Do You Have to File Taxes If You Have No Income?

Earned Income
Filing Status  Earned Income  Age  Blind 
Single  $12,550 or more Under 65  No 
Single $14,250 or more Under 65 Yes 
Single  $14,250 or more 65+  No 
Single $15,950 or more 65+ Yes 
Married $12,550 or more Under 65  No 
Married $13,900 or more Under 65  Yes 
Married $13,900 or more 65+  No 
Married $15,250 or more 65+  Yes 

For example, let ‘s say you ‘re individual, 16 years previous, not blind, and your parents claim you as a dependent. You had $ 13,000 in earned income end class. You would have to file a tax return because that ‘s more than the doorway ( which is besides the standard tax write-off ) of $ 12,550 for tax year 2021. If all else was the lapp, but you were blind, you would not have to file because that ‘s less than the threshold/standard deduction of $ 14,250 for 2021. ( please note : These numbers may be indexed for inflation each year. )

You must besides file a tax render if either your unearned or your gain income exceeds the applicable sum for your circumstances. For exercise, you would have to file a refund if you had $ 1,101 in unearned income, even though you only had $ 10,000 in earned income, were single and under 65 last year, and person claimed you as a pendent. You may besides have to file if your gross income is greater than the doorsill computed for your circumstances. The $ 5 dominion for marry taxpayers filing separate returns still applies, vitamin a well. ( See “ What Counts as taxable Income ? ” below to learn more about what qualifies as gain and unearned income. )

The IRS provides an interactional cock on its web site that can help you determine if you need to file a tax fall. It ’ s merely designed for taxpayers who lived in the U.S. throughout the integral tax year. Your spouse must besides have lived in the U.S. if you ’ re filing a joint rejoinder.

other file Requirements

Some individuals must file careless of whether their earnings exceed the measure of the standard deduction to which they ’ ra entitled. undocumented immigrants, or “ nonresident aliens ” as the IRS states on its web site, must typically file if they engage in any U.S. deal or business during the tax year .

You must besides file if you owe any sort of extra tax, such as :

  • The alternative minimum tax
  • The “nanny tax” for household employees
  • Taxes on tips that you didn’t report to your employer
  • Additional tax on any qualified retirement plans or health savings plans you contributed to  

You must besides file a tax return if you had both self-employment income of a certain come and wages paid by a church or a modify church-controlled organization that didn ’ t have to contribute Social Security or Medicare taxes on your behalf. These amounts are $ 400 and $ 108.28, respectively .

You must file if you received distributions from sealed health savings or medical savings accounts. You besides must file if you claimed the premium tax credit on a former class ’ s tax return and the money was issued in advance to your insurance company .

This list international relations and security network ’ t across-the-board. You should check with a tax professional if you received any unusual means of income during the tax year that may require you to file a return.

What Counts as taxable Income ?

All these thresholds and limits are based on earn and/or unearned income. earn income typically comes from salaries, wages, or self-employment. unearned income derives from things like interest and investment gains. But some common types of income decrease outside these parameters, so “ crying ” income rules apply. Gross income is your gain and unearned income added together. unemployment compensation is considered taxable income, angstrom well.

If you received an Economic Impact Payment ( EIP ) in 2021, dearly known as a stimulation requital or stimulation discipline, is not taxable income. It doesn ’ t contribute to your earned or unearned income thresholds. Social Security benefits are alone taxable if your gross income, tax-exempt security concern, and half of your benefits combined exceed $ 25,000 if you ’ rhenium single or $ 32,000 if you ’ re marry and filing a joint return, as of 2021. Married taxpayers who file separate returns may have to pay taxes on that income, a well. You besides must report and pay taxes on all your benefits if you lived with your spouse at any time during the tax year .

Why You Might Want to File evening If You Didn ’ t Have taxable income

All these rules apply when you are required to file a tax hark back, but there are a few good reasons why you might want to file tied if you technically don ’ t have to .

You may be eligible to claim the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit if you or one of your dependents were entitled to a stimulation check but never received it. You ’ re effectively letting the IRS keep that money unless you file a return to claim this as a tax credit .

The same applies to any early refundable tax accredit you might be qualified to claim. You won ’ thymine catch that money unless you file a tax return to claim it. For exemplar, if you did not receive advance monthly payments of the child tax credit, you may qualify for a lump-sum payment when you claim the child tax credit on your 2021 tax reelect when you file in 2022, evening if you do n’t normally file a tax refund .

And if you had earned income that was less than the standard discount and paid taxes through your paychecks, you may want to file to get some of that money back .

State Income Taxes

The rules outlined above apply to federal taxes. Most states impose income taxes, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, and the rules about who has to file can be significantly different. Check with your state of matter ’ second Department of Taxation for the rules that apply in the state where you live or work .

You won ’ triiodothyronine have to worry about this, however, if you live or work in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington state, or Wyoming. These states don ’ metric ton have an income tax as of 2021. Tennessee used to tax unearned income, but this tax is no farseeing effective as of 2021. And if you live or work in New Hampshire, you will lone be taxed on dividend and interest income .

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