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Filing a DBA in California is Easy

A DBA doesn’t offer any protection for your personal assets in the consequence that your business is sued. For this rationality we strongly recommend that a DBA should only be used by a formal clientele structure such as an LLC or pot for the function of changing or adding a newly sword to their business .
If you are an informal business structure ( sole proprietorship or partnership ) we strongly recommend you form an LLC. An LLC is normally the most suitable choice for most small businesses. The diagnose of the LLC can besides act as your brand mention, hence, you will not need a DBA .

Step 1: DBA Name Search California

The first step to getting a Calfornia Fictitious Business Name is choosing your name and making certain it ’ mho available. Your identify can be like to other business names, but it ’ randomness hush a good drill to create a unique name.
TIP: Our business name generator tool is a great resource for entrepreneurs who are silent working to create the arrant business diagnose or web site address. You can besides use our free logo generator cock to make a logo yourself ! No design experience necessity !

Before you file your DBA, you will be required to search your county ’ sulfur records to make certain your claim name international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine already taken. You will besides need to consider any name rules .
In California, your assumed clientele name should not include any business entity suffix, such as LLC, Incorporated, Corp, and so forth, unless the clientele is actually an LLC, corporation, etc .
Next, a quick search on the U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System will tell you whether person else has already trademarked your list .
Now would be the perfect time to make certain there ’ second a web sphere available for your DBA arsenic well.

Find a Domain Now

Powered by GoDaddy.com

After registering a domain list for your DBA, consider using a occupation call service to improve customer gratification and foster establish credibility. Our clear peck is Nextiva because of its low-cost price and utilitarian features. Start calling with Nextiva .

Step 2: File Your California DBA with the County Clerk

In California, you register your fabricated commercial enterprise diagnose with the county where your principal place of occupation is located .
If your principal place of business is outside of the state of California, you are required to file with the Sacramento County Clerk. Non-profits are not required to file a fabricated Business Name Statement .

A DBA does not offer any protection for your personal assets in the consequence that your business is sued. For more data on setting up a limited liability party, visit our How to Form an LLC page and select your express

Filing a DBA with Your County Clerk

DBA regulations are managed by the country of California which means the steps for getting a DBA are identical alike from county to county .
We will give you bit-by-bit directions to get a Los Angeles County DBA. If you need to file in a different county, you ’ ll need to contact the right county clerk for instructions .
These links will lead you to the assumed commercial enterprise name websites for some of the more populated counties :
You can find the complete list of county touch information on the California Department of Public Health ‘s web site.

How to File a Los Angeles County DBA

At this charge, you should ’ ve already chosen a list for your business and completed the name searches in Step 1 above. LA County requires that you besides check their fabricated business name records before you start the file process .
Most business owners use the LA County County Clerk ’ s online fabricated name portal to gain access to assorted California DBA PDF forms. You can besides request a copy of the forms be mailed to you by calling ( 800 ) 201-8999 or you can get one in person by visiting the County Clerk ’ second agency .
When applying in person, applicants do not need to have their statements notarized. If you apply by mail or by third-party, you must besides send in a N otarized Affidavit of Identity Form. This human body is provided by the county.

You have three options to file your Ficticious Business Name. once you go to LA County Business Filing and Registration System, you ‘ll select File a Ficticious Business Name and then select your prefer charge option .

  • File In-Person
  • File By Mail
  • File Via Third Party

You must include an affidavit to identity form unless you apply in person. Instructions for delivery of the forms are included within the forms listed above .

  • $26 first-time filing fee for one business/one registrant
  • $5 for each additional business name/registrant

Within 30 days of filing your assumed business name, you must publish a statement in a newspaper in the county where your principal seat of business is. You must publish one a week for four weeks. Publication steps are listed in the future section .

Manage Your LA County DBA

DBA Questions

Call (800) 201-8999 for general questions about LA County fabricated clientele names .

Renew Your DBA

You are required to renew your Los Angeles County DBA every 5 years. Renewal forms can be found on the lavote.net web site. The tip for renewing your FBN is $26. Depending on how you deliver this form to LA County, you may need a notarization shape .

Change Your DBA

To make changes to your Los Angeles County DBA, visit the fictitious business name amendment page on the LAvote.net web site. Depending on how you deliver this shape to LA County, you may need a notarization human body .

Withdraw Your DBA

Call the county clerk at ( 800 ) 201-8999 to request a statement of abandonment. If the case that your county doesn ’ metric ton provide this kind, you can create your own by following the rules detailed here.

Step 3: Publish a California Fictitious Business Name Statement

Within 30 days of registering your assumed clientele name, the department of state of California requires you to publish a “ assumed business name statement ” in a newspaper in the county where your principal home of commercial enterprise is. You must publish once a week for four weeks.

issue is easy and when you call the newspaper to run your ad, they will be familiar with the action and they will have the template for the assumed business name instruction .
Publication requirements are explained in detail on California ‘s legislative web site. The basic steps are :

  • The newspaper must be a general circulation publication that circulates in the county where you register your fictitious business name. You can find a list for LA County on the LA County website.
  • You must publish once a week for four weeks.
  • If refiling your fictitious business name is required (the original expired), you must publish again.
  • You must file an affidavit proving publication within 30 days of the completion of publication. In LA county, this can be completed by following the steps detailed here.

You should direct any questions about publication to the county clerk ’ second office that you registered your fabricated business name with. You can find the complete tilt of county liaison information on the California Department of Public Health ‘s web site.

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