Sole Proprietorship Married Filing Jointly in 2022

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You can file your taxes jointly with your spouse while operating a sole proprietorship. We consider the benefits and drawbacks of filing your taxes jointly and individually from your spouse. You might feel like you ’ re simultaneously married to your spouse and your business. Rest assured, you don ’ triiodothyronine choose one over the early for filing your taxes : You, your spouse, and your occupation can file taxes together .

Can I file taxes as a sole proprietor and jointly?

The question implies you ’ re a sole owner married to person who does not have an ownership interest in your business. Of course, what ’ randomness yours is mine and indeed forth, but your business is registered only in your name.

The answer is yes, you may file your taxes jointly with your spouse while function as a exclusive owner. Your business possession doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate affect whether you can file your taxes jointly with, or individually from, your spouse. A sole proprietorship is the default option tax classification for a business with one owner, or single-member LLC. For tax purposes, you and your sole proprietorship are one taxpayer, inextricably linked. sole proprietors attach Schedule C and Schedule SE to their personal tax recurrence shape 1040. What if your spouse has an possession interest in your business ? Unless you live in a community place state, you won ’ t be considered a sole owner when your spouse is a co-owner in your occupation. alternatively, your business is treated as a partnership, which requires a separate annual tax file. Community place states are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Businesses registered in other states will require you form a qualified joint speculation to avoid the administrative effect of filing as a partnership .

What are the advantages of filing taxes as a sole proprietor and jointly?

Filing taxes jointly with a sole proprietorship has plenty of top :

1. Business losses offset spouse’s income

Say you started a sole proprietorship that showed a $ 25,000 net manoeuver loss ( NOL ) in its first class. interim, your spouse earned $ 100,000 working as an employee at an unrelated company. Your family income was $ 75,000 ( $ 100,000 spouse ’ s income – $ 25,000 net operating personnel casualty ). When you file your taxes jointly, a commercial enterprise personnel casualty reduces household income. Lower family income equals lower tax indebtedness. In years when your occupation loss exceeds your spouse ’ south income, your family will owe no federal income tax and might be able to get an immediate tax refund on taxes paid in former years. If you file your taxes individually, you have no opportunity to reduce your spouse ’ s current year tax indebtedness. You can even take advantage of the internet operating loss tax write-off by carrying the deduction into future years where your business turns a profit. Check out our scout on the net operational personnel casualty deduction for more data .

2. You can take the full child tax credit

If your family is eligible for the child tax credit, you ’ ll want to file your taxes jointly with your spouse. By filing jointly, you can get a credit up to $ 2,000 for a qualify child. tax credits are a big cope. Unlike deductions, tax credits directly reduce your tax beak. For model, if you owe $ 5,000 in income taxes, a $ 2,000 credit reduces your income tax liability to $ 3,000 ( $ 5,000 income tax liability – $ 2,000 child tax credit ). You may still qualify for a fond child tax citation when you are marry filing individually, but you get the most when filing jointly. generally, you maximize your deductions and credits when you file your taxes jointly .

3. You only file one tax return

Why file two returns when one will do ? In many cases, filing a joint tax return saves time and money. In general, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be afraid of filing jointly with your spouse unless he or she has amateur taxes or debts.

What are the disadvantages of filing taxes jointly, as a sole proprietor?

It ’ s not all fair weather and roses to file your taxes jointly with your spouse. You should file individually if you ’ re in one of the follow situations :

1. You want to avoid intermingled finances

Some couples prefer not to mix their finances, and filing jointly makes that more unmanageable. The resultant role of a joint return key is merely one tax liability or refund total. A couple with disjoined finances would have to go rear into the mathematics to figure out who is creditworthy for what. While it ’ s possible to do the calculus, it ’ mho bare to file individually .

2. A spouse’s unpaid debts and taxes can gum up your business filing

back taxes and amateur student loanword debt campaign issues during tax season. If your spouse failed to file taxes in previous years or is delinquent on scholar loanword payments, the IRS can seize your joint federal tax refund. A goodly refund owed to your business might get snatched up, and that won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spirit good. In cosmopolitan, couples should file their taxes individually until both spouses have their taxes in order .


  • Bring on your spouse as an mugwump contractor when you want to hire them for a specify aim — to complete a specific customer plan that requires his or her skills for example. Hiring your spouse for a short time to help with a bustling vacation season would require you to treat them as a seasonal employee, not an independent contractor. Don ’ metric ton lose me here : Hiring your spouse as an freelancer contractor means both you and your spouse are individually sole proprietors. You and your spouse each file a shape 1040 Schedule C and Schedule SE to report income and pay self-employment taxes. The income on your separate Schedules C appears jointly on the front of your form 1040 .
  • You can surely hire your spouse as an employee in your sole proprietorship. But treat them like every other employee in your occupation, with reasonable yield and the same benefits afforded to others. One tax fringe benefit : Your business won ’ t owe Federal Unemployment Insurance Act ( FUTA ) taxes on a sole owner spouse employee ’ randomness wages. But your spouse ’ s income is subject to Federal Insurance Contributions Act ( FICA ) taxes, merely like early employees. Make sure you ’ ra putting your spouse on the payroll for the right reasons. You should hire a spouse when they are under your or another employee ’ mho supervision. When your non-owner spouse works in your business and makes owner-level decisions, you risk the arrangement looking more like a co-ownership .
  • By default, a clientele owned by a married couple is considered a partnership for tax purposes. The exception is community property states, where sole proprietorships can have two owners when the two owners are married to each other. Community place states treat couples as one taxpayer. Running a partnership requires an annual information tax filing. While you and your spouse pay business taxes through your personal tax reappearance, your clientele files Form 1065 to relay occupation earnings, deductions, and tax credits to the IRS. You can use tax software to help you make the extra file.

    You should consider forming a qualify joint guess with your spouse to avoid the partnership filing. Qualified joint ventures are businesses owned by a married pair and are taxed as exclusive proprietors. You avoid filing the partnership information return while you co-own your occupation .

One filing or two? It’s up to you

Married filing jointly can maximize tax deductions and credits, but it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate produce the best leave in every site. It ’ s a estimable idea to consult a tax professional before deciding how to file your taxes .

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