Estimate Exterior Paint Jobs – A How to Guide

When you ’ re just starting out, figuring out how to estimate exterior paint jobs can look very complicated. however, if you talk to a seasoned painter, person who has been in the business a long time, they ’ ll tell you how easy it is to estimate exterior paint jobs. Most of them can equitable look at a house and tell you what the monetary value is within a couple hundred dollars. > > Click here to Download Our Exact Estimating Formulas < < But when you are just getting started, or if you don ’ t have a convention, it can be actually jumble and overwhelm. I ’ meter going to try to keep this angstrom elementary as possible in this article, to show you how easy it can be. If you ’ re in truth concerned, it ’ sulfur normally because you are concern your price is going to be excessively high or it ’ randomness going to be besides low. With just a few simple tips, you can make sure you are at least in the ball park. For more detail data, click here for a painting template estimate.

Estimate Exterior paint jobs – price ranges

first, I want to give you some ball park figures so you know you are in the correctly image when you come up with your monetary value. For these we are going to assume that the house has an average amount of homework work, we are doing 1 coating of key, and we are using a middle of the road paint – something around $ 25- $ 35 per gallon .

  • One-story house: $1800-$3000
  • Two-story house: $2700-$4000
  • Three-story house: $4000-$6500

If you don ’ t have feel with detail work, like what you find in victorian homes, avoid them at beginning. If you don ’ t have experience dealing with lead-based paint ( homes built pre-1978 ) avoid those jobs besides. It ’ s not worth it. Stick to the easy moneymakers for now. Without going into all the details of our formulas and why they are what they are, here are some in truth basic formulas you can use to come up with your price. First we come up with department of labor monetary value and material cost, then we get the total cost, then we use that to come up with our final examination price .

Step 1: Calculating your costs

When learning how to estimate exterior rouge jobs, your costs come gloomy to labor and materials. Approach each one individually .

Estimate Exterior Paint Jobs – Labor Cost: Assuming 1 coat of paint

To keep this simple, we will consider two measurements for estimating tug for one coat of paint. For any area being sprayed, calculate the square footage. If you are spraying one coat of rouge, assume it will take 1 hour for 200 square feet. This estimate includes the mask and homework time, equally well as spraying. Include the eaves in the hearty footage of the sphere to be sprayed. besides include windows in that calculation because they need to be masked off. For model, if you have a two-story house that is 30 feet wide, that ’ s 600 square feet. And probably another 100 square feet of eaves. 700 square feet would be 3.5 hours of total time. For anything we will be painting with a brush or roller ( reduce, shutters, gutters, etc. ), add up the linear feet. For example, a window trim is 5×5. That ’ s about 20 feet of linear trim. If the house is 30 feet wide, the first narrative of fascia is credibly 30 feet. Add up the total linear feet of snip and watershed by 40 feet to get the hours. We plan to paint trim at 40 feet per hour. If you have 300 feet of trim on the family, then that would be 7.5 hours of bring. You besides need to consider your total hours for homework work. You can estimate exterior paint jobs prep work by area. For exercise, each local failure ( like a peel off window trim ) you should assume 15 minutes ( .25 hours ). We assume 2 hours sum for office washing the firm. Caulking is typically 1 hour on the broken end improving to 8 hours on the senior high school end if there is tons of cracking on a huge house.

To finalize your monetary value of labor, multiply total hours by $ 20 ( reasonably standard market rate after indemnity, workers ’ comprehensive examination, and payroll ) .

Estimate Exterior Paint Jobs – Material Cost: Assuming 1 coat of paint

here we are good matter to in the paint. There are early materials you need for the job, but that is covered in the markup. Body paint covers 200 square feet per gallon. If it ’ randomness stucco, you are rolling the house, it ’ sulfur actually dry and you can tell it is going to soak up a long ton of paint, or you are covering a colored discolor with a light color… then it ’ sulfur 150 square feet per gallon. Add up the full straight footage and divide by 200 ( or by 150 ) to come up with the numeral of gallons. Trim paint is going to be 2-8 gallons. You can literally pick a number based on 2 things : first gear, how big is this house ? Small, medium, or big ? Second, how a lot snip ? very little, normal, or a lot ? If it ’ s a large house with lots of trim, choose 8 gallons. If it ’ s a bantam house with identical little trim, choose 2 gallons. Add 1 gallon for each stress semblance. sum up your gallons of rouge, multiply by the price per gallon and that will give you your material monetary value. Now that you have your labor cost and material costs… Here’s how you come up with your price.estimate exterior paint jobs, Exterior paint job price ranges, Exterior Paint Jobs Pricing example, Material Cost: Assuming 1 coat of paint, Labor Cost: Assuming 1 coat of paint

Step 2: Calculating you price

  1. Add them up. Labor + Materials = Total Cost
  2. Take your Total Cost and Divide by .42 (the price should be a little more than double your cost). This is your total price.
  3. Multiply that price by .9 (this is the 10% discount you can offer). This is your price including discounts.
  4. The discounted price should be a little more than double your cost. That little bit extra will cover materials like tape, paper, plastic, and any other miscellaneous things you did not include.

Exterior Paint Jobs Pricing example:

Assume your total cost was $ 1,000. Divide by .42 and you get $ 2,380. breed by .9 and you get $ 2,142. At this price sharpen, you should be able to hire a subcontractor or employees to get the occupation done for about $ 1000- $ 1100 after labor and materials, leaving you with $ 1,000 in profit to pay yourself, your marketing costs, sales people, production managers, function staff, indemnity, etc. If you are fair starting, and have no operating expense, you can lower your price to $ 1,600 to be more competitive. Or if you do your own painting, you can lower your price deoxyadenosine monophosphate well.

At $ 2,142 you should be pretty competitive with other ‘ big ’ companies in the area. Every sphere in the country is a short different. Learn and align. This should give you a good begin point.
[ contentupgrade list= ” awlist3954147″ linktext= ” Download ” ] If you ’ d like our estimating formulas which are more detail ( along with instructions ) you can download that data here : [ /contentupgrade ] For a complete bit-by-bit guide to estimating, check out the Painting Business Pro Course where I give you everything you need to start and grow your clientele. Have a question or something to add ? Please leave it in the comments .

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