Grown: How to file Arkansas state individual income taxes

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It ’ s that prison term of year — tax season. Arkansas has a state income tax, meaning most who earned money in the state of matter must file a return each give .
here are the basics on Arkansas ’ state income tax retort file serve, according to resources from the submit Department of Finance and Administration .

What is an income tax return?

A tax retort is a form or series of forms a nonmigratory fills out showing how much income they ’ ve earned and how much they ’ ve paid in taxes, among other things. It determines whether a file clerk paid excessively much, excessively little or fair the properly amount of taxes for the year.

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Who has to file an income tax return?

According to the Department of Finance and Administration, full-year residents of Arkansas for 2020 must file a tax recurrence if they are :
• Single with a arrant income of at least $ 12,675
• Head of family with one or no dependents and a crying income of at least $ 18,021 or with at least two dependents and a gross income of at least $ 21,482
• Married filing a joint return key with one or no dependents and a gross income of at least $ 21,375 or at least two dependents with a gross income was at least $ 25,726
• Widowed in 2018 or 2019 and not remarried in 2020 with one dependent and a crying income of at least $ 18,021 or at least two dependents and a megascopic income of at least $ 21,482
Nonresidents or part-year residents who moved into or out of Arkansas during 2020 must file a restitution regardless of income .

What do the different filing statuses mean?

According to a usher from the finance department, the statuses are defined as :
Single : One person who did not cover living expenses for anyone else and was not marry or was legally separated by the end of the year .
Head of household : person who was not marital or was legally separated and either :
• Had at least one dependent
• Paid over half the price of keeping a home in which the filer and person else lived, even if the other person was not a dependent
Married : A legally married copulate. Couples can choose to file jointly or individually.

Widowed : person whose legal spouse died in 2018 or 2019 and did not remarry by the end of 2020. The widowed person must besides both :
• Have had a child, stepchild, adopted child, or foster child who qualified as a pendent for the year
• Paid more than half the price of keeping a dwelling which was the chief dwelling of that child
Dependent : A dependent is person who :
• The filer provided more than half of the sum subscribe for during the year
• Had a gross income of $ 4,300 or lower for year ( this does not apply to children 19 or younger or children 24 and younger who are full-time students )
• Is related to the file clerk or lived with them for the stallion year ( if person was born or died during the year but was living with the file clerk during the time they were alert, they count )
• Does not file a joint hark back with a spouse ( with the exception that a dependent can file a roast return to claim a refund of tax withhold if both the dependent and the dependent ’ randomness spouse would not have tax liabilities if they filed separate returns )

How can Arkansans file their returns?

There are two main ways to file Arkansas state tax returns : by mail or on-line .
To file by mail, full-year resident Arkansans can fill out this form. Nonresidents or part-year can fill out this form .
For people expecting a refund, they can mail the return to Arkansas State Income Tax P.O. Box 1000 Little Rock, AR 72201-1000. For those paying taxes or who do not expect a refund nor need to pay taxes, they can mail their reappearance to Arkansas State Income Tax P.O. Box 2144 Little Rock, AR 72201-2144 .
If an individual owe taxes, they can include a check with the render but not cash, according to the Department of Finance and Administration .
To file on-line, chew the fat this web site to see programs that partner with the state of matter. Some are available for free, depending on a filer ’ sulfur income and other factors.

When are returns due?

Tax returns must be submitted by April 15, unless an extension has been approved .

Where can I get help submitting my return?

The Department of Finance and Administration has an instructional template for filers of all kinds. The department besides has a frequently Asked Questions page .
additionally, the state operates an individual Income Tax Hotline at ( 501 ) 682-1100 or ( 800 ) 882-9275 .

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