4 Steps to Filing a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

liability car insurance is required in 49 out of 50 states, and with good reason. The economic loss of car accidents in the U.S. is at least $ 242 billion per class, and the emotional and social losses are much higher. If you are at mistake in a car accident, you ‘re responsible for the costs to repair or replace damaged property and cover the medical expenses of the other driver and passengers. Without car insurance, you could be apt for tens or evening hundreds of thousands of dollars in bodily injury and property damage. It is n’t good the other driver, though. Your vehicle may besides be damaged and you may need medical attention. There are other considerations as well — will you need extra insurance to pay off your car lend ? Will you need a rental car while yours is out of deputation ? How do you file a car indemnity claim after an accident ? There are a few all-important steps you can take in the minutes, days and weeks after your accident that can help your claims process go more smoothly .

Step 1: Gather Information at the Scene of the Accident

A person uses their cell phone after a car accident to document the damage Filing an indemnity call is an easier process if you take the time to gather information at the accident scene. Exchange contact and insurance information with the early driver and call the patrol, so you have entree to a patrol report. If there are dangerous injuries involved, you may not have the opportunity to gather all the information you need, but the police can help fill in the gaps.

Take Pictures of the Damage

Use your call to snap photos of the damage to your fomite and the other vehicle, along with anything else that may help your claim. Be sure to take pictures of the accident from every angle. While not required, these pictures could be helpful to your claims adjuster .

Gather Names Contact Information for Witnesses

Record the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident so your claims adjuster can speak with them if necessity. not everyone who sees an accident happen stops to help, and not every accident has immediate witnesses, but you never know when a witness may be needed, so it ‘s best to get that information. Take note of dealings cameras or storehouse security cameras in the sphere. If you are in a residential region, you might find person with a video surveillance camera that recorded the accident. many people nowadays have doorbells that take videos, for exercise .

Step 2: Contact Your Insurance Company

A man speaks on the phone with his insurance company while he looks at his computer once you are safely at home, check your policy coverage. If you do n’t have a copy of it in your files, you can credibly get all the details you need on your policy company ‘s web site. You will need your policy phone number so you can verify your coverage and deductibles. With your policy in hired hand or accessible on-line, you can start filing your claim .

How to File a Car Insurance Claim Online

If you have a dedicated insurance agentive role, you can contact them directly, and they will help you file a claim with your policy company. If you bought a policy directly from an policy party, contact their claims department. They will have a representative who can walk you through the work of filing a claim. A claims adjuster will reach out to you once your claim has been set up in the system. One of the benefits of signing up directly with an policy company is that many of them have on-line claim systems that will allow you to file a claim at any time of the day or night through their automated system. Whether your file with an agent or on-line, you ‘ll need to have the follow information on hired hand :

  1. Your policy number.
  2. The name, license plate numbers and insurance information for the other driver.
  3. Location of the accident.
  4. Time of the accident.
  5. Whether or not the police were called.
  6. Any injuries to yourselves or others.
  7. If your car was towed, where it was towed.
  8. Information from the police, if available, regarding case numbers, names of officers, etc.

How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim?

File your claim american samoa soon as possible. It ‘s necessity to do this because every country has different laws regarding how retentive you have to file a claim. If you do n’t submit the claim and necessity documents promptly, you may not be eligible to receive any recompense for damages. Deadlines for filing a claim may vary depending on your state of matter, your insurance company and the character of claim you ‘re filing, so it ‘s better not to wait .

How to File a Third-Party Car Insurance Claim

While cable car accidents do n’t happen often, they are n’t precisely uncommon, either. roughly 6 million people on average are involved in car accidents each year in the U.S. If you ‘re involved in an accident, and person else is at demerit, you ‘d file a third-party claim. The easiest and best way to file a third-party claim is to contact your own policy party careless of who is at fault. Your claims adjuster will work with the other driver ‘s indemnity to file a third-party claim. You can file a claim through the early person ‘s policy directly by calling the number on the back of their policy card or using their indemnity caller ‘s on-line claim form .

Step 3: Cooperate With Your Claims Adjuster

A woman looks at a message on her phone from her claims adjuster A claims adjuster is the person your policy company has assigned to handle your accident. The adjuster handles discussions with haunt shops, other insurance companies, witnesses and any early parties involved. They will investigate your accident, review the estimates to get your vehicle repaired and get your title settled.

You will about constantly talk to your adjuster over the telephone, though they may have an in-person meeting with you arsenic well. While your adjuster wants you to be satisfied with the manner your claim is handled, it ‘s important to remember that their first province is to the insurance company. They want to keep the expenses from the accident adenine low as possible. It ‘s all-important to get any information your claims adjuster asks for properly away. If your adjuster or agent needs data or documentation to process your claim, the fast you can get those items to them, the agile you ‘ll get your call handled .

Step 4: Understand Your Claim

A couple looks at their computer as they check on their car insurance coverage There are multiple types of claims that are filed in an accident. A example from your insurance company can explain what kind of claim you ‘re filing, but the types of coverage you selected when you signed up for your policy will impact what kind of claims you can file. For model, person who elected GAP coverage could file a claim to cover the difference between the value of their cable car and the sum left on their car loanword in the consequence of a full loss .

Comprehensive and Collision Claims

Comprehensive and collision coverage pays for the damages to your vehicle if you are at fault in the accident. Collision covers your car ‘s price in a collision with another car, while comprehensive covers pretty much everything else, including larceny, weather wrong and vandalism. Your insurance party will pay for expenses beyond your car insurance deductible up to your indemnity limits. Comprehensive and collision coverage is optional if you do n’t make car payments, so you should check your policy to see if you ‘re covered .

Liability Claim

Liability coverage pays for medical costs and property damage to the other party or parties involved in an accident if you are at fault. Some drivers have liability-only coverage, which pays entirely for damages to other people and their vehicles in an at-fault accident. medical expenses can escalate promptly, so you will want to make sure you have high adequate indebtedness coverage levels in place. Your claims adjuster will work with the doctors, hospitals, repair shops and anyone else involved in providing services to the other driver to file claims directly through the policy company. however, be prepared to receive a charge for any medical or place damage expenses that go beyond your indebtedness limits if you are at blame in an accident. The level of indebtedness coverage you choose impacts your average car insurance rates, so you will want to get multiple quotes when selecting a policy to get the lowest potential rates .

Uninsured Motorist Claim

A police officer speaks with two drivers after a car accident In the event you ‘re in an accident with an uninsured driver, you ‘re not alone. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 8 drivers are uninsured. How your damages are covered may end up having to do with what country you live in. In a no-fault state of matter, your indemnity ship’s company will cover your damages, even if you ‘re at fault and entirely have indebtedness insurance. If you ‘re not in a no-fault state, you ‘ll need to have uninsured motorist coverage. Twenty states require it, so you probably do have it, but you should make sure you have it. You never know who is driving uninsured until they come crashing into your life .

Diminished Value Claim

If your car is damaged in an accident, it can reduce your vehicle ‘s value, even if it ‘s repaired. The fact that your car now has a wrong history can reduce the resale value, making you less likely to recoup your car ‘s wide value if you sell it in the future. Depending on the state you live in and the type of policy you have, you may potentially be able to file a diminish value claim. In this font, you would receive payment in the sum the value is diminished by .

Total Loss Claim

A sum passing is when the price of repairing your fomite exceeds its value. If you have a new or high-value cable car, it could take quite a snatch of damage to cause a entire loss, whereas person driving a 10-year-old sedan might have a full loss with a minor buffer curve. If you have a full loss, you can expect the indemnity company to keep your bust up vehicle and write you a check for your cable car ‘s value.

Additional Claims

There are other coverages you can purchase that can help cover your costs in the consequence of an accident. GAP coverage, roadside aid and rental car coverage are equitable a few of the extra coverages available. Speak with your indemnity agent or example to discuss the best car policy coverage for you and how to file a call for these benefits. Despite the fiscal benefits and legal requirements associated with car indemnity, 13 % of drivers in 2015 distillery chose not to carry policy. even though it might save you a few pennies to go without insurance or select minimal coverage levels, you ‘ll find that a fortune of the stress that goes along with a car accident can be alleviated if you ‘ve done your homework and purchased the right levels of coverage .

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