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The Internal Revenue Service requires employers and fiscal institutions to issue W-2 and 1099-R forms in time for those taxpayers to figure out their taxes and file, but if you ca n’t wait for your W-2 or 1099-R ( or if you are n’t sent one ), you can file using IRS human body 4852 and the last paystub from the former year as a substitute.

Form 4852

The IRS form 4852 is appropriate for instances when no W-2 or 1099-R arrives, or if the forms that arrive are faulty. The IRS requests this form only be used after unsuccessful attempts to retrieve your W-2 or 1099-R ; the IRS will actually assist taxpayers in getting their tax forms from employers or fiscal institutions if the forms have n’t arrived by the calendar month of February. In other words, the class 4852 is not designed to provide taxpayers the opportunity to get their refunds immediate, but is the alternative means to file when forms are n’t provided in a timely manner .
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Potential Problems

Your stopping point paystub may not have all the information needed for file taxes, says TurboTax. Rushing to do your taxes in an attack to get your hands on your tax return quick may not even be feasible, as tax season ( the menstruation in which the IRS will process refunds ) is n’t typically until late in January. By this time, you will have likely already received your forms from your employer. Further, if you file your taxes with Form 4852 and your paystub but late receive the tax forms and the amounts are different from what you filed, you will must file an amended tax recurrence with an IRS kind 1040X.

Completing Form 4852

Use the Year-to-Date ( YTD ) information on your paystub to fill out this form.

Personal Information

The top of Form 4852 requires your personal information including :

  • Your full name
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your address

Explanation for Form 4852

In the adjacent incision, you state what year the tax form is for – this is typically the former year unless you ‘re filing back taxes. You besides must certify in this section you were either ineffective to get tax forms from your employer or fiscal mental hospital or that you received wrong forms. This section besides requires you certify that you contacted the IRS prior to filing to notify them of this trouble.

Information From Paystub

cautiously input the information from your paystub into the bottom half of Form 4852. First you must input the diagnose, address, and Tax ID number ( if known ) for your employer. next, add the remaining information from your paystub, noting the top section is for employees who should receive W-2 forms and the second part is for taxpayers who should receive a 1099-R. The second gear section for 1099-R should n’t be filled out if you are merely missing a W-2 and have no 1099-R forms. In absence of a W-2, input this information :

  • Wages, tips, and other compensation
  • Social Security wages
  • Medicare wages and tips
  • Social Security tips
  • Federal Income tax withheld
  • State income tax withheld
  • Local income tax withheld
  • Social Security tax withheld
  • Medicare tax withheld

Certifying Your Information

Beneath the wages and taxes information, you must provide an explanation of how you arrived at the amounts listed above. This can be a argument vitamin a elementary as, “ Amounts taken from final paystub of ( tax year ). ” Before signing the form, you must besides detail the efforts you made to obtain the W-2 from your employer.

Sign and Send

It ‘s significant to note that the IRS will not accept Form 4852 electronically ; it must be mailed. Include the form with the rest of your tax documents. consult with a tax professional if you have further questions regarding filing with a shape 4852.

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