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When you want to access your free credit reports from all three major credit chest of drawers, you can go to a one web site : Use to request the reports you ‘re entitled to. But if you find an error in any of your reports — for exemplar, an incorrect score count or a payment mistakenly marked late — you need to deal individually with the agency that issued it. Each credit chest of drawers assembles your report card from information sent to it by lenders, citation card issuers, public agencies and sometimes landlords. Errors in reporting can shave points off your accredit scores, so it ’ second worth your time to clean them up. You can dispute errors in your TransUnion report on-line, by chain mail or by phone. however, TransUnion warns against disputing the same item through multiple channels, saying it ’ s likely to slow down an probe, not speed it up.

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What should I look for in my TransUnion credit report?

Monitoring your own credit can help ensure your information is accurate and up to date. It besides can alert you to deceitful activity, so you can act quickly to protect yourself. Review the six main sections of your report :

  • personal identify information ( identify, birthdate, Social Security count, etc. ) .
  • employer .
  • Account information .
  • Public records, such as bankruptcies .
  • Inquiries ( when person checked your credit ) .
  • consumer statements, if you ‘ve ever submitted one .

A TransUnion spokesperson says the inquiry and account information sections are crucial because that ’ second typically where indications of deceitful bodily process or identity larceny show up. An cover you don ’ t recognize can besides be a tipoff that person is opening accounts in your mention but diverting the batting order to a different address. other mistakes might just be homo error : commute numbers in an account, records belonging to person with a similar name, a misspelling. note that most veto marks fall off your citation reports after seven years. If something excessively old to be reported calm shows up, you can dispute that adenine well. If you see mistakes, gather software documentation supporting your case and file a dispute with TransUnion. The agency has 30 commercial enterprise days to respond.

How to dispute your TransUnion report online

The huge majority of consumers, 75 %, go on-line to file a quarrel. The TransUnion online dispute portal vein looks like this :

TransUnion credit report dispute If you do not already have a TransUnion account, you ’ ll need to create one and set a password. Once you ’ re signed in, you can choose “ fresh probe ” and you ’ ll see your recognition report. Review the personal information and chatter to edit as needed, then review the accounts and suction stop on the blue “ request investigation ” to initiate a dispute. Fill out the fields and provide extra data as needed. once you ‘ve marked everything you want update or investigated, click the “ Continue ” push button. You ‘ll have an opportunity to upload any digest documents. eat up filing your dispute by clicking “ Submit. ” TransUnion will respond by e-mail ; you can besides sign back into your account to check the advance of the challenge.

How to dispute your TransUnion report by mail

You can send disputes by mail to TransUnion Consumer Solutions, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016-2000. TransUnion recommends including the keep up in your challenge letter :

  • Your Social Security number and date of parturition .
  • Your current address .
  • The company diagnose and history total associated with the quarrel token .
  • The argue for your dispute : It ‘s not your account, you ‘ve paid the account, etc .
  • Corrections to personal information .

In your letter, excuse which detail ( s ) you think are incorrect and why. Send copies — not originals — of supporting documents. The chest of drawers will respond by mail.

How to dispute your TransUnion credit report by phone

You can dispute by earphone at 800-916-8800. Have a copy of your TransUnion credit report handy before calling this issue ; the congressman will need the charge numeral. The spokesperson will tell you how to send supporting documents, if necessary. The agency may respond by electronic mail or mail.

What happens next?

If TransUnion agrees with you, it will change the information in question on your credit report. It ’ mho chic to check your composition again to make certain the changes were made. Your response from the agency will contain a link to the corrected report, or it will mail you a corrected replicate. however, if TransUnion confirms that it ’ sulfur reporting the data given to it correctly, you might need to talk with the creditor or other source that ’ s sending the datum. Ask it to correct the information it ’ sulfur report to TransUnion. It ‘s knowing to check whether the same faulty information besides appears on your credit reports from the other chest of drawers. If therefore, you ‘ll need to file a challenge with Experian and a dispute with Equifax.

following, get in the habit of checking your credit rating report frequently to keep up with new data. In between your exempt annual copies from, you can check your TransUnion credit report at NerdWallet arsenic often as you like. regularly monitoring your loose report can give you an early admonition of potentially score-damaging problems.

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