How to File your Income Tax Return Without Your W-2

Can you file taxes without a W-2 ? You shouldn ’ t have to, but you can. Your employer is creditworthy for providing a vital piece to your tax-return puzzle by issuing you Form W-2, “ Wage and Tax Statement. ” Without this form, you won ’ thyroxine have the information you need to file your tax restitution, and your predict refund may seem unapproachable. Remember that if you don ’ thyroxine file your return because your W-2 is missing, you will likely be facing a stiff punishment. This apparently complex dilemma is well resolved by filing a ersatz shape as a substitute W-2.

File Taxes Without W-2

You can download Form 4852 from the IRS web site at and easily file taxes without a W-2. IRS form 4852, “ Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, ” serves as a placeholder for a miss Form W-2. Using your last wage nub to file taxes, estimate a closely as possible the tax data that should be on your W-2, and transfer these figures to Form 4852. After that, you can attach form 4852 to your tax return and present it before the tax filing deadline.

When Can You File Taxes Without Your W-2?

You may feel a sense of urgency to file your tax render ampere soon as the calendar turns to a new year. however, you must first give up time for your employer to provide your W-2 before the IRS issue ​ deadline of Jan. 31 ​. Although employers may have W-2s ready before this date, they are allowed the stallion month of January to produce them. even if your employer is no longer in business, you ’ ll have to wait until the ​ first week of February ​ to see if you receive your W-2. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, call your employer to check the delivery status.

Check With Your Tax Preparer

In many cases, your tax preparer may actually be able to access a copy of your W-2. H & R Block, for case, has a release W-2 early on Access military service. The serve is easy to use and in just three steps, you could have an electronic copy of your W-2. first, you ‘ll need to search for your employer in the database using either his name, the ship’s company ‘s name or the employer ‘s Federal Employer Identification Number ( FEIN ). second, you ‘ll need to follow the prompts to request a copy of your W-2. Third, you ‘ll need to pick up the W-2 from your nearest H & R Block shopfront. note : Should your employer not have uploaded the W-2 in the database at the meter of your search, you can put in a request to be notified by e-mail when he or she does last add it. ​ Read More: ​ How to Find Your Employer Identification Number

Call the IRS for Help

Before you mechanically file form 4852 as a ersatz for your W-2, call the IRS at ​ 800-829-1040 ​ ​ after Feb. 15 ​, and a example will contact your employer on your behalf to request the missing W-2. If you receive the W-2 before the tax filing deadline, you won ’ triiodothyronine have to file Form 4852, and it may besides prevent you having to file another shape to correct your tax revert. If the file deadline is looming, go ahead and file form 4852 so you don ’ metric ton run the hazard of missing the deadline and paying a penalty.

Correcting Your Tax Return

If you receive a copy of your W-2 after you have attached Form 4852 to your filed tax render, you can correct any mistakes to the estimated figures you submitted using Form 1040-X, “ Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. ” You can besides download this shape from ​ Read More: ​ How to Check Your Amended Tax Return Status

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