How To Set Up a Solo 401(k) in 5 Steps

A Solo 401 ( thousand ) is an employer-sponsored retirement design that allows freelance individuals to contribute up to $ 58,000 per year before taxes, including $ 19,500 of employee contributions. Setting up a solo 401 ( k ) requires five steps that range from understanding how a solo 401 ( potassium ) works to funding the account .
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How to Setup a Solo 401K in 5 Steps.

To set up your own solo 401 ( potassium ), here are the steps to follow :

1. Understand the Eligibility Requirements for a Solo 401(k)

Because IRS regulations say solo 401 ( potassium ) plans can lone have one player, these plans are entirely allow for freelance individuals and minor business owners who have no full-time employees. Solo 401 ( thousand ) plans will require a plan administrator, besides known as an investment provider, who ’ ll help ensure regulative paperwork is completed. If you plan to hire full-time employees in the future, a Solo 401 ( kilobyte ) design can convert easily to accommodate extra full-time employees within the company ’ sulfur 401 ( potassium ) design .

An alternative to the Solo 401 ( k ) is the simplify employee pension individual retirement history ( SEP-IRA ). While both plans allow you to contribute a utmost of $ 58,000 each year, the SEP-IRA only allows you to contribute up to 25 % of your income or $ 58,000, whichever is less. besides, if you have a SEP-IRA and hire extra full-time staff, you are required to make contributions for those employees whenever you make contributions for yourself. That said, a SEP-IRA can be rolled over to a newly 401 ( thousand ) design, whether it be solo or traditional, should you unexpectedly need to hire staff .

2. Find a Solo 401(k) Provider

Finding a supplier to administer your Solo 401 ( thousand ) is arguably the most important step in the summons. Most people who want to set up a alone 401 ( potassium ) expression for a bare, aboveboard, and low-cost plan. however, remember that these plans are all about your future individual goals and business plans—you want to ensure that your provider can help you with those .
When you start looking for a Solo 401 ( potassium ) supplier, it ’ mho important to consider these three things :

  • Costs: Many Solo 401(k) plans charge manageable and competitive fees
  • Level of management: Not all providers will actively administer Solo 401(k) plans from the standpoint of annual regulatory and compliance filings; some will provide you with the information that’s needed to report at no cost but leave the responsibility for filing to you while other providers will offer more hands-on management for a monthly or annual fee
  • Investment flexibility: Be sure to choose a provider that’ll give you access to the investment options you want, in alignment with your financial needs

If you already have an investment report or IRA plan, you can ask your stream adviser if they besides offer a Solo 401 ( potassium ). If your adviser is unable to help, make indisputable you shop about and choose a reputable caller. We ’ ve researched the best solo 401 ( kilobyte ) providers to help you in that serve. These providers will offer a mix of choice services at low-cost costs .

3. Create Plan Documents and Disclosures

After you select a provider, you ’ ll receive a box of documents referred to as an “ employer kit out ” or “ employer application ” to set up your design. You can expect the package to contain several documents and disclosures, and most of the forms are self-explanatory .
Documents that need to be completed for your supplier include :

  • Client agreement
  • External transfer form
  • Participant application and designation of beneficiary
  • Establishing a qualified retirement plan (QRP)
  • Section 408(b)(2) disclosure
  • Rates and fees
  • QRP amendment kit
  • ERISA 404(c) plan information
  • Summary cash balance form
  • Privacy statement
  • QRP basic plan document
  • Adoption agreement

You ’ ll need to make initial elections on your investment choices during this phase of the action, but they can be changed at any decimal point in the future. Go through the disclosures to make sure you understand how the plan works and what you need to do to remain compliant, and then sign the appropriate paperwork .
From a regulative perspective, a Solo 401 ( k ) is like a traditional 401 ( k ), but with lone one participant. even though you don ’ t have employees who can participate in your solo 401 ( kilobyte ), your plan administrator will need to provide disclosures that contain information on the plan and the benefits of tax-exempt savings .
In addition to requesting information on you and your business, this paperwork may include items that would go on IRS Form 5500 if you have over $ 250,000 in your account or have extra design participants. Should you late convert your Solo 401 ( thousand ) to a traditional 401 ( potassium ) with more participants, you or your design administrator will need to give each eligible employee the lapp determined of disclosures in an registration package .
The primary coil disclosures for a Solo 401 ( k ) plan include :

  • General 401(k) disclosure: The IRS wants to make sure employees understand how employer-sponsored retirement plans work, especially from a tax benefit perspective
  • Details about your plan: This is the specific information on your plan, including where accounts are being held and the available investment options
  • Employee rights and responsibilities: Employee disclosure needs to include the timeline for employer contributions and any applicable employer match, eligibility information, and vesting schedules you want to use

4. Open an Account With Your Provider

now that you ’ ve chosen your provider and obtained all compulsory documents and disclosures, it ’ sulfur time to open the Solo 401 ( k ). This bill should be formed any clock prior to your tax-filing deadline and needs to be formed in accordance with any guidelines in your plan documents .
While you ’ re allowed to set up a solo 401 ( k ) explanation after the class ends and make prior-year contributions in a way that ’ s alike to how you fund an IRA, it ’ south typically a best practice to set up a new account in the year that it ’ ll be effective and make your first contributions in the like year.

5. Make Contributions to Your Solo 401(k)

once all the paperwork is completed and the disclosures are reviewed, it ’ sulfur time to fund your explanation. Most providers will accept a discipline, cable transfer, or automated clear theater ( ACH ) requital to fund the Solo 401 ( k ). It ’ s up to you to decide whether you want to make monthly installments or in full fund the account in one lump-sum requital .
There are two pieces to the contribution scheme with a Solo 401 ( kilobyte ). First, you are allowed to contribute up to $ 19,500 from your wage. If you are over 50 years old, you can contribute an extra $ 6,500. The second gear piece comes from the employer as a profit-sharing contribution of up to 25 % of your net self-employment income. This earn income is your net net income minus your plan contribution to the Solo 401 ( k ) and one-half of your self-employment tax .
The specify on compensation that can be used to determine your contribution is $ 290,000 in 2021. Consult your tax adviser to develop an optimum strategy that ’ south IRS-compliant. Penalties for excessive contributions are applied in the class the contribution is made and when the money is distributed, so it ’ randomness significant to get your contribution adjust .
once your explanation reaches $ 250,000 in assets, you ’ ll have modern requirements, including filing form 5500 with the IRS. If you always hire employees who become eligible for your design, you ’ ll need to make adjustments to accommodate these new participants .

Solo 401(k) Costs

Because Solo 401 ( k ) plans have one player, there are few government requirements. For a fee, some providers will help you with the compulsory submission and associated paperwork. note that some providers don ’ metric ton offer full-service management and will entirely provide you the information needed for your tax filing and regulative report. Keep this in mind when you are shopping around for a provider .
Most providers charge hands fees plus reciprocal fund expense ratios and commissions for trading person stocks, bonds, or exchange-traded funds ( ETFs ). You may besides pay fees per fund you use or other fees to an alternate provider if you invest in things like very estate .

Sample Solo 401(k) Costs

type of Fee monetary value
Custodian Fee Up to $ 50 per annum
Trading Commissions Up to $ 25 per deal
Expense Ratios Like Mutual Funds & ETFs .03 % to 1.5 % per annum
Administrative Charges Like Self-directed 401 (k) $ 200 to $ 2,500 per annum

Solo 401(k) Pros and Cons

PROS con
Easy to administer More compliance requirements than IRAs
Higher contribution limits than traditional IRA plans Potentially higher administrative costs
Potential to borrow from 401(k) Additional IRS filing requirements once you surpass $250,000
Lower costs than traditional 401(k) Must offer to newly hired employees and convert to traditional 401(k)
Spousal participation

Bottom Line

A Solo 401 ( kelvin ) plan is an excellent option for small business owners with no other full-time employees. These plans offer higher contribution limits than traditional IRAs deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a variety of investment options. With the correct supplier, the Solo 401 ( potassium ) is easy to set up and wield .

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