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When Pete started shopping around for investing property to buy, some of the best deals he saw advertised were cash only substantial estate deals. And, being a relatively new investor, he was pretty cash strapped. Heck, I know more know real estate investors who don ’ t have loads of cash just lying around .
But, what separates Pete from them is that he ’ s not afraid to ask questions—even of successful investors he barely knows, like me. thus, after reading my guide on buying your first investment property, he did fair that. He called me up to ask how he ’ randomness supposed to overcome this fiscal barrier therefore that he can get on with building his career. sol, I told him .
How to Fund Cash Only Real Estate Deals and Start Investing Professionally

What Are Cash Only Real Estate Deals?

When a seller or their very estate agent advertise that they will lone accept cash offers on a house, there is normally at least one beneficial reason why—if not more. It ’ s potential that the seller has watched besides many offers from lender-backed buyers fall through and is done dealing with banks. If they ’ re besides financially disquieted and need to sell fast, then waiting on a bank that will take a long time to close decidedly gain ’ thymine do.

Of course, it ’ south besides possible that the home is in such disrepair that it plainly doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate qualify for financing. morphologic issues, a mold infestation, and arouse damage, for example, will make any lender leary. And, when it comes to some major fixers on the market, you should be leery, excessively. No potential money pit is worth any total of cash .
But, many of all cash deals you ’ ll want to buy, animate, and sell will be fixers that could provide potentially good returns. Some will simply be smaller, older, outdated homes that, with a overhaul kitchen and a pet-friendly thousand, might sell pretty fast and for a very pretty penny. These cash only real estate deals are potentially worth your money—if you had the money lying round to buy them, right ? Well, possibly .
One misconception about cash only real estate deals is that the seller actually expects to have cold hard cash placed in their hands at the conclude of escrow. In actuality, what they may be expecting is a fast cash-like transaction without a lender pulling the strings—and, potentially, pulling the plug. then, providing a attest check, cashier ’ sulfur check, or cable transmit to the title company qualifies. And, that allows the claim company to then issue a check to the seller promptly and cleanly .
Yes, you do have to have money available to fully fund the account held with the title company. Without debauched access to the broad measure of funds, you could be shut out of buying some of the best deals about. But, you ’ ve actually got another cash-like option that can help you stay competitive and keep a motivated home seller happy .

Use Hard Money for Cash Only Real Estate Deals

Hard money lenders can fund cash only real estate deals. Often made astir of other investors or run by private companies, these lenders plainly don ’ triiodothyronine operate with the same crimson tape that banks and credit unions do. Their main refer is whether or not you have a deal that they can potentially make money on, besides. For that rationality, they can help you near promptly by providing the financing you need fast. In fact, some of the best hard money lenders in the nation can close escrow by sending money to the title ship’s company in seven days or less. obviously, that ’ s faster than most traditional lenders ; but, it besides beats out a fortune of “ genuine ” cash buyers .
Another benefit of using hard money loans for real estate investments is that, even when deals don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require an all-cash close, being able to fund escrow promptly will make your put up attend better. distressed homeowners, in particular, prefer to sell their houses fast so they can get out from under their fiscal burdens and get on with the rest of their lives. If you can help them meet that finish, they ’ re more probably to accept your deal. And, in truth, in this business—particularly if you buy, rehab, and sell place in a competitive marketplace —you ’ ll need every professional border you can get in order to nab some of the best investment deals available .
Finding a reputable hard money lender that will work with you as a newfangled investor, however, can be ruffianly. And, without a lot of experience and know-how behind you, you may not get the best rates. But, I know a way that can help you get around these and other obstacles that may come up .

The Easiest Way to Find Funding for Investments

Like many new investors, when I beginning started buying, renovate, and selling properties as a career, I didn ’ t have a way to buy cash only real number estate deals. But, I didn ’ metric ton let that stop me. In fact, it motivated me to reach out to a more feel real estate of the realm investor, like Pete did with me, and ask how he overcame his fiscal roadblocks in the beginning.

And, thanks to that long-ago chat, that ’ s how I came to join HomeVestors as an independently owned and operated franchisee. As a franchisee, I have access to a proprietorship lend portal site that is a share of HomeVestors® ’ software, UGVilleSM. This portal is singular in that it allows me to enter the details about a property into the system once in holy order to get multiple quotes from previously-screened hard money lenders .
so, I never have to worry about the repute of these lenders. But, I besides don ’ t have to worry about being able to fund my deals with the best intemperate money rates. With the HomeVestors mention, and entire franchise team, behind me, electric potential obstacles I might find are easier to overcome. And, that ’ south given me the competitive boundary to start investing professionally from the beginning .
For an easier room to fund your deals fast, join the team that can help you from the beginning. touch HomeVestors to get access to the UGVilleSM lending portal today !

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.


HomeVestors of America® is the state ’ s only real estate of the realm investing franchise, providing commercial enterprise opportunities to real estate of the realm and investment professionals across the nation .
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