Penalties for Past Due Taxes

What happens if I don’t file my tax report?
If you fail to file a command tax composition, the Comptroller ‘s office will send you an estimated bill with instructions to file a report providing your actual sales data for the estimate period. Please be aware that bankruptcy to file or pay a tax report may result in collection actions including, but not limited to, extra belated file penalties, liens and condemnable charges .

How do I calculate penalties and interest for past due taxes?
Statutory penalty on past ascribable taxes are calculated as follows :

  • If you are paying the tax 1-30 days late, add a 5% penalty.
  • If you are paying the tax over 30 days late, add a 10% penalty.
  • If you are paying the tax after the date referenced on the Notice of Tax/FEE Due, add an additional 10% penalty (for a total of 20%).

Statutory interest begins accruing on the 61st day after the due date of a necessitate report. The concern rate is a variable rate determined at the begin of each calendar class. To obtain the applicable rate for a specific tax period, please refer to the web page titled Interest on Credits and Refunds and on Tax Due.

Additional late filing penalty
For most taxes, a taxpayer who fails to file reports on time will be assessed an extra punishment of $ 50.00 for each belated composition. This penalty will be assessed even if the taxpayer late files the report and/or if no taxes are due for the report menstruation .

How do I calculate penalties and interest for past due International Fuels Tax Agreement (IFTA) taxes?
The minimum penalty is $ 50 or 10 percentage of your total tax liability, whichever is greater. The minimal penalty applies to all former reports including no operations, no tax due and credit reports .
interest is assessed on all delinquent taxes for each calendar month or fraction of a month beginning on the first day after the due date. The sake pace is adjusted each year on January 1. The current interest rate is available on the IFTA page .
legal power Interest begins to accrue one day after the report is due through the report postmark date. Once the report is filed, extra pastime accrues on any web tax due until the sum net tax due is paid in entire .

What happens if I underpay my taxes?
If you have past due balances, the Comptroller ‘s office will send you a bill comment requesting that you pay the remaining balance. The balance is due upon acknowledge of the notice. This detect will outline how extra penalty and matter to will be assessed. It besides explains the process for requesting a hearing if you disagree with the bill poster. last, it outlines the possible collection actions that the Comptroller may take to collect any delinquent balances .
You will receive a offprint charge detect for each report time period that is delinquent .

Does the Comptroller’s office contract with private collection services to collect taxes due, and what do I do if I get a billing notice from them?
private collection services are contracted by the Comptroller ‘s agency to collect past due tax accounts. If you get a bill notification from a contracted solicitation agency, you should remit the balance due in the envelope provided. All payments are directed to the Comptroller ‘s position and credited to your account .

What happens if I refuse to file required tax reports or pay my past due taxes?
typically, the Comptroller ‘s agency will take the comply collection actions to protect the state ‘s interests and collect past due taxes :

  • Require the taxpayer to post a security bond
  • File a tax lien in applicable counties
  • Freeze and/or seize non-exempt assets
  • Suspend permits/licenses
  • File criminal charges
  • Place a “hold” on any outstanding state warrants payable to the taxpayer

If you owe by due taxes, please contact your local anesthetic Comptroller ‘s field office or call 800-252-8880 to discuss your account .

What should I do if I receive a Notice of Hearing to Cancel/Suspend my permit?
If you fail to file a composition, pay taxes, or post a security chemical bond, the Comptroller ‘s office may suspend any permit or license issued by this agency after conducting a listen. You can avoid this hear merely by filing and paying the past due menstruation ( s ) and/or posting the want security bond .
If you are unable to pay the past due taxes or post the bind, you should contact your local Comptroller ‘s field office to schedule a prison term for your listening. failure to appear at this listening may result in the abeyance of any license or license issued by this representation .

Why does the Comptroller’s office file tax liens?
state of matter police requires that all past ascribable taxes, fines, interest and penalties owed to the state of matter must be secured by a lien. Please be aware that a tax lien could have a negative affect on your credit denounce. If you are past due in the requital of your taxes, please contact your local Comptroller ‘s battlefield agency or call 800-252-8880 to discuss your account .

Does the Comptroller’s office ever seize assets to satisfy past due tax liabilities?
In an campaign to protect the state of matter ‘s interest, it is sometimes necessary for the Comptroller ‘s function to seize and sell a taxpayer ‘s non-exempt assets. If you are past due in the payment of your taxes, please contact your local Comptroller ‘s field office or call 800-252-8880 to discuss your report .

What should I do if the Comptroller’s office has started collection actions against my business?
You should immediately contact the Comptroller ‘s Enforcement Division by visiting your local Comptroller ‘s field function or calling 800-252-8880. Be surely to have your 11-digit Taxpayer ID issue available .

Can I set up a payment plan with the Comptroller’s office for past due liabilities?
While taxes are always due on the due date, the Comptroller ‘s position will consider requital plans on a individual basis to avoid placing excessive hardships on taxpayers. For extra data in this see, please contact your local Comptroller ‘s field agency .
Please be mindful that even if you enter into a requital plan, your account is still considered delinquent and some collection actions will continue. For exercise, you will however receive charge notices, a lien will distillery be filed, and state warrants will hush be placed on “ hold ”.

How do I report suspected tax fraud?
To report a party or individual you believe is not by rights remitting taxes due, you may call our Enforcement Division at 800-252-8880 or contact your local Comptroller ‘s battlefield position. Be prepared to give information regarding the commercial enterprise, such as its name, its location, its telephone numeral, the owner ‘s name, and a description of how the business is allegedly violating the tax law. If you choose, you may remain anonymous .

What if I am contacted by the Attorney General’s Office about a tax liability?
When the Comptroller ‘s office exhausts its collection efforts, the delinquent report may be referred to the Attorney General ‘s office for far solicitation activity. After a case is referred, the Comptroller ‘s office nobelium long has legal power and can entirely get involved if specifically requested by the Attorney General .
failure to respond to notification from the Attorney General ‘s office may subject you to severe civil action .

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