users put in their faith and assurance in your brand and instills a common sense of loyalty within them .
furthermore, it showcases how transparent your post is and they finally view your brand in a different light leading to a better brand-user relationship .

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Key Takeaways 

Consider this – A majority of consumers do not trust a post ’ s promotional content equally much as they trust the content created by the existing trade name customers !

We are at the end of this post and you are nowadays mindful of the importance of Google reviews and besides are in full acquainted with the process and joyride using which you can ensure seamless consolidation .
Go on right away, sign up for a free Tagembed account and display the potent validation of your customers on your web site to witness frightful growth in your occupation !
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