How To Do Payroll In QuickBooks In 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to process payroll in QuickBooks with this step by step usher, so you can get to paying your employees faster. Advertiser disclosure : Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity. processing quickbooks desktop payroll
ready to start using QuickBooks but don ’ thymine have time to get into the technical weeds ? This article has the dim-witted explanation you need to start quickly running payroll in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the five elementary steps below and you ’ ll be paying employees in no time.

Looking for QuickBooks Online payroll rather ? here is our complete bit-by-bit guide on how to run payroll in QuickBooks Online .

Benefits Of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

For many commercial enterprise owners, payroll is a time-consuming tax that requires a high degree of preciseness. From staying abreast with the latest laws in taxation and employment to navigating the rules of taxation agencies, doing payroll yourself can become overpowering fast .
fortunately, payroll software can help you make sure you ’ ra paying your employees the right amount, on time. The biggest benefits that come with payroll software such as QuickBooks Desktop Pro include :

  • Full-service payroll tax preparation with automatic tax calculations, filing, and payments
  • Employee information such as pay rates and employment status organized in one place
  • Easy management, tracking, and definition of employee benefits
  • Payday reminders that keep you from missing payment deadlines

Long history unretentive : QuickBooks Desktop Pro may be the payroll management software for you if you ’ ra struggling to run payroll yourself. QuickBooks Desktop automates tons of payroll processes, prevents you from making mistakes when processing your employees ’ pay, and makes sure your occupation can continue to grow without running into IRS-related hiccups .
If you ’ ra interested in implementing QuickBooks Desktop as separate of your commercial enterprise ’ second payroll action, then read on to quickly set up your new software and start running payroll like a professional !

Before You Start Running Payroll In QuickBooks

Setting up payroll in QuickBooks, though, can be a moment complicated for the uninitiate. Take a count at our quick template to setting up payroll in QuickBooks if you need help getting started .
After you ’ ve set up your business ’ sulfur payroll, there are two things you ’ ll need to do before running your first base give cycle :

  1. Enter employee hours
  2. Create a bank account

To run your payroll, first make certain that all of your employees have recorded their prison term within QuickBooks. If you need help with this, check out How To Track Time In QuickBooks .
You ’ ll besides want to make certain that you ’ ve added the business bank bill you pay employees from into QuickBooks. To learn how to do this, read How To Add A Bank Account To QuickBooks .
once these two steps are complete, you ’ re ready to get started !

How To Process Payroll In QuickBooks

Running QuickBooks Payroll is easy enough once you ’ ve set up your payroll, bank, and employee time tracking correctly. Before your adjacent pay cycle, navigate to the payroll focus on and follow the steps below to run your payroll and get your employees paid .

  1. Navigate to payroll in QuickBooks
  2. Choose the type of payroll to run
  3. Enter payroll information
  4. Review and create paychecks
  5. Confirm payroll

Step 1: Navigate To Payroll In QuickBooks

To begin, go to ‘ Employees ’ at the peak leftover of your screen, choice ‘ Payroll Center ’, and click ‘ Pay Employees ’. If it ’ s your first time using QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you should be taken to a screen that looks like this :
quickbooks desktop payroll center
Click “ OK, I ’ m ready ! ” to get started .

Step 2: Choose The Type Of Payroll To Run

You ’ ll need to decide whether to run an unscheduled or scheduled payroll shown in the downstairs photograph before you can start entering your payroll information. Starting an unscheduled payroll will immediately take you to the sieve shown under Step 3 .
Running a schedule payroll besides takes you to the screen shown under footprint 3 but first requires that you assign one or more specific employees to a payroll schedule. To do this, navigate to the ‘ Employees ’ tab shown on the very left-hand side in the below photograph. Select the name of the employee ( second ) who you wish to assign to a payroll schedule, navigate to their ‘ Payroll Info ’ pill, and assign them a payroll agenda from the ‘ Payroll Schedule ’ dropdown number .
quickbooks desktop payroll types

Step 3: Enter Payroll Information

Enter all of your payroll information, beginning with the pay menstruation conclusion date and check date. Select the bank account you want to pay employees from ( QB will show you the existing account counterweight ). Select whether you will print checks using QuickBooks or if you are going to handwrite your checks .
The most significant character of entering payroll information is to select which employees you want to pay and review their hours to make certain everything looks right before proceeding. You can select as many employees as hope, thus long as you ’ ve assigned them to a payroll agenda. Click “ Continue ” when ready .
quickbooks desktop payroll pay schedule

Step 4: Review & Create Paychecks

adjacent, review the information to make sure everything looks compensate. QuickBooks will tell you how many paychecks will be issued on the left side, underneath ‘ Payroll Information ’. It will besides total up the crying pay, taxes, deductions, net pay, employer tax contributions, total hours, and direct deposit amounts for the wage period. After you review all of the information, click “ Create Paychecks. ”
quickbooks desktop payroll paychecks

Step 5: Confirm Payroll

Congrats ! You ’ ve officially run payroll in QuickBooks Desktop Pro. This screen will tell you how many paychecks have successfully been created, how many are cook for printing, and how many are ready to be directly deposited.

From hera, you can print your employees ’ checks or send your payroll in for direct depository serve and print the pay stub for your lineal lodge employees. If you have any trouble-shoot issues, check out the QuickBooks Payroll Help Centers or call QuickBooks payroll support directly .
quickbooks desktop payroll print pay stubs

How To Use The New Coronavirus Features In QuickBooks Payroll

In the wake of COVID-19, QuickBooks Desktop now offers employers the choice to provide employees paid leave if they ’ ve been affected by the pandemic. Follow the below steps to ensure your employees get the money they need in complaisance with the Family First Coronavirus Response Act ( FFCRA ) .
QuickBooks ’ web site indicates that, depending on factors such as the employee benefits you offer and the hourly rates you pay, you need to square away a few things beginning before they can provide paid leave and sick time for the coronavirus. Employers should make sure to review these steps earlier trying to pay their employees paid leave and ghastly clock for COVID-19 in QuickBooks Desktop .

Step 1: Set Up Paid Leave Items

To begin, navigate to ‘ Employees ’ at the circus tent impart of your screen in QuickBooks Desktop ( you can do this from any page in your software ). Click it, brood over ‘ Manage Payroll Items ’, then select ‘ View/Edit Payroll Item List ’ .

Step 2: Select A Paid Leave Item

A screen containing the unlike National Paid Leave items in QuickBooks should appear. Double-click the nonrecreational leave item you want to set up, rename the item if desired, and click ‘ Next ’ .

Step 3: Set Your Taxability To Unmark Social Security

Select ‘ Next ’ until you ’ re on the ‘ Taxable Compensation ’ screen. once there, select the ‘ Default ’ button to designate your taxability as unmarked for Employer Social Security. Repeat this process for each National Paid Leave item that you set up .

FAQs About How To Do Payroll In QuickBooks Desktop

How much is QuickBooks Payroll In Desktop ? QuickBooks Payroll has three desktop plans with prices ranging from $ 50/month to $ 109/month, including a $ 2 monthly per-employee tip .

Does QuickBooks calculate payroll tax automatically ? QuickBooks Desktop calculates payroll automatically by adjusting multiple flat-rate taxes including Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment, State Unemployment, and predefined local taxes .

Does QuickBooks payroll have beneficial reviews ? QuickBooks Payroll is the # 1 payroll software solution for humble businesses and maintains an average seduce of 4.5/5 out of 606 reviews.

still Have Questions About QuickBooks Payroll ?

Looking for a more detailed instructions on how to properly manage QuickBooks Payroll ? We answer all of your questions in our complete QuickBooks Desktop Guide .
Confused by other QuickBooks features ? QuickBooks Desktop Pro has quite a few bells and whistles to guide users who need to run payroll, and it can be baffling to know which ones to use and when .
Overwhelmed by QuickBooks Pro and ready for a change ? It may be time to switch to QuickBooks Online. Our complete review of QuickBooks Online guides you through its easy-to-use features and cloud-based, low-cost platform. Best of all, you can well import your QuickBooks Desktop data into QuickBooks Online .

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