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Between stocking up on packing supplies, renting a moving truck, and storehouse, moving can get pretty expensive. With long-distance moves costing angstrom much as $ 7,000, paying for everything out of pouch may not be potential. That ’ second where moving loans come in .
personal loans for moving expenses allow you to finance function or all of your moving costs and pay them back over months or years. here ’ s an overview of how resettlement loans work, along with some of the best options out there .

What are moving loans?

Moving loans are a type of unbarred personal loanword that you can use to fund some or all of your move expenses. You can use them to pay for things like movers, lease trucks, security deposits, moving insurance, and tied the hotels you stay in on the manner to your new position .
A move lend normally has lower concern rates than credit cards, so it may be a more low-cost means to finance your move. But some loans for moving expenses come with eminent fees like prepayment penalties and initiation fees, so make surely you consider the costs before you take one out.

How does a moving loan work?

resettlement loans allow you to borrow a hunk sum of money to fund your be active — for example, Upstart lends between $ 1,000 and $ 50,000 — and then you can repay it over a few months or years .
They have fixed interest rates, so your monthly payment will stay the like over the whole life of the loan. move loans are besides unguaranteed, so you won ’ t need to put up any collateral. And depending on which lender you choose, you may be able to get your money on the lapp day you apply .
All of the lenders below consumption easy credit checks. That means you can see the rates and terms of your lend offer without it affecting your credit rating score. We recommend comparing rates from respective providers to see which one offers the best terms .
To apply for a move loanword, you ’ ll indigence to fill out an application and provide your lender with fiscal documents like your give stubs and bank statements .
Note: Too much debt can prevent you from qualifying or may result in a higher interest rate. Additionally, it may be more challenging to get a moving loan with bad credit.

Lender Interest rates Loan amounts Minimum credit score
Upstart 3.22-35.99%* $1,000-$50,000 None
SoFi 5.74-21.28% $5,000-$100,000 680
Marcus 6.99-19.99% $3,500-$40,000 660
Universal Credit 8.93-35.93% $1,000-$50,000 560
Best Egg 5.99-35.99% $2,000-$50,000 600
Avant 9.95-35.99% $2,000-$35,000 550

*Estimated APR

Upstart: Best for smaller moving loans

  • Interest rates: 3.22% – 35.99%
  • Loan amounts: $1,000 – $50,000
  • Minimum credit score: None
  • Loan lengths: Three or five years
  • Minimum gross annual income: $12,000

Upstart probably won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get you the very depleted interest rates out there, but it ’ s a bang-up choice for people who only need to borrow less than $ 2,000. With no minimum accredit score required, it ’ randomness besides good for people with low scores or modern borrowers who haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate built up any citation history. There are only two term lengths — three and five years — but you can pay your moving loanword off early without any prepayment penalty .

SoFi: Best for larger moving loans with good credit

  • Interest rates: 5.74% – 21.28%
  • Loan amounts: $5,000 – $100,000
  • Minimum credit score: 680
  • Loan lengths: Two to seven years
  • Minimum monthly net income: Not disclosed

If you have a firm credit seduce and need a larger moving loanword, SoFi is one of the best options out there. The on-line lender has no fees, typically offers competitive rates, and comes with a number of unique supernumerary perks. With SoFi, you ’ ll have access to autopay discounts, unemployment security, career and fiscal advise, networking events, and estate plan .

Marcus: Most customizable terms

  • Interest rates: 6.99% – 19.99%
  • Loan amounts: $3,500 – $40,000
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Loan lengths: Three to six years
  • Minimum annual income: Not disclosed

Marcus is an on-line lender operated by Goldman Sachs, and like SoFi, it ’ mho targeted towards borrowers with good credit. It besides offers no fees and an autopay discount, but where Marcus in truth stands out is its loan lengths. You can choose from nine options : 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 54, 60, 66, or 72 months. Marcus doesn ’ metric ton charge a prepayment fee either, so you can pay off your moving lend anytime you want .

Universal Credit: Best for low credit scores

  • Interest rates: 8.93% – 35.93%
  • Loan amounts: $1,000 – $50,000
  • Minimum credit score: 560
  • Loan lengths: Three to five years
  • Minimum monthly net income: None

Like Upstart, Universal Credit is ideal for anyone with a low accredit sexual conquest, or who ’ s looking for a smaller move lend. It besides offers a generous autopay dismiss of 0.5 share points. Universal Credit besides has some dainty features for borrowers looking to build up their credit : You ’ ll have free access to your credit score, credit monitor, and a credit score simulator joyride .

The pros and cons of taking out loans for moving expenses:

Moving loans typically have lower interest rates than credit cards, but may come with supernumerary fees — like prepayment penalties and initiation fees. And if you ’ ra purchasing a home, taking on the newfangled debt could cause issues with your mortgage approval. Before you get a loanword for moving expenses, consider the pros and cons, which we highlight below .

Pros: Cons:
  • Moving loans typically have lower interest rates than credit cards.
  • They have fixed repayment terms, so you know exactly when you’ll be out of debt.
  • They’re typically unsecured, so you won’t need collateral.
  • Lenders usually offer a wide range of loan amounts, allowing you to finance a small or large move.
  • If you’re purchasing a home, getting a moving loan may affect your mortgage approval.
  • Moving loans can come with high fees.
  • You may not qualify if you have a low credit score.
  • Taking out a loan will add to your debt load and may strain your budget.

Alternatives to moving loans

Moving loans aren ’ thyroxine justly for everyone. here are some alternatives you may want to consider .

Credit cards

credit cards normally have higher matter to rates than moving loans — the average APR for credit cards is 14.51 % compared to merely 9.09 % for personal loans. But using your credit batting order to cover moving expenses may still be a good choice if it has a long interest-free period or if you don ’ t need to borrow a large amount .
Some credit cards offer a 0 % introductory APR on purchases for up to 12 months, but you ’ ll need good credit to qualify. You ’ ll besides have to pay off your debt before the interest-free time period ends, or you could get stuck paying a high-interest rate .

Job relocation package

If you ’ re moving out of town for a new speculate, your employer may help you with moving costs. many companies offer resettlement packages, but what ’ sulfur covered varies. Some employers will reimburse all of your moving costs, while others will lone pay for certain expenses ( like movers ). You can find out the specifics of your company ’ mho policy by talking to the Human Resources department .


If you aren ’ metric ton moving for a few months, you may be able to save up enough money to cover your moving costs out-of-pocket. Try to find ways to cut back your spend like canceling subscriptions and eating out less. Increasing your income by taking on more hours at employment, getting a side bunco, or selling undesirable clothes or furniture can besides help you save more money .

The bottom line

move loans normally have lower sake rates than credit cards, which could make them a good choice for financing your move. But they typically require good credit and may come with senior high school fees depending on the lender. So before you take one knocked out, make certain you understand the costs and can afford the monthly payments .

q :
Can you get a move loan with bad credit ?
A :

While you can get move loans with bad credit, you ’ ll end up paying a higher sake rate. Getting person with dear credit to cosign your resettlement lend for you could get you more favorable terms .
q :
How do I get a act loanword ?
A :
Most banks and credit unions offer unbarred personal loans that you can use to cover your moving costs. You can normally apply on-line or in person .
q :
Should I take out a personal lend to move ?
A :
If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford to pay for your move out-of-pocket, personal loans can be a good option. But some move loans require becoming credit and may come with high fees, so weigh the costs and look into alternatives before you take one extinct. Paying for your moving costs with a zero-interest credit card, for exercise, could be cheaper .
q :
Can I pay off a moving loan early on ?
A :
Yes. none of the lenders we recommended above come with a prepayment penalty, so you can pay them off any fourth dimension .
q :
How soon are funds available with a moving loanword ?
A :
In most cases, you can access your moving lend the business day after you complete the transaction, but some lenders take ampere hanker as a workweek to transfer the funds .
q :
Do moving loans require a credit check ?

A :
Most personal loans for moving expenses use a balmy credit check. That means you can see the rates and terms of your loanword offer without having it impact your accredit score .

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