How to Password Protect a Folder

If you have important files on your Mac or personal computer that you want to keep private, there are respective security measures you can use to protect the information. A common one is to lock your computer when you ‘re not using it, so a password is required to bypass the login shield. You can besides password-protect folders, which is useful when you use a partake laptop or background .

If you need help remembering passwords, use a password director. The best ones are found in our guide to the best password managers.

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows

Since most versions of Windows ca n’t password-protect files, you need a third-party lotion such as 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a free and open-source file archive utility that protects folders with a password .

Follow these steps to password-protect your folders with 7-Zip :

  1. Download 7-Zip and install it on your computer .

  2. Find the folder you want to password protect, right-click it, then choose 7-Zip > Add to archive .
    The Add to Archive command

  3. In the Encryption section, enter your password, then blue-ribbon OK .
    You can modify other attributes and settings for the compressed booklet. These settings include the archive format ( it ‘s 7Z by nonpayment ), the placement where the archive is saved, and the compression tied ( set it to Store to use no compression ) .
    The password field in the Add to Archive window

  4. Test the password-protected booklet by opening it in Windows Explorer. You should see a password prompt .
    Archive file password prompt

Going forth, anyone attempting to view or extract the files within the archive is required to enter a password .

The master folder is still on the calculator and can be accessed without a password. only the newly-created archive file is protected by a password. Delete the original booklet in Windows Explorer.

How to Password Protect Using Windows ‘ built-in encoding

If you do n’t want to use a third-party application, there may be an alternative available depending on which translation of Windows you use. If you have Windows 10 Professional Edition, for example, there ‘s an desegregate encoding feature called Encrypted File System ( EFS ) that can add some degree of security system to your medium folders .

Take the stick to steps to determine whether or not you have access to this feature of speech :

  1. Right-click the folder you want to encrypt and select Properties .

  2. Choose the Advanced button .
    The Advanced button in Properties

  3. look in the Compress or Encrypt attributes section for the Encrypt contents to secure data check corner. If it ‘s available, select the determine box .
    The "Encrypt contents" option

  4. Select OK and choose the craved settings when prompted .

Your booklet and its contents are encrypted and lone accessible by your score. person logged in to your Windows report can access this booklet without a password, so it ‘s not a perfect solution .

Password Protect a Folder in macOS

Mac users can password protect individual folders without third-party software by using the operational system ‘s Disk Utility app. here ‘s how to do it :

  1. open Disk Utility. The easiest way is through Finder, via Applications > Utilities .

  2. Go to File > New Image > Image from Folder .
    The keyboard shortcut is Command + Shift + N .
    The "Image from Folder" command

  3. Locate and select the folder you want to protect with a password, then choice Choose .
    The Choose button

  4. Change the Encryption type to 128-bit AES encryption (recommended) or 256-bit AES encryption (more secure, but slower) .
    Encryption options in Disk Utility

  5. accede your password in both boxes, then blue-ribbon Choose .
    The Password entry window

  6. Select the Image Format drop-down menu, then choose read/write .
    You can give the DMG file a custom-made name and choose a different placement to save it .
    The read/write option

  7. Select Save .
    The Save button

  8. Wait while the password-protected folder is created. It ‘s finished when you see the Operation successful message. choose Done to close the prompt. You can besides exit Disk Utility .

When accessing your newly-protected folder, a disk image containing the files is created once you successfully enter the password — typically aboard the protect archive. When you ‘re done accessing the booklet contents, delete this disk image by dragging it to the methamphetamine. If not, you leave its contents exposed without password protection.

Encryption vs. Password-Protected Files and Folders

now that you know how to protect your folders and files, it ‘s crucial to know the difference between encoding and password protection .

When a booklet or hardened of files is protected by a password, the datum is n’t altered or rearranged. This grade of protective covering requires a password to gain access to the files .

When the lapp files are encrypted, the associated datum is scrambled in a way that prying eyes would have an extremely baffling time deciphering. To arrange the data back to its unencrypted form, you enter a passcode or password. The difference is that if person gains access to these files in the code form and they do n’t know the encoding key or passcode, the contents are indecipherable and useless .

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