How to Fill Out a Bill of Sale Form

When selling a vehicle, you will need to provide the buyer with a bill of sale form. Both the buyer and the seller should have an identical copy for their records. This particular mannequin can be completed, printed and saved on your calculator. You may wish to use it, specially if you ‘re selling a vehicle in California. When selling a fomite, you can either obtain a copy of a bill of sale from your submit ‘s motor fomite department or online web site or create one of your own, following the instructions below :

1. Include the Vehicle Identification Number

This is the centrifugal count or serial numeral required for identification purposes. It can be found on the vehicle ‘s registration and Certificate of Title. It can besides be found on the vehicle itself .

2. Include the Year, Model and Make of the Vehicle

This information can besides be found on the registration and entitle of the vehicle being sold.

3. Include the Odometer Mileage Reading

Including this in the charge of sale may be optional or mandatary in some cases, but it is encouraged. It ‘s frequently required that the odometer read is listed on the title when the sales transaction is being completed. The seller may be required to sign an Odometer Reading Disclosure. If the reading is only included on the style and not on the seller ‘s replicate of the bill of sale, the seller may not have the odometer mileage read for his or her records, which is authoritative information and should be kept as separate of the records .

4. Include the License Plate Number (in Some states)

If your submit requires that the license plates be included with the vehicle as it ‘s being sold and transferred to a new owner, this is a necessity. however, if your state designates that the seller must keep the license plates, this information is not necessary for the bill of sale.

5. Include the Motorcycle Engine # (if the Vehicle Is a Motorcycle)

6. Clearly Print the Name of the Buyer(s) and the Seller(s)

7. Include the Month, Day and Year of the Sale

8. Include the Selling Price Amount in Numerical Dollars and Cents

If the fomite is a gift, you will need to indicate the relationship ( rear, spouse, ally, etc. ) and the value of the endowment vehicle .

9. Obtain the Seller’s Information

Seller ‘s print identify, followed by touch, date, and driver ‘s license, ID or dealer ‘s issue. Include seller ‘s mail savoir-faire with city, country, zip up code and daytime telephone number .

10. Obtain the Buyer’s Information

Buyer ‘s print name, mailing address, city, state and slide fastener code. Buyer may include the same information required for the seller, but the extra information is optional.

11. Duplicate the Bill of Sale

All copies should be identical .

12. Distribute Copies of the Bill of Sale

Both the buyer and seller should receive copies of the bill of sale class. It ‘s important for the buyer to keep the poster of sale with the title of the fomite for registration and license purposes, if necessity. however, all parties should keep them for their own personal records .

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