Tips for Sales Tax Compliance in E-Commerce –

  • The U.S. Supreme Court case South Dakota v. Wayfair established that e-commerce retailers are required to pay sales tax.
  • Each state has its own rules to determine which businesses are required to collect and pay sales tax.
  • E-commerce businesses should consider technologies and consult with experts when determining these rates.
  • This article is for e-commerce business owners who need to stay on top of their tax obligations.

Staying up to date on changing sales tax laws can be unmanageable for even the savviest small business owners. Add in the changing legislation from the past few years and you ’ re looking at batch of complications, particularly if you ’ re in e-commerce. According to Vertex Inc. ’ randomness 2019 end-of-year reputation, there were 619 criterion sales tax rate changes in 2018. The same report says there have been 5,886 new and changed sales tax rates in the 10 years prior. That ’ s a set of legislation for humble clientele owners to track, and some of those changes result in businesses becoming taxable in states where they weren ’ t taxed previously. How do you keep up with these regulations ? here ’ s what e-commerce business owners need to know about interstate sales tax regulations, what you can do to keep on exceed of these changes and common mistakes to avoid. Editor’s note: Looking for information on POS systems? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

Do you have to pay sales tax on e-commerce sales?

Yes. clientele owners must assess sales taxes, collect them and remit them to the proper tax authorities within the appointed time. Except for wholesale items, raw materials and sales made to nonprofits, U.S. retail businesses are required to collect sales tax on the goods they sell. As a little business owner, you must monitor constantly evolving legislation. [Read related article: Online Business Laws Your Small Business Needs to Know] Key takeaway: E-commerce businesses are required to assess, collect and pay sales tax.

What is a sales tax nexus, and how does it affect e-commerce businesses?

A sales tax nexus is what determines the relationship between your business and the state, or taxing legal power. For brick-and-mortar stores, determining this is typically easy : the physical presence of the store in that state established the kinship between the taxing jurisdiction and the business. however, the Supreme Court rule in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. changed how e-commerce businesses charge and collect sales tax. The decision, made in June 2018, enabled states to charge sales tax to out-of-state sellers, which means you don ’ t need a physical presence in a state to pay sales tax. In South Dakota, the state can charge sales tax to any clientele that delivers more than $ 100,000 of goods or services or totals 200 transactions on an annual basis. immediately, with goods theoretically available to all customers in all 50 states, e-commerce businesses may not know how much sales tax to charge, if any. [Read related article: The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Small Business Taxes] “ This is a major variety in the sales tax world, ” said Judah Fish, CEO of Saltwater Tax Group. fish stated in this interview, conducted in 2018, that other states would collect tax by setting like parameters to South Dakota for the minimal dollar sales total and transactions needed to enforce the tax. other experts had similar predictions. We ’ ve seen this happen, but respective states have added variations to South Dakota ’ mho terms. Some of those sales tax rates are more difficult for on-line businesses to monitor, while others are quite close to the terms established in South Dakota v. Wayfair. If your modest commercial enterprise mails three $ 15 products to a customer across the country, you don ’ t need to worry much about these sales tax laws. It ’ second highly improbable any state will create a police where purchases that belittled result in paying a sales tax, but businesses selling larger amounts need to take note. The sales tax nexus changes from state to state, and how it ’ s determined can depend on several factors, including employees, headquarters, where inventory is stored, or the sum of product sold to or in a finical state. These laws are continually being updated, so you should look up the requirements on each department of state ’ s web site to ensure you are in complaisance. additionally, you may want to check with a tax authority or a certified public accountant ( CPA ) to determine how a lot sales tax you may need to collect. Key takeaway: A sales tax nexus determines your business’s relationship with a taxing jurisdiction. South Dakota v. Wayfair ruled that a business does not need a physical presence in a state to collect sales tax from customers in that state.

How to adjust to new sales tax laws for e-commerce

Keeping on top of these changing e-commerce sales tax laws is no easily feat. As you prepare your business to determine eligibility, how much sales tax to charge ( if any ), and how it will be collected, tracked, and paid, you ’ ll motivation to set up new systems and processes that aid ensure you ’ rhenium meet your responsibilities. “ Along with the obvious changes that are going to need to be implemented from an account position, a huge share of the impact of this decision is going to be technical, ” said Christian Gainsbrugh, the founder of LearningCart. “ many people take sales tax calculations for granted, but managing and calculating those rates behind the scenes is no small feat. ”

Decide how you plan to track e-commerce sales tax laws

large on-line retailers hold an advantage over smaller sellers in this scenario, as companies like Amazon can throw money and employees at these issues to quickly adjust to changing laws and submission issues. little businesses with fewer resources will have a harder time complying with different sales tax laws, according to Gainsbrugh. “ Although some states like Maryland have a standard flat sales tax rate, some like South Dakota floor it on the city, and other states like Washington calculate sales tax based on the county the buyer is in, ” he said. “ With the direction county lines are drawn, you literally could have a customer on one english of a street with one tax rate and another across the street with a wholly different tax rate. ”

Choose a point-of-sale platform that tracks tax liabilities

engineering can help little businesses with this catchy situation. Certain point-of-sale ( POS ) systems integrate with accounting software capable of processing different express sales tax laws. Shopify, Square, Clover, PayPal and Vend all offer sales tax solutions in addition to their POS services. “ As the Supreme Court pointed out, there are software solutions that are available … that will help humble businesses comply with these obligations on a multistate basis, ” said Mike Dillon, the president of Dillon Tax Consulting. Dillon shared these thoughts on a June 2018 webinar discussion hosted by TaxJar. For on-line retailers, having software to help manage the complexity of unlike sales tax laws is all-important. For small businesses reaching the minimum sales thresholds, it requires exhaustive planning and ongoing influence to ensure you stay on top of the sales tax nuances of each country. This may besides entail applying for sales tax permits in states that require your occupation to pay sales tax. Becoming taxable in a state matters, and it ’ s authoritative to meet the challenge head-on rather than pretending your e-commerce commercial enterprise can continue to operate the same direction. lend tax income international relations and security network ’ t the end of the worldly concern, but you need to follow those legal guidelines .

Make sure you’re monitoring sales tax rates in all states

Following the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision, most states changed their tax law. For model, California ’ sulfur changes to its e-commerce sales tax regulations took effect on April 1, 2019. This was major news, as any commercial enterprise sell over $ 100,000 deserving of goods online to California customers was capable to the California use tax. Having 200 or more branch transactions into California besides subjected on-line sellers to the tax. California updated its e-commerce sales tax requirements in February 2020, less than a class after the first adjustments were made, and now requires businesses that make “ three or more sales in a 12-month period ” to hold a seller ’ randomness allow. This change underscores precisely how important it is for businesses that sell their goods online to continually monitor state sales tax regulations. many states have followed the monetary guidelines set forth in the Supreme Court event. other states won ’ t always enact the claim standards as South Dakota, but you can use those numbers as a usher to prepare in the consequence that your state has not set laws so far. If you exceed that conjectural doorsill, you should closely monitor the sales tax laws in that state of matter to remain compliant. For case, if you sell more than $ 100,000 worth of goods or have more than 200 transactions annually in a state that hasn ’ thymine adjusted its laws since the South Dakota v. Wayfair predominate, you should frequently check the tax laws in that department of state for changes and follow the legislation. If you collect sales tax from customers, remit the tax back to the state. failure to do some can result in the rape of legal guidelines.

Key takeaway: Preparing for shifting e-commerce laws involves investing into resources, such as software, that can help you monitor law changes in all 50 states and make adjustments to your sales-tax-collection processes accordingly.

Tips for managing e-commerce sales tax

Managing e-commerce sales tax takes great feat, cooperation and aid. These tips can help you by rights track state laws, collect and remission e-commerce sales tax to the proper tax authorities .

Track every penny – literally.

One of the best things you can do to stay on top of your sales tax obligations is to keep meticulous records, said Luca CM Melchionna, a managing member of Melchionna PLLC. A adept report solution helps you track your invoices and sales so you know precisely where your sales come from. “ Be sure to work with an lawyer and a CPA with know in this area, ” Melchionna said. “ In many states, sales tax report obligations are recurring. It is crucial that little retailers maintain faultless documentation at the fourth dimension of each sale. ”

Track each state’s payment deadline dates.

When you have to remit sales tax you collect on e-commerce sales varies by country. Create a calendar or punctuate up an existing calendar you use with each state ’ second due date to ensure payments are sent to the proper authorities on time. “ When you register with a state, you should be assigned a file frequency ( monthly, quarterly, annually or other ), ” said Scott Peterson, vice president of the united states of U.S. tax policy and politics relations at Avalara. “ These frequencies each come with their own due dates. Although the ascribable date may officially be the lapp day of the month each report period, these can fluctuate ascribable to holidays, weekends and early factors. so, it ’ second all-important to check the exact dates rather than fair assume that you know when they are. ”

Know how to remit sales tax.

Each state has its own requirements governing how to file and remit e-commerce sales tax. Some may accept a check, and some country may require that you pay online .

Ensure you have the proper permits.

Your business should besides obtain any newly sales tax permits you might need. If, for model, you sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods in California before the recent legislation, you ’ ll want to get a sales tax license to continue that exercise. If you need to pay sales tax in a department of state, you ’ ll need a sales tax allow .

Understand the penalties for mistakes and delays.

Knowing the penalties for late payments or incorrect payments for each state is deoxyadenosine monophosphate significant as knowing the law itself. not complying with the law, even unintentionally, could cause ongoing issues for your clientele, including legal action .

Consult an expert.

If you ’ re diffident of what your tax responsibilities are in a detail state, contact a tax professional, CPA, or lawyer. Their insight can help you make the best decisions for your e-commerce business, a well as ensure that you ’ rhenium roll up and remitting this sales tax correctly. Key takeaway: The best way to manage e-commerce sales tax is to keep meticulous records, track your filing frequencies and due dates, and ensure you receive the proper sales tax permits. Consult professional help if necessary.

Compliance mistakes to avoid

“ We all make mistakes, ” said Peterson. “ When you ’ re a little clientele filing sales taxes, it ’ mho easy to do. After all, chances are estimable that you ’ re not a sales tax expert. ” Peterson shared three common mistakes minor businesses make regarding their solicitation of sales tax :

Failing to keep track of different rules for different states

As mentioned earlier, every state has its own rules and procedures. You may be dealing with respective due dates, filing frequencies, formats, late penalties and early variables, and it ’ south easy to mix them up, said Peterson. “ Making certain you are getting it right for each submit besides means making sure you are updated on the latest requirements, which can and do change, ” he added .

Reporting incorrect numbers

many states require you to break down collections based on local legal power, which adds another layer of complexity. Peterson noted that it takes careful calculation and check to make certain you are getting your numbers right .

Not filing because you didn’t collect any tax

Don ’ triiodothyronine think that if you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate collect any tax, you don ’ t have to file for that report time period. Most states require you to file every report time period, even if you didn ’ triiodothyronine roll up anything. Disregarding this prerequisite could result in belated or non-filing penalties, said Peterson. complaisance mistakes are out there waiting to happen, but by rights managing sales tax responsibilities and staying inform gives you the best chance of avoiding trouble. You want to make sure your tax returns are compensate, and monitoring the different trends and working with experts in sales tax rates is the easiest way to ensure your business ’ second tax returns are correct. Key takeaway: Avoid common mistakes when it comes to e-commerce sales tax compliance. Don’t skip filing if you did not collect sales tax, don’t ignore sales tax laws in any state, and don’t forget to regularly track the rules in every state.

What’s next for sales tax for e-commerce?

Since the South Dakota v. Wayfair rule in 2018, states have implemented many changes to e-commerce sales tax regulations. This is likely to continue, and your business needs to stay current with the changes. Staying current entails not only monitoring the changes but registering for a sales tax license in each express where you do business, if needed.

While it may seem closely impossible from the advantage point of a little occupation owner to stay astir to date on sales tax changes in 50 states, by staying organized, conducting ongoing research and buy software programs, you can ensure your business complies with changing tax codes. Key takeaway: Sales tax rates change frequently; use technology to help your business stay up to date with them. Additional reporting by Stella Morrison.

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