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here ‘s what you need to know …

  • reputable cable car insurance companies will not typically extend your policy for only one month
  • Be wary of companies that do claim to offer short-run coverage, as the offers are likely scam and/or for insufficient coverage
  • One of the best ways to obtain short-run car policy is to take advantage of insurers ’ lenient early on cancellation policies

Most reputable car indemnity companies will not extend an car indemnity policy by one month. Though you may pay your premiums monthly, your policy likely covers a condition of six or 12 months. The policy caller splits the payments into six or 12 monthly installments to make the price of insurance more low-cost .
If you want to extend your car indemnity policy for one calendar month beyond the distinctive terminus duration — such as seven or 13 months — you must get creative in how you go about doing so .

Major Car Insurance Companies Won’t Extend Car Insurance for a Month

By asking your car insurance party to extend your policy by one calendar month, you are basically asking it to provide a month-to-month option. While month-to-month contracts are standard in several industries nowadays, they are about unheard of in the cable car indemnity industry .

Car Insurance Policies Typically Come in 6- or 12-Month Terms

Though you may make your car policy payments every calendar month, your policy itself is normally between 6 and 12 months retentive. There are a few reasons why most car policy companies only write 6-month policies :

  • Studies show that people who seek short-run insurance have higher risks of filing claims than drivers who invest in long-run coverage .
  • People tend to abuse short-run policies .
  • short-run policies offer fiddling fiscal benefit to insurers .

policy companies need the cost of premiums collected to outweigh the measure paid in claims. This balance would be harder to achieve if companies made short-run coverage a standard put up, specially if many short-run policyholders filed claims during their calendar month of coverage .
Longer policies besides give insurers more clock time to assess drivers ’ risks to help make an inform decision regarding reclamation .

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Why might you need to extend car insurance for one month?

There are a few situations in which you may need cable car policy for a single excess month. These are examples of circumstances in which you may find yourself shopping for a month-to-month policy :

  • You plan to sell your vehicle in the coming calendar month and do not plan to replace it with a newly one .
  • You sold your vehicle last month and need a single calendar month of coverage to protect you while you drive a rental car .
  • Your new policy will not begin until a month after your old policy ’ s cancellation date .
  • You plan to move in the next calendar month to another state and do not want to renew your current policy in your current state of matter .

unfortunately, you may struggle to extend your policy for a calendar month, even in these situations. however, you do have other options, such as the State Farm Add a Vehicle policy, which allows you to add and remove vehicles from your policy at your discretion .

How To Get Short-Term Coverage

Though you can not simply buy a one-month car policy policy from most companies, you have a few options for obtaining short-run coverage .

Shopping Around

Though most reputable insurers will not offer policies with terms of any less than six months, a disperse of companies do. Some of these companies dabble in one-week or even daily policy. With enough research on your part, you may find a company that will issue a short-run policy to you .

Usage-Based Insurance

Some indemnity companies offer a “ pay-per-mile ” type of coverage. With this type of indemnity, you pay for coverage based on the number of miles you drive, your driving habits, or both. You can cancel this type of policy at any time and/or when you no longer possess the fomite you insured .

Rental Car Coverage

If you recently sold your cover vehicle and plan to drive a lease car for the next month or therefore, you do not need to purchase a newfangled policy to protect the lease vehicle. Most lease car companies offer insurance for the duration of the rental agreement .

Early Cancellation Is the Best Path to Short-Term Coverage

early cancellation is the best direction to “ offer ” your indemnity policy for a single month in the absence of a month-to-month choice. Though most policy companies will not tell customers this, many do not charge cancellation fees. This means you can sign a contract for a six- or 12-month policy and have the exemption to cancel it after just one month .
If you plan to cancel your indemnity policy only a calendar month after the reclamation date, there are a few considerations to make advance :

  • first, make indisputable your party allows you to cancel early without incurring fees .
  • second, turn off auto-pay, since this will enable you to better control how much you pay and when .
  • one-third and ultimately, elect to pay in monthly installments. This ensures you do not have to wait for your indemnity company to issue you a refund for the five to 11 months for which you did not need coverage .

If you abruptly need to cancel your indemnity when you are just one month into your policy term, you can still do so. however, know that you may incur a fee. If you already paid the policy in full, you will have to wait for your indemnity company to prorate your custom and issue a refund .

How To Request a Car Insurance Refund

Requesting a cable car indemnity refund is simple. Contact your policy caller and ask to speak to person about canceling. A example should help you start the cancellation process and send a cancellation letter. You must verify this letter before the company can initiate your refund. You should receive a refund for the sum measure you paid, less the rate for the month of coverage you used. notice that receiving a refund may take american samoa hanker as 30 days .

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Shop for Coverage With Flexibility When You Want a Month-Long Extension

Most insurance companies will not consider extending a car insurance policy for merely one month. however, compromising coverage options do exist if you need a short-run policy on a vehicle .

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