How to Owner Finance a Car

Any commercial transaction, including the sale of a car from one person to another, can be completed with owner finance. Owner finance — sometimes called seller finance — is when the seller of a given product extends recognition to the buyer of that product and holds a promissory note for the loan. The opposite of owner finance is bank finance, where the seller receives payment in full from a bank and the borrower repays the lend institution. If you are going to owner finance your car there are some significant documents you should use and some precautions you should take. Run a citation check. If you ‘re going to consider extending credit to another individual you should run a credit check on them. There are a kind of credit confirmation services available and running a credit report on person only costs a few dollars. You should besides verify current employment with a holocene paystub when investigating your potential borrower. Document your transaction with a bill of sale. All purchases need a reception for proof that the agreed-upon transaction took topographic point. A bill of sale is fair that : a commercial transaction reception. The bill of sale for a car should document some specifics such as the make, model, VIN number, and mileage of the car.

Get a solid devour payment. If you ‘re going to offer owner finance, be sure that you ‘re getting a hearty toss off requital. many banks wo n’t extend car loans without a 15 to 20 percentage down requital. Consider asking for 25 percentage or more because you should be taking on less gamble than a trust would when offering seller finance. You should besides charge higher interest rates than a bank would for a similar car loanword to compensate yourself for the gamble you ‘re taking on. Execute a promissory note. A promissory note is a personal loanword agreement ; this is the document that spells out the interest charges and terms of the loanword. If the borrower defaults on the promissory note this is besides the document that can be used to bring suit against the debtor and demand payment on the loanword.

Transfer the title. once you ‘ve completed the placard of sale and promissory note oral sex to your local DMV and transfer the style of the car. The buyer will need to pay some taxes and fees to transfer the claim. The seller will need to bring proof of a scavenge entitle to the DMV for the borrower to assume.


  • Most cable car shoppers seeking seller finance have inadequate credit and you should be leery of extending them a loan. The exception to this would be extending owner finance to a twist buyer of unique cars that has especial credit history .
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