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Running former ? Want to tack on an supernumerary day to your vacation ? need to keep your rental cable car for a few more hours or a few more days ? In general, rental car companies will accommodate you angstrom long as you go about it the right way .

Why You Need a Car Rental Extension

You might think that if you need your lease car for an extra hour or two, it ’ ll be no trouble. After all, the lease car company has your credit circuit board number. They can barely charge you for the extra time, correct ? unfortunately, it doesn ’ thyroxine work that way .
Returning a rental car late without clearing it with the rental company is a certain manner to get stuck with a big tip.

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How deep does a car have to be to start accruing fees ? Most lease car companies offer a short deck period of 29 minutes from the return time. If you return the cable car after the grace period ends, the rental car company typically charges an hourly rate until the car is returned. This is normally one-third of the daily rate for the foremost hour, two-thirds of the daily rate for the second hour, and after 2 hours and 29 minutes, you ’ ll typically pay a full extra sidereal day .
Some companies will charge a per day recently fee if you keep the vehicle long but don ’ thymine notify them. For example, Avis and Budget will charge a $ 10 per day late fee if you don ’ triiodothyronine shout or extend your rental on-line within seven hours of your in the first place scheduled reelect time, and Hertz will charge a fee of $ 12 per day belated fee ( up to $ 60 ) starting 12 hours after your scheduled recurrence prison term, so you ’ ll want to plan consequently .

How Extending Your Car Rental Can Affect Price

You need to know that changing your hark back time will about surely mean that you will be charged more. But how you handle it can mean the remainder between a fiddling more and a lot more .
first, if decide to you return your rental car late, the company will probably charge a Contract Modification Fee in the ballpark of a flat $ 10. But that ’ s less than the up-to- $ 20 per-day late tip you would get hit with if you didn ’ thyroxine notify them .

Will your base rate change?

besides know that if you extend your car rental, it ’ s possible that your base pace will change. The monetary value on your rental car is locked in for the time period you reserved. so if you reserve a vehicle for a five-day period, the rate is valid for that window only. If you change the retort time, you might besides change the base price .
finally, if you are returning your rental cable car to an airport location, changing the return clock time can impact airport taxes. For exemplar, if you extend a six-day weekly rental by one day, your nucleotide rate may not change. But you ’ ll need to pay an extra day ’ s worth of airport taxes .

How to Get a Car Rental Extension

many of the major car rental companies are on the same page in terms of how they handle reference requests. The favored way to get an extension is by earphone or in person, and most lead you to contact the specific car rental location where you picked up the car .
merely Fox and Hertz presently offers an choice to extend a car rental on-line. several companies—including Avis, Hertz, National and Audi-owned Silvercar—allow customers to extend an existing rental through a mobile app. indeed if you need an propagation, you may have to pick up the earphone .
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That said, different companies have slightly different policies if you are returning to an airport location versus a vicinity location. And be aware that the rental car company may place an extra hold on your debit or credit card to cover any extra expected rental charges. Upon your return of the car, the holds will be released .
If you are extending a car lease by earphone, tell the agentive role how much longer you ’ ll need the lease. They ’ ll be able to quote you the revise amount. Have your rental compress handy, since you ’ ll need the reservation number. If you don ’ t have that number, have the tag number from the cable car key handy. Agents can sometimes look up your rental shrink with that information.

Step-by-Step Guide to Extending Your Car Rental

Alamo: Call the Alamo placement where you picked up your car and ask for an extension. The national customer service count is ( 800 ) 462-5266 .
Avis: Call ( 888 ) 897-8448 and follow the prompts from the automated operator. alternatively, you can extend your cable car rental on the Avis app .
Budget: Call ( 800 ) 824-6287 and follow the prompts from the automated operator .
Dollar: Call ( 866 ) 434-2226, then urge option 1 .
Enterprise: For airport locations, call ( 844 ) 515-1345. If you rented from a non-airport localization, contact the rent location directly. The call issue for the placement is at the top of your rental contract .
Fox: Extend on-line or call ( 855 ) 484-8624 .
Hertz: Call ( 800 ) 654-4174. You can besides extend your car rental on-line or extend your rental from the Hertz app .
National: Call ( 844 ) 393 9989. When prompted by the automated hustler, say that you ’ re calling about a lease extension for a car you already have. You ’ ll be connected to a human. alternatively, you can extend your cable car rental on the National app .
Payless: Call ( 800 ) 729-5377, then press choice 1, then press option 2 to be connected to an agent .
Silvercar: Call ( 855 ) 359-2227, then press option 2. alternatively, you can extend your car rental on the Silvercar app .
Sixt: Call ( 888 ) 749-8227, then press 1 for English, then compress 2 to extend your lease.

Thrifty: Call ( 800 ) 847-4389, then press 1 for English. Press 1 if you ’ re rent in the U.S. or Canada, then crush 3 to extend your lease .
For all early companies, call the local branch or the customer serve total on the rental abridge to inquire about how to extend your rental .

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