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This tax temper millions of mugwump workers will receive Form 1099-NEC in the mail for the first time. The 1099-NEC is the new form to report nonemployee compensation—that is, pay from independent contractor jobs ( besides sometimes referred to as self-employment income ). Examples of this include freelancer knead or driving for DoorDash or Uber .
Form 1099-NEC
previously, companies reported this income information on Form 1099-MISC ( Box 7 ). If you ’ re an freelancer contractor who has received that form in the by, you ’ ll now receive Form 1099-NEC alternatively. other than the appoint of the form, not much else has changed for class recipients. Find details about other types of 1099 forms .
Do you need more help with a Form 1099-NEC you received from independent contractor work ? Check out our Guide to Gig Worker Taxes .

Nonemployee compensation – what does that mean?

If you ’ re wholly modern to nonemployee compensation—and given the late boom in spear workers, there ’ s a beneficial chance you are—read on. There are crucial tax considerations to know about now, so preceptor ’ metric ton wait until tax meter. Gig worker taxes are something you want to wrap your steer around well before you file.

Nonemployee compensation is paid to autonomous contractors who aren ’ metric ton employees. If that distinction doesn ’ triiodothyronine ring a bell, be certain to review the difference between employee and independent contractor solve statuses .
From a tax point of view, here ’ s the difference :

  • Employees: Employers will take out various payroll taxes (such as federal and state taxes) from your paycheck. That withholding gives employees an automatic way to pay taxes as they go. At tax time, you receive a Form W-2 from your employer.
  • Independent contractors: Your check won’t have any payroll taxes withheld. That means paying as you go falls on your to-do list. At tax time, you’ll receive Form(s) 1099-NEC to show the total amounts you were paid for the year.

so, how should autonomous contractors pay taxes on the nonemployee compensation shown on this 1099 ? To avoid an underpayment penalty, you should continue to pay taxes as you go vs. waiting until the tax meter .
alternatively of doing it on a by-paycheck basis, you ’ ll do it with quarterly estimated payments. That means four times a class, you ’ ll send a tax payment to the IRS a well as any applicable state and local anesthetic gross departments .
Need some help with that ? Check out the basics of paying estimated taxes on IRS Form 1040-ES. For more on fiscal considerations of receiving nonemployee recompense, review these common problems for gig workers .

Nonemployee compensation 1099-NEC

so, let ’ s get back to your 1099-NEC and outline what it reports and what you do with it. Businesses will use this form for payments for services as separate of their trade or business. In accession to individuals, a business may file a 1099-NEC to a partnership, estate or corporation .
The 1099-NEC lone needs to be filed if the clientele has paid you $ 600 or more for the year. If you made less than $ 600, you ’ ll calm need to report your income on your taxes, unless you made under the minimum income to file taxes .
When you get your Form ( s ) 1099-NEC for your nonemployee compensation, you ’ ll see that you ’ ve received Copy B. The business that paid you will send Copy A to the IRS.

On the phase itself, you ’ ll see your personal information and the amounts paid to you. There are besides boxes for federal and submit tax information, but they will most probably be empty unless you ’ re subject to back-up withhold .
You ’ ll use the amount in Box 1 on your Form ( s ) 1099-NEC to report your self-employment income. rather of putting this information immediately on Form 1040, you ’ ll report it on Schedule C .

What else should you know about filing taxes with nonemployee compensation?

Another mistreat in the process is to calculate and pay self-employment taxes. As an independent contractile organ, your coverage of Social Security and Medicare taxes are paid through these taxes. To determine your self-employment taxes, you ’ ll practice Schedule SE. For the details, find out how self-employment tax works .
Here’s some good news: As an mugwump contractor, you may be eligible to take the stipulate clientele income deduction. This newer tax write-off lets you take a 20 % deduction on bye through income ( i.e., income from a sole proprietorship, partnership or S-Corp that is reported on your personal tax return ) .

Getting help with Form 1099-NEC

Who knew that being an mugwump contractor would mean so many changes to your taxes ? It ’ s decidedly new district if you ’ ve entirely ever received a Form W-2 .
With H & R Block, you can confidently file your 1099-NEC know you ’ ll get your soap refund – or you ’ ll get your money back .
Check out these filing options:

H&R Block Online Deluxe for freelancer contractors with no expenses to deduct .
H&R Block Online Premium for mugwump contractors with expenses to deduct .
Need a short help along the room ? Don ’ metric ton worry, with options such as Online Assist, the help of a intimate tax adept is never far away .

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