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For small-business owners, there are few sweet phrases than “ small-business tax deductions. ” But in most cases, business owners merely aren ’ thymine mindful of all the small-business tax deductions available to them — or they merely aren ’ triiodothyronine taking the time to keep detail records, itemize expenses or crunch the numbers necessary to take advantage of these deductions .

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21 Small-business tax deductions

All of these deductions can be claimed by exclusive proprietorships, ampere well as C-corps and S-corps, partnerships and LLCs ( although there might be different rules for each ).

1. Startup and organizational costs

Our first small-business tax deduction comes with a caveat — it ’ s not actually a tax deduction. Business inauguration costs are seen as a capital expense by the IRS, since they are an investment in your business ( the money hasn ’ thyroxine actually left the business, it was just transformed into an asset ). Deductions for capital expenses typically occur over several years. This is known as amortization, and helps businesses accurately assess profitableness year over class. You can check out chapters seven and eight of IRS Publication 535, which covers business expenses for more information.

2. Inventory

Some inventory-based businesses will manufacture products or purchase them for resale. If this is your commercial enterprise model, you can deduct the monetary value of your stock, or the cost of the goods you sell. You generally must value stock at the begin and end of each tax class to determine your cost of goods sold. The follow are types of expenses that go into figuring the cost of goods sold :

  • The price of products or raw materials, including freight .
  • repositing .
  • direct labor movement costs ( including contributions to pensions or annuity plans ) for workers who produce the products .
  • factory overhead .

3. Utilities

Any utilities that you use for your business are in full deductible. This includes things like water, electricity, folderol and telephone bills. however, if you have a home function and use a land line, the monetary value of the first land line is not deductible, but subsequent landlines are.

4. Insurance

Most businesses will take out some form of business insurance. The monetary value of the occupation owner ’ s health insurance, business continuance insurance and the occupation owner ’ mho policy are all 100 % deductible. other types of deductible indemnity policies include property policy, indebtedness coverage, malpractice policy, workers ’ compensation costs, car indemnity, business provided employee life policy and commercial enterprise interruption policy. note that with health insurance, a small business may besides qualify for up to a 50 % tax credit under the certified small employer health reimbursement arrangement ( QSEHRA ).

5. Business property rent

If you rent your clientele property, you can deduct your lease or rental payments from taxes. alternatively, if you run your business from home, you can besides run an eligibility test with the IRS to see if you are entitled to any deductions. Types of deductible home business expenses include mortgage interest, indemnity, utilities, repairs and depreciation. You can learn more through IRS Publication 587.

6. Auto expenses

If you have a car for occupation purposes, you can normally deduct anything considered a cable car expense. however, you have to have records that prove business custom, adenine well as observe track of your miles. conversely, you can rely on the IRS standard mileage rate, which is presently $ 0.58 cents per mile. If you use your car for both business and personal purposes, you must divide your expenses based on actual mileage. Refer to Publication 463 on travel, entertainment, endow and car expenses for more information.

7. Rent and depreciation on equipment and machinery

If you lease equipment or machinery for your business you can in full deduct these costs. This can be anything from printers and copiers, to vans and trucks. You can besides claim depreciation on equipment and machinery. however, these costs must be deducted over several years. In order to do this, you must claim a section 179 deduction, which allows business owners to deduct up to $ 1,020,000 from raw or practice place in service during the tax year.

8. Office supplies

Paper, boxes, pens, staples… they may be small, but they all cost money ( which you can deduct from your taxes ).

9. Office furniture

Office furniture is besides considered a type of function supplies, and can, therefore, be deducted fair as you would deduct printer newspaper or clean products.

10. Software subscription

If you ’ ve bought or downloaded software for your business, this can be deducted. These types of expenses can be claimed under “ other Common Business Expenses > other Miscellaneous Expenses ” on your Schedule C tax form.

11. Advertising and marketing

deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as you can prove they ’ re related to your business, you can claim back any money spent on ordinary advertise and market purchases. This includes things like billboards, business cards, Yellow Pages ads, vitamin a well as hiring a freelance to design a business logo or sending thank you cards to clients.

12. Business entertainment

Entertaining clients with meals and events ? This, excessively, can be deducted if necessary to your business. note that most meal costs are only deductible up to 50 %. But certain types of meals, such as a meal provided at an office party, are 100 % deductible. Be certain to save your receipts and note the business function of the meal in order to maximize this tax write-off.

13. Travel expenses

If you ’ re frequently on the go, you should decidedly look into deducting your travel expenses. For a business expense to qualify as travel, it must be away from the city or area in which you conduct commercial enterprise. You must besides be aside from your tax home for longer than a wide workday. Types of deductible travel expenses include airfare, tolls, taxis and lodge.

14. Interest

If you have a small-business loan, you ’ ll make interest payments on what you ’ ra borrow from the lender. Those interest payments are normally fully tax deductible arsenic long as the lend is used to cover business expenses. To claim this subtraction, the business owner must be legally apt for the debt, and the business owner and the lender must have a “ debtor/creditor ” relationship. In other words, the loan must be through a traditional lender, and not a friend or family member.

15. Bad debt

If you ’ ve always lend money to an employee or seller without receiving it back, you can claim that back as ‘ bad debt ’. You just need to be able to prove that it was occupation debt, rather than personal debt. The IRS defines bad debt as “ a loss from the worthlessness of a debt that was either created or acquired in a trade or occupation or closely refer to your trade wind or commercial enterprise when it became partially to wholly worthless. ” The comply are examples of commercial enterprise bad debts ( if previously included in income ) :

  • Loans to clients, suppliers, distributors and employees .
  • credit sales to customers .
  • business lend guarantees .

16. Taxes

deoxyadenosine monophosphate foreign as it sounds, the taxes you incur from barely running your clientele are deductible. These taxes might be federal, country and local income, real estate or sales taxes. Your employer taxes, such as the employer parcel of FICA, FUTA and express unemployment taxes, are besides in full deductible .

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17. Employee salaries

In general, your employee wages are in full deductible. This includes bonuses and commissions. however, this tax write-off does not apply to sole proprietors, partners and LLC members, because these individuals are not considered employees.

18. Employee benefits programs

You can besides deduct certain employee benefit programs, like education aid, dependent care aid, life insurance adoption aid or qualified retirement plan accounts. For freelance individuals, contributions to their own retirement plans are personal deductions claimed on class 1040.

19. Employee gifts

Employee gifts are 100 % deductible up to $ 25 per year, per employee, according to IRS Publication 463.

20. Contracted labor

Do you use independent contractors or freelancers as a function of your tug force ? The cost of hiring contracted labor movement is in full tax deductible. eminence that you must issue form MISC-1099 to any compress worker receiving $ 600 0r more from you in a given tax year. If the employee is being paid via credit wag or PayPal, the requital processor must issue the actor form 1099-K.

21. Legal and professional fees

If you ever need to hire a legal or accounting professional for your business, you can deduct 100 % of their fees.

How to claim small-business tax deductions

To claim small-business tax deductions as a sole proprietorship, you must fill out a Schedule C tax mannequin. The Schedule C shape is used to determine the taxable net income in your business during the tax year. You then report this profit on your personal 1040 imprint and calculate the taxes due from there .

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