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You may want to add a deck to your home to expand your live quad, increase place prize, or provide your family with years of outdoor enjoyment and entertainment .
You know why you want a deck, but do you know how you ’ re going to pay for it ?
Financing options include home equity loans, HELOCs, and personal loans. Which is best for you will depend on your personal site .
In this guide:

Best deck financing options

You ’ ll necessitate to secure finance before starting knead on your new deck. The best financing options include home fairness loans, home equity lines of credit ( HELOCs ), and personal loans .

Home equity loan

A home equity loan allows you to borrow against your home ’ mho available equity—its value minus the mortgage debt —with a fixed-interest loanword that you pay back over clock time .
It has relatively broken interest rates, provides a collocate sum of cash upon close, and normally has tax-deductible interest. It can be hazardous, though, because you put your home up as collateral in lawsuit you can ’ thymine repay the loanword .
A home equity loanword is a estimable option if you already know how much your deck facility will cost .
An example of a home equity loan lender : Spring EQ
undefinedView Rates loan amounts – loan terms Rates ( APR ) adenine low as leap EQ prides itself on providing a streamlined digital lending have. Borrowers must have a minimal FICO credit score and can receive fund within two to three weeks without mounds of paperwork .

Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

A HELOC is like a cross between a home fairness loanword and a citation card. You borrow against your base ’ s equity with a roll tune of credit. You make minimum monthly payments, normally interest only at first, and withdraw funds as needed .
This works well for an ongoing project or if you ’ re unsealed about the overall price of a deck initiation. For case, will your new deck lead to a fence financing indigence as well ?
The downside compared with a home equity loanword is it may have higher rates and your budget might be limited depending on the come of fairness you have .
An example of a HELOC lender : Figure

undefinedView Rates loanword amounts – loan terms Rates ( APR ) – Founded in 2018, Figure ’ s all-digital chopine focuses on HELOCs and mortgage finance. Borrowers can get approved in five minutes and receive funds within five days .
>> Read More: Home equity loanword and line of credit uses

Personal loans

A personal loan might be well suited for you if your deck project is cheap or if you haven ’ metric ton built up enough equity in your home yet—or if you plainly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to put your home on the line .
You can easily apply on-line and get funding the same day you ’ ra approved in some cases. merely know that personal loans might have higher sake rates than home-equity backed finance, specially if you have a lower accredit score .
Here are two personal loan lenders for home improvement:


View Rates lend amounts

– loanword terms ** Rates ( APR ) – * with AutoPay LightStream operates as the on-line consumer lend division of SunTrust Bank. It ’ s a top-rated partner lender for those with good credit. It ’ s so confident about its loanword process that it offers a atonement undertake that your experience will be the best always .


undefinedView Rates loan amounts – loan terms Rates ( APR ) – ascent is a solid choice for borrowers with fair to bad credit, equally well as those that need smaller loans to finance home improvement projects like building a deck. You are able to check rates without impacting your credit score and eligibility is based more on absolve cash flow as compared to other lenders .

Other ways to finance a deck and patio installation

If you don ’ t want to leverage your equity or take out a personal loan, you have other options, including financing through your deck builder or using a accredit poster .

Builder financing

Your build contractor may offer financing that could be a adept fall-back option if you have perturb sourcing your own finance. This one-stop method is convenient, but it relies heavy on the integrity of your contractile organ, so name certain they are person you ’ ve vetted and entrust .
typically, your contractile organ will use a third-party lender they ’ ve partnered with. In some cases, you can get an interest-free loan if you pay it off early adequate .
Before choosing builder finance, you should compare your contractor ’ sulfur fees and rates with other deck financing options to ensure you ’ re getting a reasonable manage .

Credit cards

alone use a citation batting order to finance your dwelling improvement project as a last haunt. credit cards have notoriously eminent pastime rates, and credit card debt is a clear loss flag to the credit chest of drawers that generate your credit grudge .
however, using a credit card can be beneficial if you take advantage of a promotional 0 % APR or sign-up bonus .
Promotional credit menu offers are a thoroughly deal if your overall budget is low and you can pay off the proportion before the introductory time period ends to avoid owing ex post facto concern .

Costs of Building a Deck

According to Home Guide, homeowners can expect to spend :

  • $2,200 for a 10-by-10-foot deck
  • $6,160 for a 14-by-20-foot deck
  • $8,800 for a 20-by-20-foot deck

The biggest factors in price are materials, labor, deck size, and localization. Labor will be the bulk of the bill at $ 8 to $ 22 per square foot, while the quality of materials you choose will determine how pricy your deck ends up being .
basic materials—pressure treated woodwind or vinyl—cost around $ 15 per square infantry, while bounty materials—composite deck or hardwood—are often $ 30 or more per square foot, according to local services agent locate Thumbtack. then there are stain, footings, railings, stairs, posts, or benches to factor in .
And don ’ thymine forget to include early fees such as homeowners association fees, indemnity, permits, and property taxes. An on-line deck price calculator can help you determine a approximate range budget .
aside from choosing less expensive materials, you might find that you can lower costs if you build the deck yourself .

How much does it cost to build a deck yourself?

The department of labor from a deck initiation contractor will account for about two-thirds of your full cost, Thumbtack reports. You could save a significant sum of money by doing it yourself. All you ’ ll yield for are materials and any policy or fees .
Homeowners have reported installing a deck for less than $ 900. But what you save on cost, you ’ ll spend on clock time. Expect building your own deck to take doubly angstrom long as hiring a contractor. Larger decks will take even longer .
besides, a DIY approach path is not for the inexperienced ; it ’ s only deserving it if you know what you ’ rhenium doing. If not, you could end up with a condom venture or a slanted porch that will finally cost you more to get fixed.

Recap of deck financing options

If you ’ ve decided to finance your new deck or patio, hera is a recapitulation of the lenders mentioned above :

Lender Loan Type Rates (APR)
Spring EQ Home equity loan +
Figure HELOC
LightStream Personal loan – * with AutoPay
Upgrade Personal loan

*Your loanword terms, including APR, may differ based on loan determination, measure, term length, and your credit visibility. excellent credit is required to qualify for lowest rates. Rate is quoted with AutoPay discount. AutoPay discount is alone available anterior to loanword fund. Rates without AutoPay are 0.50 % points higher. Subject to credit approval. Conditions and limitations apply. Advertised rates and terms are topic to change without notice .
**Payment example : monthly payments for a $ 10,000 lend at 5.95 % APR with a term of three years would result in 36 monthly payments of $ 303.99 .

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