How to File Income Tax for a Deceased Taxpayer

man sits at kitchen table with a pile of paperwork and laptop computer, looking stressed

man sits at kitchen table with a pile of paperwork and laptop computer, looking stressed
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No one likes doing taxes, but the tax is tied more daunting when filing a revert for person who has died. If you are preparing a 1040 federal income tax form for a spouse or parent, you are grieving while besides gathering tax records. If you are the executor for an estate of the realm, you may not know the history of the dead person ’ s tax situation nor have the access you need to significant documents. To help alleviate the hassles, we talked to experts about how a dead person ’ s tax render might be different from the common 1040 form, american samoa well as the pitfalls to avoid as you prepare to file.

1. Know marital filing status

A survive spouse will file a joint refund for the year of death and publish in the touch area : “ Filing as surviving spouse. ” The spouse besides can file jointly for the following two tax years if he or she has dependents and has not remarried. This particular provision for certified widows and widowers allows the surviving spouse to benefit from the advantages of a joint retort, such as the higher standard deduction.

2. Get authorization to file

If there is not a survive spouse, person needs to be chosen to file the tax reappearance. Options include the estate ’ second executor if there was a will, the estate of the realm administrator if there ’ s not a will, or anyone creditworthy for managing the dead person ’ sulfur property.
“ typically, we see it as the surviving spouse or child, a trustee, a business partner in real estate, et cetera, ” says Stephen A. Bonfa, a Brooklyn, New York, tax lawyer. personal representatives notify the IRS of their correct to file the tax refund by including Form 56 with the 1040, Bonfa adds .
To prepare the return — or provide necessary data to an accountant — you will need to access fiscal records. Most fiscal institutions will want a copy of the certify death certificate before releasing information .

3. Find last year’s return

This is your starting point.  ” That becomes your checklist of the documents that you ‘ll be expecting for the current year, ” says Sheila Brandenberg, a CPA with clients in New York and New Jersey. If it ’ s a newspaper retort, you need to find it. Returns filed electronically can be slippery if you don ’ triiodothyronine know the password to sign in to the software used or possibly can ’ t even turn on the dead person ’ randomness calculator where files are kept. An important gradation in estate plan is to give passwords to a trust person or instructions about how to access that information after your death.

If you can ’ thymine recover last year ’ sulfur revert, you can submit Form 4506-T to the IRS to request a transcript of the previous tax revert, notes Simone Alting, associate collaborator, U.S. Tax and Advisory Services, at the KNAV firm in Atlanta. The transcript summarizes what was on the return, including file condition, taxable income, tax payments and more. The IRS besides can provide beginning documents such as a W-2 or a 1099-INT from a bank or a 1099-R for a pension distribution from a union — all the documents sent to the IRS on your behalf — which can help you know what documents to gather now. “ You would basically be playing detective and going back and trying to recreate this information for that person, ” Brandenberg says .

4. Update the address on the return

If you ’ re not a survive spouse or didn ’ triiodothyronine live with the dead person, make certain you update the tax come back to list your address as an “ in caution of ” address. That way, any agreement with the IRS will come directly to you. “ Most tax programs have that line ‘ in caution of, ’ ” Brandenberg says .

5. Assess medical costs

The deduction for medical expenses is the amount that exceeds 7.5 percentage of adjust gross income. many people are fortunate that they don ’ triiodothyronine hit that doorway. But if the dead person was chronically ill, medical expenses can add up. Hospital stays, nursing homes and care from aides can push aesculapian costs into the district of being deductible.

6. Get extra time to file, make payments

There is no special discussion because person has died ; however, the executor or surviving spouse can benefit from provisions available to all taxpayers. If you can ’ t file by the deadline, request an elongation and do your best to estimate what any tax liability might be. It will give you some breathing room to gather the paperwork you need to complete the reelect. besides, the IRS may give you a break on penalties for not filing because you were dealing with funeral arrangements, for exercise, but you have to cite a reasonable cause, Bonfa says .
If funds are tied up in the estate of the realm, reach out to the IRS to make arrangements to pay taxes owed over time. “ See what they can offer you, ” Alting says. Keep in mind that interest will be added .
The executor or administrator is never on the hook for taxes owed. ” If the assets are not sufficient to pay the taxes, the administrator does not have any obligation to take money out of his or her pocket to pay the asleep taxpayer ’ s taxes, ” Brandenberg says .

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