EIN Lookup: How to Find Your Tax ID Number If You Dont Know What It Is

EIN Lookup Guide: Everything you need to know about your EIN / Tax ID Number

“ Help, I need to find my EIN number ! ” If this is you, no necessitate to worry. In the guide below, we ’ ll usher you several different methods you can use to find your EIN numeral or look up your TIN. Read on below. then, you don ’ thymine know where your EIN is you ’ ve misplaced it ( happens to the best of us ). good thing there are many EIN search or Tax ID search tools available for your business to find your EIN number or TIN/BN ( in the case of canadian businesses ), it ’ south just a matter of finding out which method acting is the most convenient for you based on what data you still have on hand to help you in your search. But first, if you ’ ve never needed to look up your EIN issue before ( before you ’ ve never needed it until nowadays ! ), let ’ s spill a bit about why your EIN or TIN number is authoritative

Why is your EIN important?

Think of your EIN, or Tax Identification Number, as your commercial enterprise ’ s social security number. For the most separate, you don ’ t need to know the specifics about your EIN number, all the things it ’ s used for– from applying for occupation financing to filing your occupation tax returns– and how one is issued, as just having your number is enough for anything you ’ ll always need it for. That is…unless you lose it. specifically, I ’ meter talking about losing your Form SS-4 – the form you submitted to the IRS when you applied for an EIN number– or the confirmation letter that ’ s typically given to you by the IRS when an EIN or TIN is registered to you which has your EIN number on it .

How many EIN can I have?

The number of freestanding entities you have is how many employer identification numbers you are allowed to have. i.e. If you have ten different entities you can have 10 different EIN numbers and so on. *Side note : An Employer Identification Number ( EIN ), or Federal Employer Identification Number ( FEIN ), goes by many names including Tax Identification Number ( Tax ID ) and 95 Number. Don ’ thyroxine let it confuse you, these are all different names for the same phone number. For more data about EIN numbers, visit IRS.gov. preferably, you have your number memorized. however, unlike your social security count, you didn ’ t grow up with it and haven ’ t used it dozens of times in the past so it ’ south common for you to attempt an EIN search. At most, you ’ ve credibly used your EIN no more than a handful of times. So the chances a business owner has their EIN count memorized are slender. You can ’ thymine obtain a transcript of your Form SS-4 from the IRS without your EIN, which means you can ’ thyroxine obtain your EIN by plainly requesting a copy of your SS-4 or confirmation letter. so, if you no long have a imitate of your Form SS-4 or ratification letter, you ’ ll indigence to use one of several other methods of EIN search to acquire your EIN ( whether via preexistent paperwork or EIN lookup platforms ). fortunately, there are several. But first base, why is it so authoritative to keep your EIN or Tax ID number on-hand ? Why should you make an campaign to keep your Form SS-4 or ratification letter in your files for whenever you ’ ll need it ? Let ’ s talk a little about why an EIN is important and then we ’ ll embrace 4 methods for finding it. last, we ’ ll touch on when and how to apply for a new EIN in the rare case that you should actually be getting a newfangled EIN and not using an old one .

Why an EIN number is important

An EIN, or Tax ID number, is crucial for respective reasons. Most business owners associate an EIN with taxes, and it ’ s on-key that one of the reasons a Tax ID is crucial is because you use it for filing your annual tax return adenine well as making associate tax payments. however, an EIN is besides used for :

  • Form 1099 (Independent contractors only)
  • Applying for a business checking account
  • Applying or business financing or a business credit card

If you ever have plans for applying for any type of working capital loans or intend to open a business account at a relevant bank, you ’ ll need your EIN to certify that you ’ re an official business. Some sole proprietors can get by without one. however, if you don ’ metric ton have an EIN you ’ ll be filing your taxes together– both personal and business– which can make your business financials messy .

How to utilize the EIN / Tax ID lookup tools available to your business

“ Can I look up a tax ID count ? ”

While you can ’ t look up your EIN ot tax ID count, it is possible to locate documents that will have your EIN count on them. When a savings bank or lender requests your EIN while applying for any kind of business loan or other finance, it ’ second easy to get tripped up because it ’ s not the kind of matter that you keep on hand. If you lose your total, that can slow down the finance procedure or keep you from being able to open that account, which can have substantial ramifications for your business. fortunately, it ’ s relatively comfortable to obtain your EIN if you ’ ve lost it. here are 4 ways for a Tax ID number or EIN search :

1. EIN Confirmation Letter

Before we get into other methods, do yourself a favor and grok around for your EIN confirmation letter. You might not have your original Form SS-4 which you can provide to the IRS to obtain your EIN, however, you the IRS provides a confirmation letter to every business owner once their EIN is formally registered sol you might silent have that hanging around somewhere. ultimately, it all depends on how you choose to obtain your confirmation letter when you completed your EIN application, which can be delivered via beneficial ol ’ snail mail or viewable on-line :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup

2. Tax documents

therefore, you can ’ t find your confirmation letter, you ’ re torment and very need to find your EIN now. Don ’ thymine worry, we ’ ve got a few more methods for obtaining your EIN or Tax ID number even if you don ’ t have your human body SS-4 or confirmation letter to help with your EIN search battle. inaugural, check over any and all tax documents, including tax returns and notices, that you have on file related to your business. Each of these tax documents should have your EIN listed at the top of the first page. If you don ’ t have any tax returns or relevant paperwork on hand that has your EIN listed, you can besides use the information from your personal copy of certain IRS forms with EIN search :

Form 8871+8872

form 8871 and Form 8872 are related to contributions and relevant gifts to political organizations. here ’ s shape 8871 :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup And imprint 8872 :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup 8872 If you ’ ve always given a monetary or other type of endowment to a relevant organization, you can locate the information the IRS has on hand for either form to get your EIN. first, headway to IRS.gov via this connect : IRS.gov 8871+8872 combined search. following, click on the relevant boxes based on how you ’ d like to search for your class 8871 or 8872 data ( based on the information you remember, the more the better ) :

EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup once you ’ re done selecting all relevant data, chink “ Next Step ” to move on :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup last, enter the name of your occupation precisely as it ’ mho listed on official tax or other IRS paperwork :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup Assuming you ’ ve entered your data correctly, you ’ ll be presented with information from your shape 8871 and 8872 which you can then use to locate your EIN ( merely as your tax returns, it will be listed at the top of the first foliate ) .

Form 990

In addition to Forms 8871 and 8872, you can besides use IRS Form 990 to locate your EIN or Tax ID number :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup - FORM 990 To search via Form 990, travel to irs.gov/app/eos/. Simply blue-ribbon “ Copies of Returns ( 990… ) ” from Select Database, choose “ Organization Name ” under Search By, and enter your business identify under Search Term to find your Form 990 information :EXCEL CAPITAL - EIN Lookup

3. Business documents

In addition to tax documents, you can besides use most other relevant business documents to find your EIN. Any and all official business documents must list your EIN, so they ’ re a authentic way to procure it. business documents that will have your EIN listed on them include :

  • Business licenses and permits
  • Business bank account statements
  • Business credit report
  • Business loan applications

however, it ’ randomness important to note that documents related to the formation of your business, whether that ’ s your Articles of Incorporation or DBA documents, do not list your EIN .

4. If all else fails for an EIN lookup, call The IRS

If none of the above search methods work for you, calling the IRS is another simple and square option. The IRS ’ Business & Specialty Tax Line is accessible at 1-800-829-4933 from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. ( local time ) Monday through Friday. Simply call the number and tell the spokesperson you need your EIN. For this method acting to work, you need to have access to certain sensitive designation information, however, if you ’ ve got that then it ’ s a reasonably painless action away from the typically long wait times. Keep in mind that to obtain your EIN over the earphone you must be able to prove that you ’ re a qualify person including :

  • The sole proprietor in a sole proprietorship
  • Partner in a partnership
  • Corporate officer

once you ’ ve answered their security questions, they ’ ll be able to provide your clientele ’ EIN .

When (and How) to apply for a new EIN (when EIN Lookup fails)

Your EIN or Tax ID numeral will stay with your business for the life of the company. however, if certain changes are undergo a new EIN needs to be issued. so, if you ’ re moving forward with any of the below changes to your commercial enterprise, keep in mind that your old EIN is not going to work and you ’ ll need to apply for a new one :

  • Ownership has changed
  • You were a sole proprietor when you received your EIN and have since incorporated
  • You’re a sole proprietor and you’ve recently established a retirement or profit-sharing plan (after receiving your original EIN)
  • You purchase a pre-existing business (can use their old EIN)
  • Your business becomes a subsidiary

For more information and a complete list of cases where your business will need to obtain a raw EIN, see irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1635. One common encase where you would not need to apply for a new EIN is in the casing of a business end operation and then picking up shop again subsequently. If you ’ re picking up operations again after a hiatus, your EIN is silent relevant .

TIN search: Finding your TIN number (Canadian business ID lookup)

If you ’ re a canadian business owner looking for your TIN number, we ’ ve got well news : it ’ south ( by and large ) easy to find. For individual residents of Canada ( non-corporation, non-partnership occupation owners ), your TIN act is your nine-digit SIN. so long as you know your SIN, you ’ rhenium good to go ! however, for corporations ( a well as partnerships ), your TIN is your nine-digit Business Number ( BN ) issued by the Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ). so, let ’ s talk about how to find your BN .

How to find your BN

Finding your BN is, fortunately, ace easy and relatively straightforward. To find your BN, use Canada ’ s official Business Registration Online service :TIN Search - TIN Lookup It ’ s used for not merely registering for a BN if you don ’ thyroxine already have one, but can be used to find your existing BN phone number. If for some cause you can ’ metric ton get into the BRO service, contact Canada ’ s official government web site here .

EIN Lookup: Finding your EIN is simple and easy

“ How do I find my EIN number ? ! It ’ s so hard ! ”

It can be frustrating to attempt to open a new business report or apply for finance, be asked for your EIN, and proceed to find out that you ’ ve lost it and all relevant paperwork with your EIN or Tax ID number on it ( and no other obvious way to get it ). however, there are several simple and easy ways to obtain your EIN even if you don ’ t have a single tax hark back or your confirmation letter. If you can ’ thymine find your EIN or Tax ID number, look around for your confirmation letter, and if you can ’ metric ton find it, look through your relevant tax and business documents. If that doesn ’ thymine employment, plainly give the IRS a call and provide the necessary information. No topic what, obtaining your EIN should be comfortable. so, if you ’ ve lost it, and not having it is holding you back from moving ahead with something significant, don ’ triiodothyronine effort it .

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I look up a business EIN number?

unfortunately, no. The entirely room to obtain your Tax ID numeral is from your accountant or from/on certain documentation you have for your occupation such as your tax revert, SS4 letter, EIN ratification letter, or 1099.

If you don ’ triiodothyronine have access to any of that, you ’ ll want to contact the IRS directly, who can provide you an EIN number angstrom well as commit you a replicate of your SS4 letter .

2. Is there a federal Tax ID number lookup company or service I can use to simplify the process?

As dainty as that would be, no, there is no outdoor service that allows you to obtain your Tax ID number outside of the IRS. To obtain your Tax federal Tax ID number ( assuming you already have one and are plainly looking it up because you forgot/lost the document ), you must go directly to the IRS .

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