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overview If you ‘re going through a disassociate, taxes may be the last thing on your mind, so we ‘re here to help. We ‘ve got tips for you on which filing condition to choose after the divorce, who can claim the exemptions for the kids, and how payments to an ex-spouse are treated for tax purposes .

Filing status

Couples who are splitting up but not however divorced before the conclusion of the year have the choice of filing a joint return. The alternative is to file as marry file individually. It ‘s the year when your disassociate decree becomes final that you lose the choice to file as marry articulation or marry separate. In other words, your marital condition as of December 31 of each year controls your filing status for that entire year .
If you ca n’t file a joint render for the year because you ’ re divorced by year-end, you can file as a head of family ( and get the benefit of a bigger standard deduction and gentle tax brackets ), if you had a dependent be with you for more than half the year, and you paid for more than half of the sustenance for your home.


You can continue to claim your child as a dependent on your tax tax return if he or she lived with you for a longer period of time during the class than with your ex-spouse. In this sheath, you ‘re called the custodial rear. ( It ‘s possible for the non-custodial parent to claim a dependent child if the custodial parent signs a release pledge that he or she wo n’t claim it. )

Medical expenses

If you continue to pay a child ‘s aesculapian bills after the divorce, you can include those costs in your aesculapian expense deduction even if your ex-spouse has custody of the child and claims the child as a pendent .

Tax credits

If you ‘re the rear who claims a child as a pendent, you ‘re besides the one who can claim the child tax accredit ( up to $ 3,600 per child for 2021 ) and the american Opportunity higher education credit ( up to $ 2,500 ) or the Lifetime Learning higher department of education tax credit ( up to $ 2,000 ). The other side of that mint is that if you ca n’t make the dependence claim, you ca n’t claim these credits .
You can continue to claim the child care credit for work-related expenses you incur to care for a child under senesce 13 if you are the custodial parent of that child, even if your ex-spouse gets to claim the child as a subject. Put another way, you can only claim this credit for expenses to care for a child if you are the custodial rear of that child .

Payments to an ex-spouse

If you ‘re the spouse who is paying alimony, you can take a tax discount for the payments, tied if you do n’t itemize your deductions ampere long as your disassociate agreement was finalized anterior to 2019. Keep in mind, though, that the IRS wo n’t consider the payments to be genuine alimony unless they are made in cash and are required by a disassociate agreement. Your ex-spouse, meanwhile, must pay income tax on the amounts that are deducted. ( cost sure you know your ex-spouse ‘s Social Security count. You have to report it on your tax return in order to claim the alimony deduction. )

The inverse is true for child support : The payer does n’t get a subtraction and the recipient role does n’t pay income tax .

Asset transfers

When a divorce village shifts place from one spouse to another, the recipient role does n’t pay tax on that transfer. That ‘s the thoroughly newsworthiness. But remember that the property ‘s tax basis shift deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. thus, if you get property from your ex-spouse in the divorce and late sell it, you will pay capital gains tax on all the taste before american samoa well as after the transfer. That ‘s why, when you ‘re splitting up property, you need to consider the tax basis adenine well as the value of the property. A $ 100,000 bank report is worth more to you than a $ 100,000 stock portfolio that has a basis of $ 50,000. There ‘s no tax on the erstwhile but when you sell the stock, you ‘d owe tax on the $ 50,000 increase in value .

Home sales

If as contribution of your divorce you and your ex-spouse decide to sell your base, that decision may have capital-gains tax implications. normally, the law allows you to avoid tax on the first $ 250,000 of addition on the sale of your primary home if you have owned the home and lived there at least two years out of the last five. Married couples filing jointly can exclude up to $ 500,000 a long as either one has owned the mansion, and both used it as a primary coil home plate for at least two out of the last five years .
For sales after a divorce, if those biennial ownership-and-use tests are met, you and your ex-spouse can each exclude up to $ 250,000 of addition on your individual returns. And sales after a divorce can qualify for a reduce ejection if the biennial tests have n’t been met. The sum of the reduce ejection depends on the part of the biennial period the home was owned and used. If, for exercise, it was one year rather of two, you can each exclude $ 125,000 of gain .
What happens if you receive the sign of the zodiac in the divorce settlement and sell it several years late ? then you can exclude a maximum $ 250,000 acquire. The meter your spouse owned the place is added to your period of ownership for purposes of the biennial test.

Transfer of retirement assets

Handle your retirement savings with wish in a disassociate. If you cash out a 401 ( k ) plan to give money to your ex-spouse, for exercise, the IRS considers that a taxable distribution—and you ‘ll be stuck paying the tax .
The direction to avoid this tax-trap is to have the transfer accomplished under a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ( QDRO ), which gives your ex-spouse the right to the funds and relieves you of the tax effect. You do n’t need a QDRO to transfer IRA funds, but the transfer should be spelled out in the divorce agreement so that it ‘s not treated as a taxable distribution to the IRA owner .
Remember, with TurboTax, we ‘ll ask you bare questions about your animation and avail you fill out all the correct tax forms. With TurboTax you can be convinced your taxes are done properly, from simpleton to complex tax returns, no matter what your position .

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