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Editor’s Note: Ever wonder what the bonus tax rate is on your vacation cash bonus or signing bonus ? We ’ rhenium here to tell you !
closely 80 % of employers offer vacation or year-end bonuses, according to a study conducted by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. Bonuses are common, even what is frequently overlooked is how they are taxed .

Tax on Bonuses 101

A bonus can be awarded in the form of cash, gifts cards, or gifts. While it ’ randomness constantly exciting to be surprised by a “ gift ” from your employer, there are significant tax consequences for any random cash or holiday bonus received. Let ’ s cover some authoritative points regarding the tax on your bonus—like the bonus tax rate for 201, signing bonus tax, and tax report on bonuses .

How Much Are Bonuses Taxed?

Long history short, bonuses are taxed differently, depending on the shape of payment and come. Read on for more details…

The Cash Bonus

One of the most common end-of-year bonus pitch methods is cash or check from your employer. If your employer does this, the bonus sum should be added to the W-2 you receive in January. A cash bonus is treated similarly to wages, and is taxed as such. You will report the bonus as wages on telephone line 1 of Tax Form 1040. ( Or use the expertness of a tax pro to help you do so. )

Signing Bonus Tax

recently accepted a new caper ? Signing bonus taxes would fall in the above class if received via cash give .

Non-Monetary Gift Bonuses

If you receive a non-monetary endow from your employer every year — a holiday ham, ornament, or even a dramaturgy or sporting consequence slate — you likely will not be taxed on this gift. This category of give is frequently referred to as “ de minimis fringe benefits ” and is excluded from your income .
In most cases, your employer will determine whether a non-monetary endowment is a de minimis fringe benefit. A de minimis fringe benefit is occasional or strange in frequency, and modest enough in value to make the accounting for it unreasonable or airy .
The de minimis fringe benefit rules don ’ t lend oneself to gifts of cash or cash equivalents. consequently, the rules discussed above in the “ cash bonuses ” section apply to any gift of cash received by an employer .

Gift Card Bonuses

Some employers surprise their employees with a giving poster around the holidays or after reaching an authoritative sales milestone. In the eyes of the IRS, give cards are treated as cash equivalents and are taxed the same as cash or a discipline.

Withholding Taxes on Bonuses

It ’ mho authoritative to understand the withholding rules for bonuses because the tax indebtedness on your tax render may be affected if you under-withheld throughout the year .
even though bonuses are frequently taxed at the same pace as your wages, there may be instances of differences. For case, if your bonus was paid disjoined from your normal paycheck, like a check or cash at the vacation party. unlike tax treatment may besides occur if you are lucky enough to receive a bonus of more than $ 1 million .

Bonus Tax Rate – Brackets 

Tax on a Bonus Equaling Less Than $1 Million
The tax on bonuses less than $ 1 million depends on whether the bonus is included in the same paycheck as your other wages or in a disjoined paycheck .
Bonuses paid with your distinctive wages, and not individually identified, will be taxed in the same manner as your common wages. however, by combining the two for that tax period, your tax withhold percentage for that period may increase as if that was the sum you would be paid each paycheck for the remainder of the year. If the bonus is paid or identified individually, it can be taxed at a flat rate of 22 % .
Either way, the paying of the supplementary wages will affect your tax withhold for that period, so be prepared.  

Tax on a Bonus Exceeding $1 Million

Any excess wages over $ 1 million will be taxed at a rate of 37 % .

Tax Reporting of Bonuses – Where Do You Start?

Although a cash bonus may receive a different withholding treatment, it should still be reported on your W-2 .

  • If an employer reports your bonus on a 1099-MISC, you should immediately request a cancellation of the 1099-MISC and a corrected W-2.
  • If your employer will not provide a correction, you can still appropriately report your bonus for tax purposes. Report the wages shown on the 1099-MISC on line 1 of your Form 1040 and supply Form 8919 to report your uncollected Social Security and Medicare tax.

Get Help When You Need It

Troubled by the theme of claiming and reporting a bonus on your taxes—or do you have general bonus tax questions ? Use tax-filing products from H & R Block to help .

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