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The possession document for a California vehicle is called a Certificate of Title. The Certificate of Title, sometimes called a Pink Slip, contains a description of the vehicle and the legal owner ’ sulfur name ( south ) and address. It may besides contain the original spleen holder ’ sulfur name and address if the vehicle was financed when in the first place purchased. If the Certificate of Title does contains a lien holder, it must besides contain the lienholder ’ s free of concern or a separate Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release form before the vehicle can be sold .
The Certificate of Title has two sides. The first side is for the owner to release sake in the fomite and to certify the odometer upon sale. The back side is for the buyer to complete as the new record owner. It is significant to print legibly and to follow the written instuctions printed on the shape to avoid errors when registering .
The Front page :
Owner ( s ) Releasing interest :
The owner ( s ) will date and sign their diagnose ( s ) on 1a and 1b. If more than one person owns the vehicle and they hold the title as Joe AND Mary Smith, both owners must sign. If the title is held as Joe OR Mary Smith, only one owner needs to sign. The owner ( s ) should sign precisely as their names appear on the championship, including any middle names.

odometer disclosure :
Enter the odometer on the date of the sale.
The owner ( s ) will date and sign the entrust side. If two owner ( s ) hold title, they should both signal in the lapp space. They will besides print their names below their signatures precisely as they are printed on the style.
The right field side is for the buyer to date and sign. The buyer will besides print their full appoint below their touch as they plan to take title .
The Lien Holder segment :
The bottom of the front page is for spleen holders to declare pastime in the vehicle. The owner does not sign exhaust there, it is for a savings bank or finance company to sign when they release interest after the spleen has been satisfied. If the vehicle was originally financed, the spleen holder ’ sulfur release will be indicated by a stamp and touch of the spleen holder. If the spleen holder has not signed a turn on the claim, a break Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release form should be attached .
The Back page :
The buyer ( south ) will complete the back page. Pay close up attention to the rate required when entering the buyer ’ s name. The correct order is final name, First Name, Middle Name as stated on the buyer ’ randomness driver license. If two buyer ’ sulfur will be on the title, the option of desire conjunction AND/OR must be checked. If AND is checked, both owners will be required to sign when selling the vehicle in the future. If OR is checked, merely one owner would be needed to sign when selling.
The first buyer prints their mention on line 3a. The second buyer, if applicable, would print their name on line 3b.
Street savoir-faire is printed on telephone line 4. City, State, Zipcode is printed on pipeline 5.
Line 6-8 can vary depending on the version of the Certificate of Title. Some titles request residential county or a mailing address ( if different from residential address ).
Line 9a is for the first buyer to date and gestural and to enter their driver license or ID card numeral.
Line 9b is for the second buyer, if applicable, to date and sign and to enter their driver license or ID calling card phone number.
At the end of Line 9a is a box for Purchase Date to be entered. Below it, at the end of Line 9b, is a corner for the Purchase Price or if Gift, to be stated.

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