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sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can seem chilling. fortunately, filing back taxes is nothing to fear. Filing your back taxes is far easier than it first gear seems, specially if you receive help from a tax master or tax return software. however, the one thing you should n’t do is wait. The best direction to pay angstrom fiddling as possible while reducing your pastime owed and other penalties is to file immediately .

How to file back tax returns in 3 steps

If you ’ re wondering how to pay back taxes, don ’ thymine worry. It ’ second not ampere hard as it sounds. Simply follow the steps below :

1. Gather the correct tax documents and other information

first, you need to gather your tax documents from the missing year ( second ), including all W-2s and 1099 forms that report your income. however, if you ca n’t find your W-2s or 1099 forms, do n’t worry — you can use Form 4506-T from the IRS to request these documents. The IRS might take up to 45 days to process the request, sol make sure to ask for your Form 4506-T ampere early as possible. Remember : These forms are of vital importance. If you plan to make deductions or meet credits, specially for those of us with 1099s, you need to gather as many receipts and documents as you can dated during the period. Without them, you have no proof, and the IRS will move forward without consideration.

2. Download previous IRS forms

once you have the necessary documents, it ’ south time to download the actual tax forms. however, you need to fill out the form for the allow class ( mho ). For model, if you have unfiled taxes from 2017, you need to download the 2017 tax forms from the IRS web site and not the stream form.

3. Prepare and submit the forms

You need to cautiously follow the instructions for each class and fill out your taxes. Make certain you are following the discipline instructions for each year — do not use one class ’ s guidelines on another year. Using the decline guidelines for the year in which you didn ’ t file taxes prevent you from having to prepare your taxes a second time.

The last step is submitting the forms to the correct IRS address. If you owe money to the IRS, make surely to pay as much of it as potential to reduce the total interest you owe. Unpaid taxes accrue monthly interest that can compound quickly and indefinitely. If you find yourself unable to pay your taxes completely, you might need to enlist the assistant of a tax easing technical. note : If you ’ re uncertain precisely what you owe, it ’ s o. Once the IRS receives and processes your filed back taxes, they send a poster detailing precisely what you owe .

What next?

once you have filed your tax returns, it ’ south good to stay on top of things. To make certain your back taxes owed are being processed, you can contact the IRS and request an update. You can besides request report transcripts or investigate to see if there are any great issues on your report .

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