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An LLC ( or “ express liability company ” ) is a business entity that behaves like a pot at the express floor but can avoid paying corporate taxes. As an LLC, your company can pay income tax like a partnership or exclusive proprietorship in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service .
To create an LLC, you have to apply to your state ’ randomness Secretary of State, put together an function agreement, and secure your compulsory licenses, all of which you can read about in our guide to LLCs .
But here ’ s the best part of being an LLC : if getting taxed as a partnership or exclusive prop doesn ’ triiodothyronine result in a lower tax placard, you can opt to file your taxes as a C corporation or S pot rather .
What does that mean for your detail tax site ? Are LLCs very well from a tax point of view than all the early business entity types ?

here ’ s what you need to know .
( And if you barely want to calculate how much tax your LLC owe, you can jump straight to our unblock LLC estimated tax calculator. )

How is an LLC taxed?

How an LLC is taxed will depend on how the business chooses to be taxed. The flexibility of the LLC structure means there are four divide tax classifications that your LLC could fall under for federal income tax purposes :

Filing taxes as a single-member LLC

If you run an LLC by yourself and haven ’ triiodothyronine opted to file your taxes as a corporation, you file your federal income taxes as a sole owner would. This means reporting your income and expenses on your personal income tax render ( Form 1040 ). When you file as a sole owner, you pay taxes based on your personal income tax rate .
To do this, you ’ ll first have to calculate and report your LLC ’ s profits ( or losses ) using an IRS form called Schedule C. This determines your taxable income. To fill that out, you need an income statement deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as fiscal records and receipts for all the deductions you plan on making .
You ’ ll besides have to report and make Social Security and Medicare tax payments ( i.e., your self-employment taxes ) using Schedule SE .

Filing taxes as a multi-member LLC

If you ’ re separate of an LLC with multiple members, you use informational fall form 1065 to report the business income or loss to the IRS .
An LLC prepares a Schedule K-1 for each of its members. schedule K-1s must be completed as partially of Form 1065, but they are besides used by members to report their contribution of the LLC ’ second income and deductions on their personal tax returns. LLCs are considered pass-through or dismiss entities, meaning their profits and losses pass through directly to the business owners. Owners of multi-member LLCs report their business ’ mho profits and losses on Schedule E and report self-employment taxes using Schedule SE .
To file Form 1065, you need all of your LLC ’ s important year-end fiscal statements, including a profit and loss statement that shows web income and revenues, a tilt of all the partnership ’ s deductible business expenses, and a symmetry sheet for the begin and end of the year .
An LLC completes each extremity ’ sulfur Schedule K-1 as part of Form 1065, which identifies each collaborator ’ south contribution of the profits or losses over the run of the report time period. Each partner ’ second Schedule K-1 is necessary as separate of their personal tax return .

Filing taxes as a C corporation

If the members of an LLC believe it can lower its tax circular by being taxed as a corporation, they can file Form 8832 with the IRS and opt to be taxed as a C corporation .
Changing your tax status to a C corporation means that the IRS treats your business as a separate taxpayer. alternatively of letting the LLC ’ second bodied income and expenses flow through to their personal tax returns, the LLC owners are taxed individually from the party, and the LLC files its own separate corporate tax restitution.

LLC owners use the corporate tax recurrence, besides known as shape 1120, to report the corporation ’ mho income, gains, losses, deductions, and credits to calculate its tax liability. Like Schedule C, you ’ ll need all of your company ’ s authoritative fiscal data and statements on hand before filling it out .
Read more about filing a corporate tax return .

Filing taxes as an S corporation

An LLC can besides file shape 2553 and elect to be taxed as an S pot .
S pot condition is a particular tax designation granted by the IRS—it allows corporations to pass their corporate income, credits, and deductions through to the occupation owners, good like in a partnership or sole proprietorship .
Why would an LLC elect to be taxed as an S pot alternatively of a sole proprietorship or partnership ? It all has to do with self-employment tax : exclusive proprietorships and partnerships have to pay it on 100 % of the occupation profits, but S corporation owners lone pay self-employment taxes on the wage they take from the business .
LLCs file as S corporations must file Form 1120S, the U.S. Income Tax Return for an S pot. Members receive a Schedule K-1 from the business reporting their share of the business ’ s income ( or losses ) and use the K-1 to complete their personal tax returns, just like a partner would .
Learn more : The Complete Guide to S Corporation Taxes

How Bench can help

When you change business structures, it means all new charge requirements for the IRS, which means changing up how you do your bookkeeping. With Bench, your adept bookkeeping team makes certain you never miss a pace. We ’ ll walk you through what a change in structure means for your commercial enterprise to keep your books up to IRS standards. Add in our tax filing solution, and you ’ re wholly covered for tax season. Learn more .

LLC tax calculator

once you know which entity type your LLC will be taxed as, you can calculate precisely how much tax your LLC owe. We ’ ve made it easily with our free estimated tax calculator .

Is an LLC better for taxes?

Switching your business structure to an LLC may seem like a surefire way to reduce your taxes. But LLCs are sometimes discipline to extra annual fees and country franchise taxes. It ’ s actually the tractability of the LLC designation that benefits most little businesses .
An LLC could cut your tax bill if:

You’re currently subject to double taxation

LLCs that opt to be treated as pass-through entities avoid double tax. rather of getting taxed when they earn income and distribute profits to shareholders, LLCs pass their gains or losses onto their owners and are only tax once, which can result in a lower tax charge. If your company is making a profit and you want to take some of that money out of the company, it ’ mho broadly cheaper to do sol as a pass-through entity than a C corporation .

You’re paying lots in self-employment tax

Unlike owners of lone proprietorships and partnerships, S corporation owners only pay self-employment taxes on their wages preferably than their entire contribution of the ship’s company ’ s profits. All other income goes to shareholders in the form of “ distributions ” that are not subject to self-employment tax.

You need liability protection

Like C corps and S corporation, LLCs give their owners limited liability. This means that if the LLC ever goes under or gets sued, your personal assets are off-limits. If your LLC is using an owner ’ s personal trust account, though, their personal funds can placid be seized. You can make indisputable your personal assets are condom by opening a business bank account .

You’re focused on growth

If you ’ re a new and growing business and mean to reinvest most of your profits back into the business, electing to be taxed as a C pot could lower your tax placard. That ’ s because C corporations pay a tax rate that is frequently lower than person tax rates .

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