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If you ’ re among the 1 million entrepreneurs who operate in the Keystone State, you ’ ll need to choose a business entity structure for your company. There are many business structures to choose from, and the specify liability caller ( LLC ) is one of the most common. Whether you want to start a new LLC in PA or operate an out-of-state LLC in PA, this guide has you covered.

Forming an LLC in PA

The PA Department of State is responsible for handling LLC formations in Pennsylvania. An LLC is considered a business entity that ’ s legally separate from the owner, so you ’ ll have to register your LLC with the Department of State before you can operate. The Department sets the rules, requirements and fees to form an LLC in PA or operate an out-of-state LLC in PA.

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Step 1: Choose a name for your PA LLC

To begin, you have to choose a appoint for your PA LLC. Pennsylvania requires every LLC operate in the country to have a unique diagnose. In early words, your LLC ’ mho name must be unlike from the names of early active businesses on file with the Department of State. This is meant to avoid confusion among customers and members of the public. To check if your business name is available, you can review Pennsylvania ’ second on-line business name database. The name of an LLC has to end with “ Company, ” “ Limited, ” “ Limited Liability Company, ” or appropriate abbreviations of these words. Certain words, like “ Corporation, ” can not appear in an LLC ’ mho name. If you find that a name is available after checking the business database, Pennsylvania lets you reserve the list for up to 120 days. For a tip of $ 70, you can file a name reservation request on-line or submit a name booking class by mail. Filing this form guarantees the list will be available as you go through the other steps of forming an LLC in PA. Certain licensed professionals in PA, such as doctors, have to form a qualify professional company. other states call this type of entity a professional limited liability caller ( PLLC ). In PA, most of the rules for PLLCs mirror those for LLCs. You can see if your diligence is considered to provide restricted master services by looking at the list in the PA business code . source : PA Department of State

Step 2: Choose a registered agent in PA

When forming an LLC in PA, you must designate a file position to accept legal parallelism on behalf of the clientele. The register function, which most other states call a register agent, will be your business ’ south main point of contact with the state. The register office will notify you if your business is sued or receives official mail. In Pennsylvania, a register agent can be an individual or a company. An individual registered agent must be a PA nonmigratory and at least 18 years erstwhile. A company that ’ south authorized to do commercial enterprise in PA can besides serve as the record agent. Whether you go with an individual or a party, the register agent must have a physical address in PA ( P.O. boxes are not sufficient ). Your register agency can be your own commercial enterprise address or the home address of any of your LLC ’ s members or managers. however, for public toilet, most businesses opt to use a commercial provider as their registered office. We recommend IncFile, an on-line legal service that is licensed to provide file agent services in all 50 states. If you form your LLC on IncFile, it will include one year of free file agentive role service.

Step 3: Obtain a Pennsylvania business license

Businesses in certain industries will need a business license to operate in PA. There are several types of licensure you might need, including :

  • local licenses from your city or county .
  • master licenses for certain skilled occupations .
  • environmental licenses .
  • Health and base hit licenses .
  • Zoning permits .
  • Regulatory permits, such as liquor license .
  • Sales tax permits .

As a start point, you should file the PA-100 Business Entity Registration Form on-line or by mail, which will allow you to obtain most of the statewide business licenses you ’ ll necessitate. Businesses that sell taxable goods or services must register for a sales tax allow using Form PA-100. You ’ ll be required to collect and remit sales tax to the express on a monthly, quarterly or semiannual footing depending on how much tax you collect. One final license you might need is a fabricated business name, besides called a DBA or “ doing business as ” name. This applies to any occupation that operates under a craft list that ’ second different from the commercial enterprise ’ randomness legal list. For exercise, if your LLC ’ s legal mention is Larry Smith Flowers, LLC, but you market your business as “ Flowers from Larry, ” you would need to register the latter name as a fabricated clientele name with the PA Department of State. Unlike legal names, the right to a fabricated business appoint international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate singular. Another clientele could use the like fabricated business name. This is different from most states, which require fabricated occupation names to be unique.

Step 4: File your Certificate of Organization

The next footstep in forming an LLC in PA is to file a Certificate of Organization for Limited Liability Company ( DSCB : 15-8821 ) with the PA Department of State. In other states, the certificate of constitution is called the articles of organization. The certificate of constitution officially establishes your authority to operate as an LLC in PA. The Pennsylvania certificate of organization requires the play along information :

  • The LLC ’ second name and principal place of business .
  • Registered office address ( P.O. boxes not satisfactory ) .
  • The name of each LLC member .
  • touch of the organizer who completes the form .
  • An effective date for the LLC ’ s formation .
  • PLLCs must indicate the business ’ second industry .

Along with the security of organization, you ’ ll want to include a Docketing Statement ( DSCB:15-134A ). The docketing statement requires you to provide your LLC ’ s employer recognition count ( EIN ), fiscal year and early details. You can mail in the certificate of constitution and docketing statement, but you can besides file on-line for quicker process. The filing fee for the security of administration is $ 125. The Department of State will normally take about one week to process your certificate of constitution. If your certificate is approved, you ’ ll receive a imitate of the filed certificate in the chain mail. If the department of state rejects your certificate for some cause, you ’ ll have the opportunity to make corrections and refile . reference : PA Department of State

Foreign LLCs operating in Pennsylvania

Foreign LLCs are organized under the laws of another state but want to operate in Pennsylvania. You might be an LLC with multiple locations throughout the state. If this is the case, you won ’ metric ton file a certificate of arrangement. rather, you ’ ll need to file a Foreign Registration Statement ( DSCB 15-412 ), accompanied by a $ 250 filing fee.

Step 5: Draft an LLC operating agreement

When forming an LLC in PA, you ’ ra not required to have an LLC function agreement, but it ’ mho highly advisable to have one. Starting an LLC without an function agreement is exchangeable to buying a house without a floor plan. The manoeuver agreement provides a blueprint for how your LLC will be managed and run on a daily basis. here ’ s what the engage agreement for your PA LLC should include :

  • A description of the LLC ’ randomness products or services .
  • The members ’ names and addresses .
  • The director ’ s appoint and cover if the LLC is manager-managed .
  • Each extremity ’ s capital contributions to the LLC .
  • Each member ’ s possession interest in the company, voting rights and profit shares .
  • The operation for admitting fresh members to the LLC .
  • The procedure for electing a director if applicable .
  • The LLC ’ s meet schedule and vote procedures .
  • dissolution terms and procedures .

After drafting your LLC manoeuver agreement, all members should have an opportunity to review and sign it. At that point, you can store the agreement with other business documents. Need some avail in creating your operating agreement ? When you use IncFile to form your LLC, it can besides draft a custom function agreement for you.

Step 6: Comply with Pennsylvania employer obligations

In summation to the steps listed so far, Pennsylvania LLCs with employees have some extra obligations, including :

  • employee report : Under department of state and federal police, employers must report new employees within 20 days of their hire date to the Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program .
  • employer withholding tax : Pennsylvania employers are obligated to withhold state and federal income taxes from employees. Employers sporadically remit payments of the withhold taxes to the country .
  • Paying unemployment taxes : Pennsylvania employers are responsible for paying unemployment taxes. Every employer is assigned a tax rate based on the age of the business, industry and history of unemployment benefit claims .
  • Purchasing workers compensation insurance : In Pennsylvania, a small-business owner must purchase workers compensation policy ampere soon as they hire their first employee. Employers can purchase workers compensation coverage through a private carrier or the country indemnity store, or they can self-insure .

To learn about extra requirements for employers and help you stay in conformity, we suggest hiring a business lawyer who specializes in Pennsylvania employment law.

Step 7: Pay Pennsylvania LLC taxes, and file a Certificate of Annual Registration

In terms of income taxes, most LLCs are pass-through entities. This means the LLC itself doesn ’ thyroxine pay an income tax. The owners, or members, of the LLC give Pennsylvania submit income taxes on their share of the LLC ’ s profits. In some cases, the members of an LLC will elect for the LLC to be taxed as a C-corporation alternatively of a pass-through entity. In that event, the LLC is subject to Pennsylvania pot taxes. As mentioned above, PA LLCs with employees have to pay unemployment taxes and withhold taxes from their employees ’ wages. Along with income taxes and unemployment taxes, Pennsylvania requires LLCs to file a Certificate of Annual Registration ( DSCB 15-8221-8998 ). The certificate is due to the Department of State by April 15 of each class, and must be accompanied by a filing tip that ’ second equal to $ 560 times the phone number of members in the LLC. You can besides efile the annual registration security if you prefer . reservoir : PA Department of State

Step 8: Comply with federal requirements

LLCs operating in Pennsylvania have to comply with submit and federal rules. As at the submit floor, federal law treats most LLCs like pass-through entities. Members of the LLC report their partake of LLC income on their personal income tax returns. The LLC itself doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give a federal income tax. The members of an LLC can elect for it to be taxed as a C-corporation at the union tied, in which case the LLC will pay a flat 21 % union bodied tax. When filing taxes, your LLC will need an employer identification number ( EIN ) if you have more than one extremity, have employees or are filing as a corporation. Federal law besides levies other taxes. For exercise, LLC members must pay a 15.3 % union self-employment tax to cover Social Security and Medicare obligations. If you have employees, you must withhold federal income taxes and payroll taxes from your employees and pay the employer parcel of payroll taxes. There ’ south besides a federal unemployment tax.

Step 9: Maintain your PA LLC

Starting your PA LLC international relations and security network ’ t quite enough. You besides have to make sure that you continue in good stand with the state. In this esteem, the most important matter is to keep your personal and clientele finances separate. By doing then, you can help ensure that members of the LLC won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be personally liable for any business debts. To keep business finances disjoined, take the following steps :

  • Open a commercial enterprise bank account that you use entirely for business transactions .
  • Charge only business expenses to your business credit card .
  • Apply for a business loan if you need growth capital .

equally important is to hold regular penis meetings and text file decisions in spell when a member or director acts on behalf of the LLC.

Benefits and drawbacks of forming an LLC in PA

When starting a fresh business, you should evaluate whether the LLC model is right field for your company. The biggest advantage of an LLC is liability auspices for owners. Owners aren ’ thyroxine personally liable for business debts or obligations, which means their personal assets are protected. LLCs besides have more tax flexibility, allowing members to choose between pass-through tax and pot tax income. On the downside, LLCs are discipline to high self-employment taxes, and an LLC is costlier to start than a sole proprietorship or general partnership. An LLC is besides not well-suited for raising money from investors.


  • Members of an LLC aren ’ metric ton personally apt for business debts .
  • LLCs have fewer recordkeeping requirements than corporations .
  • LLCs that are taxed as pass-through entities avoid the double taxation of C-corporations .


  • LLCs are costlier to start than sole proprietorships and partnerships .
  • LLC members must pay high federal self-employment taxes .
  • LLCs can ’ thyroxine offspring stock, so they are not well suited for fundraising.
  • LLCs in Pennsylvania, particularly those with multiple members, have to pay a high annual fee .

As you evaluate the pros and cons of starting an LLC in PA, think about your business ’ randomness needs both now and subsequently. An LLC much provides a good balance of startup ease, tax tractability and legal protection for small-business owners. A interpretation of this article was first published on Fundera, a subordinate of NerdWallet .

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