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If your name has changed since you filed your tax return for the previous year, enter on form 7004 your name as you entered it on the previous year ‘s income tax reelect. If the diagnose entered on form 7004 does not match the IRS database and/or the identify number is incorrect, you will not have a valid elongation. Enter your applicable employer identification number ( EIN ) or sociable security number ( SSN ). If the entity ’ s mailing address has changed since you filed your survive return, use human body 8822, Change of Address, or Form 8822-B, Change of Address or responsible Party—Business, to notify the IRS of the transfer. A new address shown on shape 7004 will not update your record. If the entity ‘s address is outside the United States or its possessions or territories, insert in the space for “ city, town, state, and ZIP code, ” the data in the pursue order : city, province or state, and area. Follow the nation ‘s practice for entering the postal code. Do not abbreviate the nation diagnose. Include the suite, room, or other unit number after the street address. If the post office does not deliver mail to the street address and the entity has a P.O. box, show the box number alternatively of the street address.

The regent of a believe required to file Form 1041-A must use form 8868, alternatively of Form 7004, to request an extension of time to file. If an association is electing to file Form 1120-H, U.S. Income Tax Return for Homeowners Association, it should file for an annex on shape 7004 using the original phase type assigned to the entity. See the Instructions for Form 1120-H. Enter the allow shape code in the boxes on note 1 to indicate the type of revert for which you are requesting an extension. See maximal extension menstruation, earlier .

Part II — All Filers Must Complete This Part

Line 2

Check the box on line 2 if you are requesting an extension of clock time to file for a foreign corporation that does not have an office or rate of business in the United States. The entity must file mannequin 7004 by the due date of the reappearance ( the 15th day of the 6th calendar month following the close of the tax year ) to request an elongation .

Line 3

merely the common parent or agentive role of a amalgamate group can request an elongation of time to file the group ‘s consolidate return .
Attach a number of all members of the consolidated group showing the appoint, address, and EIN for each extremity of the group. If you file a newspaper return, you must provide this information using the follow format : 8.5 x 11, 20 pound. white paper ; 12 point font in Courier, Arial, or Times New Roman ; black ink ; biased printing ; and at least a one-half inch allowance. information is to be presented in a two column format, with the leave column containing affiliates ‘ names and addresses, and the correct column containing the EIN with one-half edge between the column. There should be two blank lines between listed affiliates .
generally, all members of a consolidate group must use the like taxable year as the common parent corporation. If, however, a particular penis of a amalgamate group is required to file a separate income tax return for a short period and seeks an extension of time to file the return, that extremity must file a distinguish phase 7004 for that period. See Regulations segment 1.1502-76 for details .
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Any extremity of either a controlled group of corporations or an affiliate group of corporations not joining in a amalgamate return must file a freestanding form 7004 .


failure to list members of the affiliate group on an attachment may result in the group ‘s inability to elect to file a consolidate rejoinder. however, see Regulations sections 301.9100-1 through 301.9100-3 for information about extensions of time for making elections .

Line 4

Certain foreign and domestic corporations and certain partnerships are entitled to an automatic rifle propagation of time to file and pay under Regulations section 1.6081-5. These entities do not need to file form 7004 to take this automatic rifle extension and must file ( or request an extra extension of clock to file ) and pay any counterweight due by the fifteenth day of the 6th month following the close of the tax year. This includes :

  • Partnerships that keep their books and records outside the United States and Puerto Rico ,
  • A foreign corporation that maintains an office or identify of business in the United States ,
  • A domestic corporation that transacts its business and keeps its books and records of account outside the United States and Puerto Rico, or

  • A domestic corporation whose chief income is from sources within the possessions of the United States .

Attach a statement to the entity ’ s tax return stating that the entity qualifies for the propagation to file and pay. If the entity is ineffective to file its return on or before the fifteenth sidereal day of the 6th calendar month following the close of the tax year, check the corner on wrinkle 4 of imprint 7004 to request an extra extension of time to file ( not an extension of time to pay ). The extra extension period is 3 months for partnerships and S corporations and 4 months for C corporations and filers of Form 1120-POL .

Line 5a

If you do not use a calendar year, complete the lines showing the beginning and ending dates for the tax year .

Line 5b

Check the applicable box on telephone line 5b for the reason for the short tax year .
If the box for “ Change in account period ” is checked, the entity must have applied for blessing to change its tax year unless certain conditions have been met. For more information, see human body 1128, and Pub. 538, Accounting Periods and Methods. If you have a short tax year and none of the reasons listed apply, check the box for “ early ” and attach a affirmation explaining the reason for the short tax class. Clearly explain the circumstances that caused the short circuit tax year .
If Form 7004 is filed for a reelect covering a abruptly tax year ending in June, see utmost annex time period, earlier .

Line 6

Enter the full tax, including any nonrefundable credits, the entity expects to owe for the tax year. See the specific instructions for the applicable render to estimate the measure of the doubtful tax. If you expect this amount to be zero, enter -0- .

Line 7

Enter the sum payments and refundable credits. For more information about “ write-in candidate ” payments and credits, see the instructions for the applicable render .

Line 8

form 7004 does not extend the time to pay tax. If the entity is a corporation or affiliated group of corporations filing a amalgamate recurrence, the corporation must remit the sum of the unpaid tax liability shown on telephone line 8 on or before the due date of the restitution .
Most entities must use electronic funds transfer to make all federal tax deposits, including deposits for corporate income taxes. Generally, electronic funds transfers are made using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ( EFTPS ). To get more data about EFTPS or to enroll in EFTPS, chew the fat or call 1-800-555-4477 .
If the entity does not want to use EFTPS, it can arrange for its tax professional, fiscal institution, payroll service, or other sure third base party to make deposits on its behalf. See the instructions for the entity ’ s tax return .
If you file form 7004 electronically, you can pay by Electronic Funds Withdrawal ( EFW ). See shape 8878-A. If the pot expects to have a internet operate loss carryback, the pot can reduce the come to be deposited to the extent of the overpayment resulting from the carryback, provided all other anterior class tax liabilities have been in full paid and Form 1138 is filed with form 7004.

foreign corporations that maintain an office or identify of business in the United States should pay their tax as described above. Foreign corporations that do not maintain an office or station of business in the United States, see the instructions for the pot ‘s applicable tax return ( Form 1120-F or Form 1120-FSC ) for information on depositing any tax due .
A trust ( Form 1041 ) or REMIC ( Form 1066 ) will be granted an extension even if it can not pay the wax measure shown on line 8. But it should pay vitamin a much as it can to limit the sum of penalties and interest it will owe .
If you are requesting an extension of time to file Form 1042, see the deposition rules in the Instructions for Form 1042 to determine how requital must be made .

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